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Target Customers for Solar Panels: Who Are They?

3 Customers To Target For Solar Installers


What would your reaction be if I asked you, "Who is your target customer?"


Is your response, "homeowners"?


If that's the case, you may not have given them the attention they need. Let's get a little more into this.

  • Do you understand their anxieties and frustrations?
  • What are their aspirations and goals?
  • How can you demonstrate that people can rely on you?
  • What can your website do to demonstrate that you know them better than they know themselves?
  • So, we'll need to figure out who our customers are.

For household solar installations, there are three primary types of customers:

  • Climate Change Activist
  • An astute and thrifty investor
  • Seeker of energy independence

In an ideal world, things on our websites would resonate with our target demographic.


How can you tell which elements will appeal to certain customer types?


Let's take a closer look at each customer type:


Proponents Of Climate Change


These individuals will do everything possible to aid in the preservation of the environment.


They are likely to vote for the Green Party, own an electric car, and be environmentally conscious.


They tend to be younger, educated, and aware of the science underlying greenhouse gas emissions.


They recognize that everything they do will be insignificant, yet they want to make a difference. They are concerned that if they do not take charge, the world would be a drastically different place in a few decades. They also wish for their children to be able to appreciate the world in the same way that they do.


They are fed up with world leaders taking bribes and major polluting countries' general inaction.


They don't mind paying a little more as long as they know they're making a difference. They will almost always be among the first to accept new technology.


Installing solar panels isn't about saving money. It's a natural extension of their personality. If you do a terrific job, they will tell all of their friends and family about it, and they will be your biggest champion and marketer.


Climate change activists should pay attention to the following items on the page:

  • Photographs of households using solar panels and electric vehicles.
  • Counters that display how much carbon has been offset and how much less coal is being consumed (as you scroll down).
  • Customer testimonials describe how they feel that they are helping the environment.
  • Climate change deniers' quotes.
  • Facts concerning the increase of carbon parts per million above 400.
  • Inspire urgency by reminding them of their responsibility to leave a world that is worth living on for their offspring.

Investors That Are Calculated And Frugal


Investors that are calculated and economical are cautious with their funds.


Their fundamental goal is to spend carefully and, if at all feasible, to be as lean as feasible.


They will most likely have a large family and live in a spacious house.


There will be haters, air conditioning, and many enormous televisions. One of their main concerns is not energy conservation.


They might be keeping a close look out for government refunds. They know who their power provider is, how much they're paying, and whether or not they're on a contract.


It's possible that they've already saved their smart meter readings. They would be able to determine the payback period using this information.


These customers are very analytical and are willing to spend extra for higher quality. For them, the most crucial criterion is determining the investment's worth. The lesser the risk, the shorter the payback period.


Page components aimed toward frugal investors include:

  • Information about government rebates (specific to their state)
  • Payback period can be calculated using a solar calculator.
  • Customer testimonials demonstrating how much money they saved.
  • There is social proof.
  • Comparisons of which systems provide the greatest benefit.
  • They're seeking something of value. The investment's cost may or may not be meaningful.

Those Seeking Energy Independence


These customers are ecstatic at the prospect of not requiring electricity from another source.

  They may already own or be considering purchasing an electric vehicle.  

This means they want to be in charge of electricity generation, storage, and consumption.


As a result, they may be interested in purchasing a battery to complement their solar panels.


They could be in a location where there are frequent power outages. They may be irritated that something beyond their control is interfering with their daily lives.


They want to know that when they look at their electricity bill, they have either contributed to the grid or have used very little grid electricity.


Page elements aimed toward people who want to be self-sufficient in terms of energy:

  • Energy management systems that are smart
  • Batteries explanations
  • Calculators for the sun
  • Grid systems that have been broken
  • There is social proof.
  • Customer testimonials who produce and store enough electricity to power their entire lifestyles.

It's pointless to market to everyone because it's pointless to market to no one.

  A website that caters to your target demographic will be more successful than one that caters to all types of customers.  

You will be able to make better educated selections after you grasp their reasons.


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