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The Importance of FAQ Schema for Damage Restoration SEO

Written by: Leonard Parker | Damage Restoration SEO | 27th November

Schema markup is one of the latest tools introduced by Google to allow businesses to enrich their content with proper SEO and help their readers understand their content much better. A properly implemented schema enables you to drive organic growth and improve your performance in search results.

For the rest of this article, we will focus on three types of schema that you can use to supplement your content and make it all the richer in order to drive an increase in the visibility of your page or website: FAQ Schema, How to Schema, and the Q&A Schema.

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FAQ schema, as suggested by the name of the tool, displays the content you have put up in the form of a Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ page in the search engine results under your site. In order to use this schema, you have to create an FAQ page that is created and can only be edited by the company, and elaborates on any particular aspect associated with your organization or service so that it allows the user to better understand a topic. The content that is displayed in the SERP under the schema will be a complete match of the content that has been posted on the source page on your website.

But before you even think about implementing this schema, you need to develop an appropriate FAQ page for your site. How can you go about doing so? And do you even really need a FAQ page?

Before you set about creating your FAQ page, you need to understand that the goal of such a page is not to fill it to the brim with unnecessary, straightforward queries just to fill in the space, but it is to provide value to the reader who is also a potential customer. You need to show the potential lead that you are working hard to give them the exact answer they are looking for in the matter of a few seconds.

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Make sure that the language you use is easy to understand and simple in its essence so that people will easily find what they are looking for. If you are not sure what your customers might need to know, explore the market and think from their perspective- what are the common issues they may face when considering damage restoration for their homes?

You can also gain inspiration from your competitors in this regard but make sure that you cater to the needs of the subset of the audience that you are targeting.


How to schema is similar to FAQ schema except for the act that it lays out a certain process described in an article or post on your page in the form of steps for the reader to follow.


A Q&A schema differs from an FAQ schema in the fact that it refers to a page that is only focused on answering a single question or query as opposed to a list of questions as you would on a frequently asked questions page.

At the end of the day, testing the performance of your newly implemented SEO techniques is equally as important as you will need to know whether or not a certain strategy is actually working to draw in more traffic and give you more clicks and leads. You can keep track of the performance of your new Schema using the Rich Results Testing Tool which analyzes the performance of your schema in the Google search results and presents it in the form of the Rich Results Status Report.

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