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Solar Sales & Marketing Ideas

Solar Marketing Ideas, Tips, and Lead Generation Strategies - How to Market Solar Energy


There are more opportunities to sell solar energy systems to homeowners and businesses than ever before. Here are ten solar marketing tactics, methods, and ideas to help you attract leads, nurture them through the sales cycle, and close more deals.


Solar energy companies have a promising future. Consumers are more interested than ever in solar alternatives, despite our "addiction" to fossil fuels and even political discourse that seeks to protect obsolete energy sources.


Although solar is enticing because it is environmentally beneficial, it is unlikely to be your most effective marketing topic.


Instead, the long-term financial benefits offered by solar systems are peaking the interest of customers, particularly home owners. Yes, we all want to save the environment, but hearing that they can save thousands on their electric bill gets people's attention.


The extended sales cycle is one of the most difficult aspects of marketing solar panel systems. People are still learning how everything works, and the concept of "going solar" has yet to gain widespread acceptance.


This implies that individuals will take their time learning about solar technology, getting feedback from real customers, and deciding what form of system will work best for them.


Your marketing should attract early leads, then nurture them along the sales funnel until they make a purchase decision. Here are ten marketing suggestions to get you started.


Idea #1 is to create a conversion-based website


The website design for your solar energy firm must accomplish a number of goals.


First and foremost, it must include information about who you are, what you offer, and where you work. Make it clear what kind of solar solutions you offer and where you serve.


The visitor must then be converted. Calls to action are necessary to get individuals to identify themselves to you. There are phone numbers, forms to seek information/estimates, and a mechanism to capture email addresses among them (newsletter or gated content).


Your website should also serve as a source of information. Articles that explain the benefits of going solar can be included on web pages. News, technology updates, and trends can all be addressed in blogs.


Any business website now must have a professional design on a mobile friendly template. As leads explore their solar alternatives, this will be your initial impression, and it may serve as a point of reference for months.


Idea #2 for Solar Marketing: Create a Unique Value Proposition


As the popularity of solar energy grows, so does the rivalry among providers and solutions. You must stand out in order to compete.

  • A statement that accomplishes three goals is known as a unique value proposition (UVP).
  • It conveys a specific and valuable message.
  • Clarifies the benefit(s) that your offer provides to clients.
  • Justify why you're the greatest option.

You can also construct a UVP in the following ways:

  • Superiority in service/customer service
  • Benefits in terms of cost and ease of funding
  • Solar technology that is superior
  • Installation time and ease

Consider the fact that leads will almost probably conduct research on your competition. You have the upper hand if you can make your offer stand out.


Idea #3 Reputation, reviews, and testimonials


Solar panel solutions have a strong reputation, especially among residential leads. Homeowners want to know that solar energy is working effectively for others in their situation.


They'll look at online reviews as part of their research about your organization. Top Rated Local, Facebook, Google, HomeAdvisor, and Yelp are just a few of the places where you should have reviews.


The keys to gaining excellent evaluations are great customer service and delivering value, but you must also be proactive. Request evaluations from satisfied customers via phone calls and emails (don't do this with Yelp; it's against their policy).


Include testimonials on your website as well. You can have a dedicated testimonials page, but it's more efficient to have them scattered across your site.


Customers who describe how much money they saved by going solar and how simple the installation was are the most persuasive.


Idea #4 Create a Referral Program


While testimonials and reviews can assist persuade new leads who find you online, you also want to ensure that consumers are telling their neighbors about you and recommending solar to them.


Solar panel marketing relies heavily on referrals. Once you have a customer in a neighborhood, you have a prospective consumer in everyone they know.


Having a well-structured referral program with a high incentive is worthwhile. Make it easy on yourself. If a client refers a neighbor and you land a new contract, compensate them. We have a client who encourages recommendations through social media posts:


Customers mention you because solar saves them money and they had a good experience working with you. The recommendation program, on the other hand, serves as a reminder to do the right thing and support their neighbors.


Your objective should be to see vast suburban neighborhoods in your area with solar panels on every rooftop. Referrals are one way to accomplish this.


Idea #5 Content marketing


People interested in solar energy, as we indicated at the outset, go through a lengthy sales cycle. You can utilize their research to keep your brand in front of them and establish trust by becoming a useful resource.


Describe the advantages of solar energy. Make movies demonstrating how it works, how the installation looks, and how it saves people money in the long run.


Use their sense of environmental stewardship to your advantage. Distribute information about energy conservation, local environmental programs, and other green energy options.


Create a detailed report on the several types of energy bill savings that can be expected and use it as gated content to get people's email addresses. Then, for SEO purposes, produce blog articles and include the content in your email newsletter.


To earn and engage followers, share all of this content on social media.


Use content to educate customers about the benefits you provide and to provide touch points during the lengthy sales cycle. You'll gain their trust as you provide value through high-quality content. When the time comes to hire a solar installation, you'll be first on the list.


Idea #6 Take Control of Search Engine Marketing


Many new leads will conduct a Google search for solar energy providers and panel installation. You want to be all over the first page. There are three methods for dominating search engine rankings.


Pay-per-click advertising is the first. Auction-based systems such as Google Adwords and Bing Advertising are used to run these ads. The biggest benefit is that you will appear in the top positions (which are reserved for paid advertisements) and that you will have complete control over the ad wording and landing page. You might, for example, run a commercial promoting solar panels to power swimming pools. That deal can be matched by your ad and the page it directs to on your website.


The next step is to set up Google My Business and rank for it. For geo-targeted searches, Google employs this maps listing and review tool. It's a free listing that you can improve by adding descriptions and soliciting consumer feedback.


Then there are the natural internet listings. These are also free clicks, with ranking obtained through keyword optimization, link building, social media traffic, and blog content addition.


For solar marketing campaigns, search is a big source of traffic. It's a critical lead source early on, before you've built up a large enough client base to generate referrals.


Retargeting is a good idea.


The majority of users that come to your website for the first time will not convert. Retargeting advertisements might help you stay in front of them.


These are the commercials that people remember while they browse the internet. They're a form of branded banner ad that maintains your company's name in front of potential customers.


This maintains your brand in front of people's minds, prompting them to contact you when the time comes. With the extended sales cycle of solar, retargeting is a crucial technique.


Idea #7 Social Media Advertising


Using social media advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can precisely target audience demographics and interests.


You could, for example, aim for:

  • People who own a home valued more than $250,000.
  • Household incomes of moreover $150,000
  • College-educated parents
  • People who like outdoor activities such as skiing or bicycling, as well as those who purchase pool or hot tub products
  • People who care about the environment
  • To put it another way, you may identify your ideal prospect and then target them with social media ads. A direct response can be used to persuade consumers to seek a quote.

To expand your reach and get in front of prospects at the start of the purchasing cycle, use social media advertising.


Idea #8 Create a Facebook Business Page


Because Facebook is an internet platform where your leads will be, having a marketing presence there is worthwhile.


With your Facebook business page, you may establish that presence. This page is made up of half website content and half social media updates.


It's a website in the sense that you can display all of your pertinent business information, create a call to action to request an estimate, and even connect directly with leads using messenger.


You also use your timeline to give customers a sense of your team, job, and the day-to-day operations of your company. Connect with your business partners and leave comments on their postings.


Last but not least, creating this page is completely free. There's nothing to lose and a lot to gain.


Idea #9 for Solar Marketing: Create a Company Video


Create a firm promotional film in addition to testimonial videos that gives an outline of your offer and its merits.


Use this video on your homepage, Facebook business page, and YouTube, and make sure it's optimized for search. Professional video creation is an investment, but it will pay dividends in the long run.


Idea #10 Use Marketing Software as a Solar Marketing


Digital marketing's multi-channel nature complicates things. It's difficult enough to execute all of the tactics consistently.


It's also vital to keep track of statistics about your campaigns in order to assess their effectiveness.


When you add in maintaining track of client information and leads during the lengthy sales cycle, it's clear that you'll need the correct tools to keep track of everything.


Solar energy companies can use Marketing 360® to help them deal with these issues. Our marketing program comprises both software that tracks all of your marketing channels in one place and a professional marketing executive who will build a strategy and carry it out.


When you add in our free CRM software, which integrates with email marketing software, you have a comprehensive solution that allows you to execute marketing at the greatest level.


For a free demo of our platform, contact us immediately. Solar is becoming more popular, so be sure you're ready to take advantage of it.


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