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Why Reviews are Critical for Your Damage Restoration Companys Online Presence

Written by: Leonard Parker | Damage Restoration SEO | 25th October

Whether it is the Uber driver who dropped you off to work this morning or that new restaurant you visited that just opened downtown, everyone wants to be reviewed. When it comes to service providers, publicly viewable feedback is extremely important for a multitude of reasons.



Unfortunately, getting people to review your services is probably one of the most difficult aspects of the service delivery and feedback process since you cannot exactly hold the customers hand or do anything to compel them to give you a great review. You can politely request them to leave a review but whether or not they do so is completely dependent on their own will. The most you can do is to provide the customer with minimum hassle and friction when it comes to leaving a review on your site so as to make the process as easy and as simple as possible for them.

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If the process is too convoluted, the entry bars are hidden somewhere on your page, or there are simply too many fields to fill out, the customer will find the process arduous and will most likely skip out on it. So, the key is to make the process so simple that they do not even have to think about it. The fields should be minimal and clear in their implications, and the customer should be able to deliver their thoughts, however they please, with, ideally, the single click of a button.



Why exactly do you need to go through all of this effort to make review writing an easy and convenient process for your customers? Is not having a website enough for marketing your services to your target audience? Why do you need people to do that for you?

The truth is, no, a website is not enough. Reviews play a critical role when it comes to the growth of your business. The internet and social media have become social hubs for people to flock to and a big chunk of your target audience will be coming across your services online. Think about it, if you had two options to choose from, and one has more than 500 five-star ratings and the other has 25 five-star ratings despite having several more years worth of experience and customers, which one would you gravitate towards?

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People rely on the word of those that have used the service before them to help them make the final decision regarding whose services they avail, with over 88 percent trusting online reviews almost as much as they do personal recommendations from known sources. Your reassuring and positive words about your own damage restoration business will simply not suffice. Previous reviews and ratings give a potential customer a good idea about the quality of your product and customer service.

Online reviews, no matter how lengthy or short, put your business on the map. They show potential customers that you are a serious service that has been used before by different people and that they have had good experiences with you. In the modern age of computers and smartphones, the very first thing most people will do after they hear about your service is search for you on Google. This is your initial chance to make a good impression and turn the individual into a serious lead, and good reviews can help you do exactly that. On the other hand, if they find a simple site, barren of any customer interaction or feedback, they will either believe that you are a relatively newer or small scale business and therefore a risky option, or that you do not want people to leave reviews because no one has anything good to say about you. That is certainly not the ideal perception you want potential leads to have about your restoration business.

At the end of the day, there is always a possibility that you will end up with a few bad reviews. Deal with them with professionalism and humility, respond promptly by giving the consumer the benefit of the doubt and admitting your mistake, and make an active effort to continue a positive relationship despite an unfavorable start.

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