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Solar Email Marketing: What are the Benefits

6 Fantastic Reasons to Use Email Marketing for Solar Companies

There are more opportunities for selling a company online today than there have ever been. Social media marketing, content marketing, and other emerging techniques have become increasingly valuable in recent years – and while these newer marketing approaches can be very successful, they should not be used in place of tried-and-true platforms that have been producing results for years.

One of these tried-and-true methods is email marketing. It provides a slew of marketing benefits and, by some measures, outperforms some other Internet marketing platforms.

Customers who convert to email spend 17 percent more than other customers, and email marketing converts three times more customers than social media.

Creating the first email marketing plan, if your solar company hasn't done so yet, will be a successful way to draw and convert important new leads.

In the last five years, Destiny Marketing Solutions has produced over $2.4 billion in revenue and 6.3 million leads for our clients. If you're ready to get started with email marketing for your solar business, give us a call at 888-256-9448 (or send us an email) to schedule a free consultation.

Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of email marketing for solar companies, as well as how Destiny Marketing Solutions can help you implement one for your business.

Email marketing has six advantages for solar firms.

Solar companies may use email marketing to draw new customers and boost revenue. In terms of interaction, conversion rates, and other primary indicators, email outperforms many other marketing strategies.

Here are some of the advantages that email marketing can provide for your solar company.

  1. Email marketing can be very specific.

Your advertising will reach a wide audience using more conventional marketing strategies such as television commercials and billboard ads. Unfortunately, determining who the audience is can be difficult.

You can make your campaigns even more targeted with Internet marketing, and this is particularly true with email. Your audience consists of users who have provided you with their email addresses, indicating that they are interested in your company.

You may opt to send emails to particular groups or people within your email list based on characteristics such as where they are in the sales process.

If anyone subscribes to your company's newsletter, for example, you might have your email marketing platform send them an email thanking them for signing up and asking if they have any questions. Customer relationships will strengthen as a result of this type of contact, and the conversion rate will increase.

  1. Email marketing keeps you on people's minds.

Email marketing for solar companies will help raise brand recognition and exposure. It will also keep you in front of potential customers' minds. They'll be reminded of your business and what you have to give every time they see an email from you arrive.

Since not everyone who visits your website or joins your email list is ready to contract a project right away, daily contact is critical. However, when they feel it's time to seriously explore a solar investment, you want to be the first business that comes to mind.

  1. You can use email marketing to develop relationships.

Building customer relationships is critical for businesses in virtually every industry. Customers who are familiar with your business are more likely to make a purchase and recommend you to their friends and family.

Sending daily emails to your customers will keep the lines of communication open and make them feel more connected to your business. You can also personalize your emails by adding the names of your subscribers and listing programs they've looked into, making the communication even more important to their needs.

  1. Email marketing is a low-cost option.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods available. Since you don't have to pay to place ads or produce physical marketing materials, the costs associated with email are relatively low.

Even though email marketing for solar companies has a low initial investment, the benefits can be substantial. In reality, the Direct Marketing Association reports that email marketing generates $40 for every $1 spent.

  1. Email marketing is simple to share.

It's as simple as hitting the forward button and punching in a couple of email addresses to share an interesting email.

A customer could forward your email to a friend who is interested in solar, for example, if you send out details on a special offer or a new blog post.

Suddenly, the importance of your email has increased. It's possible that the person who sent the forwarded email would forward it to someone else. As your email circulates, more and more people become aware of your business.

  1. Email marketing yields results.

Another advantage of email marketing for solar companies is that it offers concrete data that can be used to refine campaigns over time.

You will identify places where your campaign has improved and areas where it needs to change by reviewing metrics like open rate, subscriber retention rate, and click-through rate. You can then make changes to your strategy based on your results and use the data to inform the rest of your marketing strategies.

Start producing leads for solar companies with email marketing.

Email is also one of the most powerful options open to marketers, despite the fact that it is often overlooked as businesses prepare their marketing campaigns.

Solar companies may use email marketing to attract new customers, maintain existing ones, and increase sales. Check out our email marketing guide to learn more about email marketing, and if you're ready to get started on an email marketing strategy, Destiny Marketing Solutions can help!

We've spent years customizing email marketing strategies for our customers, and we'll work with you to create a plan that's specific to your solar company's objectives. For more detail, see our email marketing services, or contact us today to talk with a strategist!

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