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YouTube Marketing for Solar: A Proven Platform for Growing Your Business

Who Should Read this Guide?

We created this Solar YouTube Marketing Guide for B2C or B2B solar companies and their in-house marketing staff. YouTube is a great platform to expand your solar brand’s reach and educate your target audience. We hope the strategies and tactics included in this guide will help inspire action!

Solar and Social Media: A Match Made in Heaven

Social media is the new way to reach solar customers. One of the most popular networks for solar power professionals to market their business is YouTube.

YouTube marketing videos are growing in popularity because they show people what solar energy can offer them, not just solar salespeople trying to close solar customers.

Your solar customers are online looking for information about solar power and how it compares with traditional energy sources. By using YouTube to educate potential customers, you can increase your solar company’s digital marketing ROI.

Why YouTube?

YouTube is the second most popular search engine behind Google and one of the largest social networks. Google owns it, and it has over 1.9 billion users worldwide. While solar companies may not be able to reach all these users, solar videos can show up on related searches for solar energy and solar power, which will help your company attract and engage potential customers.

When solar companies neglect video marketing, they're leaving money on the table.   With more than 1.9 billion users, YouTube can be one of the most effective solar marketing channels available. YouTub offers the benefit of producing organic search results that solar companies may miss out on when prospects search for keywords via Google Search. 

According to a 2015 study by Ipsos MediaCT and Google, 77% of people between 18 and 49 years old turn to YouTube first when learning about new products or services.  The solar industry is no different, with many solar professionals turning to YouTube as both a way to promote their business while providing helpful information for prospective solar customers around the world.

Furthermore, traditional social platforms like Facebook are becoming saturated with many solar companies advertising to meet increased demand for solar solutions. At any given time, over 100,000 solar companies could be competing for the same group of prospects in solar hotbeds such as California, Florida, Nevada, and Texas.

Hence the inclusion of YouTube in your digital marketing strategy. The YouTube platform provides a balance between high-quality, targeted leads and cost-effective cost per acquisition. 

The Time is Right to Embrace YouTube Marketing

As solar companies seek new ways to market their business, one option is becoming more popular by the day: YouTube. Solar professionals have begun to discover the power of online video and its potential for lead generation.

Remember: Your success hinges on educating your prospects.

Solar technology is often complex and ever-changing, and solar customers are investing in a product that has a significant effect on their lives. They have to be confident that your solar product or service meets their needs.

Solar Buyer Personas: How to Profile Your Ideal PV Customers?

The solar market includes a variety of solar buyers with different preferences, interests, and purchasing criteria. Understanding what makes your target customer tick is essential to get the most out of your marketing efforts and grow solar sales. By profiling your solar company’s buyer personas, you can provide valuable and timely content to your target customer segments.

Persona development is an essential first step, as your persona research will help inform your YouTube marketing strategy.

Consider What Your Potential Customers Need to Know About Solar

Solar power is a way to get off the grid and save money on energy for solar homeowners and business owners. 

Understanding customer trends can help solar companies increase solar sign-ups and solar sales. By using the power of YouTube, solar businesses can do this with ease.

How Can You Use Videos To Promote Your Solar Business?

Start with a free Google account, which will allow you to upload videos to YouTube. Opening a free YouTube account costs nothing and can be done quickly. In addition to YouTube, cross-promote your brand’s solar videos on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your website, and any other relevant platforms for your target audience that support video content.

Solar marketers can use YouTube videos to establish themselves as an expert in their field.

There are many ways solar companies can use videos to promote their solar business. For example, solar professionals may choose to create how-to videos teaching customers about solar energy or solar technology. These types of videos benefit solar professionals in two ways: by providing useful educational information and preparing customers for the installation process while at the same time building trust with potential solar buyers. Many professional solar companies find success using this type of video content. 

Take an educational approach to your video content, which will be evergreen and outlast sales gimmicks and slogans.

Highlight how solar can be the answer for various problems, such as:

  • Lowering utility costs
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Protecting and extending roofs’ lifespan

We recommend adding three main types of solar marketing videos to your brand’s YouTube channel: Solar Advice, Solar How To, and Solar DIY videos.

Solar Advice Videos

This solar video is meant to market products for sales and marketing with a solar installer or solar salesperson as the show’s star. Make sure your solar company is talking about the benefits of solar.

Solar How-To Videos

These solar videos will give more in-depth information about different types of solar equipment, installation methods, or other more specific topics related to solar.

Solar Do It Yourself (DIY) Videos

Your customers are interested in some aspects of solar, from learning about new technologies on the market to understanding basic installation techniques. Sharing this content on YouTube puts you on a level playing field with established brands by giving them free, educational content.

Create a Series of YouTube Videos

Consider a YouTube series highlighting the incentives for going solar or how a home or business owner can finance their solar project.

If you’re trying to run a successful solar video marketing campaign with one video, you will limit your brand’s potential reach and impact.

Create multiple videos on the same broad topic, focusing each video in the series on a specific question or pain point.

A series of videos on the same topic will help your channel will likely engage your target audience longer.

Varying your message, format, delivery (organic vs. paid promotion) will enable your team to reach more people.

Use YouTube to Power Your Other Digital Channels

YouTube can drive traffic to your other digital channels such as your website, Facebook business page, and LinkedIn company page with the right strategy.

You can also leverage your solar videos for paid advertising creative for Google, Facebook, Instagram, and of course, YouTube!

For each of your YouTube video descriptions, make sure to link to your other web channels using the HTTPS:// version of the URL. Including the HTTPS:// will enable users to click directly through to your website.

Tell Your Solar Prospects the Next Step

You want to explicitly direct your prospects to take the next step, which can vary based on the video topic and your videos’ role in your brand’s marketing funnel.

You may ask your viewers to visit your website, visit one of your other social channels, download a content asset, or share the video with their personal and professional networks.

How to Set Up Your Solar YouTube Channel for Success

Remember, YouTube is a search engine, so just as you optimize your website for SEO for search engine results, you can apply similar optimization techniques to your solar YouTube channel.

These are several tips to get started with YouTube optimization:

Place a Keyword into Your YouTube Channel Name

Consider your initial SEO keyword research, and place your high-priority keyword(s) in your YouTube channel name.

youtube channel name destiny marketing solutions

YouTube Channel Name: Solar Power World

Complete Your Channel’s About Us Page

Remember that the first 48 characters in your YouTube Channel’s About Us snippet are visible in the YouTube search results. Describe your solar company concisely, incorporating relevant keywords to increase your YouTube channel’s on-page search visibility.

Use Keyword Tags for Your Channel

You have 100 characters of space to insert relevant, SEO-friendly meta tags for your YouTube channel. Tags are a great place to include your brand’s target keywords!

Create a Trailer Video for Your Channel

You can upload a 30-60 second video trailer for your channel. Think of movie trailers as introductions to upcoming movies in theaters. Same idea for your YouTube video trailer.

Video trailers are a great way to wow your potential channel subscribers.

Create Playlists that Extend Potential Watch Time

Combine videos on similar topics into comprehensive playlists. These playlists will drive up video watch time, which is YouTube’s top-ranking factor.

As with your channel name, incorporate relevant keywords into your playlist titles. As you develop the playlists, don’t forget to create keyword-rich playlist descriptions.

How to Optimize Individual Videos on Your Solar YouTube Channel

Before any YouTube video optimization, set up your videos for success with these tips:

  • Focus on publishing long, educational videos about solar. Consider the average length of videos on the first page of YouTube search results is 14 minutes and 50 seconds.
  • Pay careful attention to the first 15 seconds of your video. These first 15 seconds will make or break that video asset, so ensure you pull in the viewer and keep their attention with enticing voiceovers and other cues.
  • Before filming your video, understand which keywords you want to target with that video asset. In other words, when someone performs a search on YouTube or Google, which keywords or phrases do you want your solar video to show up for? Make sure to say these keywords and phrases in your video to ensure search engines know what you target.

After filming your solar video, incorporate the following while uploading to YouTube:

  • Customize video thumbnails that include the video title name and dynamic colors that reflect your solar brand
  • Use target keywords in your video title, preferably at the beginning of the title
  • Add an insightful description. Use your keywords and draw potential viewers into watching your video. In the first 70 characters, explain your video’s goals and value to viewers.
  • Engage your viewers further with video cards and end screens. Use these to add calls to action, link to other relevant videos on your channel, or highlight special promotions on your solar products or services.
  • Add 10 to 20 tags to your video. Make sure each tag is a word or phrase that is relevant to the content of the video. Also, envision how your potential viewers would discover a video you’re looking for.
  • Upload subtitles and closed captions. These additions give your viewers a visual guide as they watch your solar videos.

How to Promote Your Solar YouTube Channel for More Views

When you are creating your video promotion plan, leverage organic and paid strategies for optimal visibility.

These are recommendations to ensure you’re making the most of your YouTube video content:

  • Focus on topics that your audience wants. Review other channels within your space to see how users are engaging with those videos.
  • Respond and engage with comments on your solar videos, just as you would on other social networks.
  • Target Google search results. Consider that YouTube videos rank well organically for solar product reviews, how-to videos, and long-form, keyword-focused topics.
  • Embed your video onto web properties outside of YouTube, such as your solar website.
  • Cross-promote your videos on social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Develop a cross-promotion workflow, where you publish videos to these other platforms as soon as your solar videos go live on YouTube.
  • Collaborate with other YouTube channels that serve your target audience and where there is a strategic fit. For example, connect and partner with a YouTube influencer within the DIY space, encouraging them to review your product as they use it for an off-grid solar panels installation. Focus on establishing partnerships with influencers where there is mutual benefit, and any feature of your solar products does not come across as overly promotional.

Run Paid YouTube Ad Campaigns

Leverage YouTube ads (via the Google Ads interface) to increase your visibility among your target audience(s). You can use either your existing video content or create content specifically for the paid campaign.

YouTube offers several options for your solar video ads, including:

  • Display ads 
  • Overlay ads
  • Skippable and non-skippable video ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Sponsored cards

As you develop your YouTube ads strategy, keep the following in mind:

  • Present your business and the why behind what you do
  • Think of your customers’ typical problems and how your solutions address those problems
  • Use social proof: happy testimonials from your past customers who can speak to the value of your solar products
  • Provide demos of your solar equipment
  • As with your organic videos, use effective calls to action to ensure your viewers know the next step they should take

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Check out these Solar YouTube Channels to Guide Your Foray into YouTube Marketing

If you decide to go at it alone with your YouTube marketing, these YouTube channels can serve as great resources for direction along your journey:

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solarZero NZ

TriSMART Solar

Solarquote Facts

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James the Solar Energy Expert

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0Bills DIY Store for ZERO Home Bills

SunPower by Stellar Solar

New England Clean Energy

Putting it All Together

This guide provides optimization and promotion strategies for your YouTube videos and channel. If you would like more in-depth strategies that help build your solar brand’s visibility on YouTube, reach out today, and we can help develop a custom video marketing strategy for your brand.

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