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How Damage Restoration Companies Can Improve Their Online Visibility with Google Maps

Written by: Leonard Parker | Damage Restoration SEO | 11th November

Try to imagine your life without the assistance of Google Maps- how difficult would it be to get to new places? How would you plan your trips and avoid high traffic? How would you figure out where you need to meet a client? There is no doubting the fact that Google Maps has made the life of an average individual with access to a mobile phone a lot easier. But did you know that you can leverage the benefits of this nifty little tool for your damage restoration business as well?

Not just for large companies

By connecting your business with Google Maps in the form of a listing, you emphasize your company's credibility and make yourself a lot more visible, especially to the local audience. Google Maps marketing is an actual thing and more and more companies and businesses are adopting it to give themselves an edge over others in their industry by giving their local SEO a little boost. Regardless of how small or large your business may be, everyone can benefit from some Google Maps marketing. Here is a brief overview of how you can improve your online visibility with Google Maps.

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The ultimate goal of Google Maps marketing is to make your business more visible and accessible to the local customer. You are placing yourself on the map, quite literally, so that your customers can easily find you, both digitally and physically.

Rank higher in Google searches and on Google Maps

By placing yourself on Google Maps, you actually improve your position in the search result listings on the Google search engine because of the way Google works. Put simply, Google takes your location into account to give you the most relevant search results at the top of the page. You can test it by running a search yourself. The results when searching for a particular service or business will show you the locations of the nearest stores or outlets in your area. While this does not mean that you can use Google Maps as the only means of improving your ranking, it does mean that you can use it as an effective accessory or supplementary tool. Not only does a Google Maps listing help you rank better in search engine results, but it also helps you rank better in the in-app Google Maps results. When someone searches for businesses or services on their Google Maps apps to find the nearest outlets, they are shown a list of suggested places. If you are employing good and proper SEO, then you will most likely be placed above all of your competitors.

rank higher in google searches in google maps destiny marketing solutions

Things to check

When you are signing up to get a Google Maps listing, there are a few things you should be especially careful about. To begin with, make sure that your listing gets verified by obtaining a verification postcard and following the instructions. When submitting your listing, make sure to categorize it in the appropriate category so that you are reaching out to your target audience and that your effort isn't in vain. Limit yourself to only a few categories as the goal is to reach out to a subset of the users who are more likely to avail themselves of your services. Ensure that the address and contact information you enter is absolutely correct so your customers can get in touch with you without any issues. You do not want to lose business because of silly mistakes. You should also encourage your customers to leave reviews on your Google Maps listing as it gives your company much more credibility and encourages new viewers to give your service a try after seeing that others have had a positive experience with you. Google also takes your customer reviews into consideration when confirming your final search result ranking.

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