Why is Local SEO Important for Damage Restoration Companies

Written by: Leonard Parker | Damage Restoration SEO | 15th November

When it comes to digital marketing in the damage restoration business, you need to ensure that you always remain up to speed with the latest trends and techniques. This ensures that you stay on top of your competition and consistently improve your organic website traffic as well as your overall return on investment. Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most important aspects of a successful digital marketing strategy and is often the very first thing that companies invest their time and effort in. The main reasons are that it is free and has the potential to produce substantial and long-standing results for the respective business.



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How does local SEO work?

Local SEO, as you may deduce from the name, is a an approach to search engine optimization which is done in order to increase your visibility when it comes to location-based searches. This means that your website will be shown to individuals who are living in the local area and are much more likely to avail themselves of your services as opposed to people who are living in a different city or state. The goal of an ideal SEO driven digital marketing strategy is to gain exposure from a very targeted portion of their general audience so as to increase the chances of positive interaction. You do not want to waste precious time and resources marketing to people who have no means to access your services. When employing the use of local SEO, you will need to specify your location in detail, including the city, state, zip code, and other geo qualifiers. That's because when an individual located in a particular region runs a search for a business or service, Google will prefer results that correspond to the user's locality.


Google MyBusiness for more Local Leads

Google MyBusiness is a great tool for getting more visibility for your restoration company and driving leads (when you're ranking in the map pack).


Citations and Business Listings are a Key Component of an Effective Local SEO Strategy for Restoration Companies

When creating your online business profile, make sure that the business name, address, and contact information mentioned is consistent across all online platforms and profiles. If there is any discrepancy or mismatch, there is a big chance that Google will consider it erroneous or not credible enough and thus avoid using your listing in the search results.


Learn more about citations for your restoration company below:



Accordion Sample DescriptionHi there Leonard Parker here again. And in this section of the SEO lesson, I'm going to go over business citations and listings for your SEO. So you've done any digital marketing in the past? You probably have. , did already done some of this for your restoration business where they're at school of my business Yelp. Uh, Yahoo local being places. There's a ton of them. Uh, if you've set up profiles on any of those websites that you probably have already started building your citations. So in case you were doing, I don't know why you were doing business citations. I have this long paragraph here, but in a nutshell, business citations are references to your business online. So, Google has a platform. All of there's a lot of different platforms in a way, they factor into your SEO. If you're a legitimate business, there are gonna be some general websites where you should be listed. So some examples samples again and go on my business. Superpages.com Manta.com But then there also are going to be a niche industry relevant businesses. , where you should also be listed. So, we were looking at damage restoration. That might be a little bit too specific, but maybe if we won't go one step higher and look at construction service. Is your Home Advisors? You're Angie's list, and there are several others out there where you want to make sure that your business is listed and now you complete your profile. Then these are important because if your competitors are on these different websites and they're getting reviews there, then that's a good idea that a good indication that you need to be on those websites as well. So first thing is, I just mentioned that's important when you're looking at business citations is making sure that your president and that you at least have a profile there, and I listed a few of the important ones here consistency. So you want to make sure that your name, address and phone information are consistent across the board. So if you've ever moved locations or change your business name, maybe you brought on a partner. Or maybe you've changed your phone number over the years. I just want to make sure that this is consistent across the board. , now, this is not as important as it was maybe a few years ago. But still, if you are setting this up, do it right. Just use the same information across the board. If you're not sure, what is the information you should be using? I recommend that you use your Google my business profiled as kind of your master information, our reference. So everything should match that Google my business profile and in the third point here. And I think this is pretty obvious. But you want to focus on both niche so again for damage restoration, you might want to focus and our construction-related websites and also local relevant opportunities. And I'm going to show you just some quick ways you can find some relevant websites. So let's just say we're looking for damage restoration. , business, Miss Teen or Business Directory. That's a good use. These are gonna be very related to what our clients do as restoration business owners. So looks like we have something here. My restoration directory business networks dot com, so they may or may not be relevant. Let's light. This is from a local chamber of commerce, and unless you're in this area, it might not be very relevant. Flood list dot com, so listen, I may be days focus on the insurance side of things, but I would just go through this and maybe just focus on the 1st 1 or two pages of the search results. Let's make this a little bit broader. And two construction business directory. So construction links, dinette. That looks good. Builder Spacedotcom construction world out or so there's since it's more general, they're gonna be more opportunities here, So I just kind of play around with this construction business directory, construction, business listings. , those air usually going to be your two main words. Directory or listening. Now, let's combine that with a location. So we've already dated Houston, Chicago. Why don't we take a look at Seattle? So depending on where you're located, you may find some opportunities. You may not. So Seattle Business Directory. So this looks more general to all types of businesses. But if you're in a greater Seattle area, it could be a very good opportunity. , U s a business directory so it looks like they have a Seattle section Seattle only dot com That could be a good one if you're in Seattle and again, just focused on knows are on the first or second page. Is anything other than that? And it's probably not going to get much visibility anyway. So after you're done with that, the last time I would take a look at this is where we're going to go back to our uber suggest tool. So let's say if I'm in Seattle and I'm looking and I'm a water damage restoration company, see what maybe some of our competitors were doing so I would just like to take the first competitors. So let's take a look at water damage restoration of Seattle, see what they're doing. We're gonna go back to our uber suggest tool plugin the girl. Not only can you use this tool to get keyword ideas, but you can also use this tool to see where which business this scene's citations and websites your competitors were getting back legs from. And don't worry about backlinks. We'll go into that and more diesel in an in one of the future videos. So back Ling. So these guys have 25 backlinks and they're going. They're pointing from eight referring domains. So the way to read this and in non-SEO speak. You have eight websites or referring domains and a from know a Web site. They're getting 25 backlinks. So when it comes to doing a competitor analysis, I will focus more on this number referring domains. For whatever reason, it looks like the only is reporting one. So maybe they lost some of those that look like they're getting just this one. So I think that's a good indication that maybe you want to look at some of the other websites and just for our purposes, just do that port period drying dot com Seattle see what they have going on. So SEO thing about this, they only it'll take out the actual page. So you're gonna look at all of the backlinks into this website, but still, since it is a restoration company can give you some ideas on sites that you should be looking at so right away are we zoom in here a bit. I see the opportunity. So community walk dot com That's a citation. Site e local dot com in 49 dot com at greater town dot com. Most of these are what we call citations on business listing websites. So if I'm in Seattle, these guys, I believe they were ranked number two. These would be some good sites if I'm not already on them to go ahead and add some profiles and self some counseling. , but that's pretty much citations and business listings. In a nutshell. Again, they're gonna be service providers that are going to say, Make this our ongoing dean must a month. Really? I was just focused on those important websites. So your Yelps of the world, your Home Advisors. Angie lists go in my business, Facebook business, and then look at some of these industry-related websites and location related Web sites. And then after that, I was saying maybe no more than a month or two you can go into other activities with us Io campaign No, if all of this is new to you and you're still not quite clear on the next steps. This is something that we do provide. SEO clients. , but if you want to take this on yourself, we're happy to provide a free consultation. , just called a number here on the slide, and we can look at your current situation, your competitors, and puts the other, high-level strategy for you. Now it's just a heads up. I will offer to make an offer at the end of that. Cole, if I do see that there is, uh, opportunities for ongoing collaboration. But if you're just looking for some guidance, feel free to schedule a consultation. So thanks for watching in the next Simon. We're going to go back to the website and talk a little bit about on-page and technical SEO, And this is a very important pillar of a sound SEO campaign. So you want to be sure that you take a look. Thanks and take care


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In addition to your geoinformation, it is a good thing to supplement your online presence with real and honest customer reviews that are a true reflection of the quality and standard of the services you provide. This gives the user a clear idea of what to expect when coming in to use your services. Good reviews and ratings left by other users encourage viewers to take that step and make that call or visit to your business.


More about the importance of good reviews and brand reputation management for your restoration company below:



Hi there, Leonard Parker here again. And this is the start of the lesson for our restoration marketing webinar series. And this lesson I'm gonna talk about managing your restoration companies online reputation. So there, some really good benefits of having a great online reputation give you more visibility. Typically, uh, the businesses that are listed in the map pack, which we went over several videos ago. Usually, reviews are going to play a large role in getting into that map pack. , also, they stand out a lot more. You have those reviews. It stands out compared to other restoration competitors who may not have as many reviews and then similar to what we talked about with the Google guaranteed program. , great reviews that are authentic. , they're not fake. They provide social proof and peace of mind for your prospective customers. So even though they're not 100% certain that you can help them good reviews. They brace now, some of those trust barriers And then like I said, there's an SEO benefit. So when you actually, pull up of search results page here when you go in and you respond to your reviews. Assumed out a lot. C So let's look at these guys for this one. We're doing Dallas. I'd like to switch up the city's for every video, but when you go into responding to those reviews, those air opportunities to not only show that you're very engaged with your customers, the good experiences in about experiences but those also present opportunities where you can include keywords where they fit. So let's look at what these guys were doing. So it looks like, as recommended. They are responding to reviews, so what I would do. And this is something you can do today or this evening. You can go do in any reviews that you have on your Google, my business. Just go do in response to them pretty easily. And then, looking at this specific review, they say, Lily, thank you so much for taking the time to review our company. Your feedback means lots of us. Maybe they can ask something on the end there something like we take pride and providing, water damage, Restoration Service's or whatever service is they provided to the Dallas Fort Worth area. , and that's a great way to include not only your location but one of your target phrases are right there in the reviews. So before I get into our strategy for getting reviews, you can one more thing I want to show you. That just shows the importance of them. So, first of all, of course, if anyone's ever doing a Google map search, these reviews are probably the thing that sticks out the most. Even if you're running ads. , you can see the review. So these guys have a 3.9 rating. They have more reviews, but they're paying for this. This placement, whereas our first example. They have a five-star rating, which might be a little that, suspicious is Rome. , but they do have 30 reviews, but it's better than in 3.9. So even though these guys are paying for displacement, there's a good chance people are looking overlooking them than going to some of these businesses that are ranking organically with a better review rating and a reason why I said, a five-star rating is a little suspicious because once you start getting enough reviews and working with enough customers and doing enough jobs, it becomes less and less likely that every person is going to give you a five-star review. So I would say, you want to be around at 4.52 point 4.6 range. , maybe I'm wrong. Maybe these guys just really knock it out with every job. And they have. They've earned that five-star review, but no. Typically, once you start getting more reviews, it's okay if you're not that perfect five, but try to be around at 4.44 point 54.6 range now, going back to the main search results page. So even if you're running local service ads, the reviews also play a big factor here. As you can see, right under the business day and date, you have the review rating and you can click due to see the reviews. So you must look at, building up a process for collecting reviews. And again, I would make my Google reviews the priority because they're so visible in different parts of the search on. And then after that, once you have you're in a good place. They're looking at some of the other, popular websites forward. A restoration industry. So going back to the presentation here, no colleges building out a strategy for getting the reviews. We like to build our system so that you don't have to think about it once it's built out running. So the first step is right after you complete the job, and that's giving your customer feedback heart. , you could go to this. The print. They're not probably the most popular provider of business cards and get those pretty cheap or, have you or someone on your team just has that skillset to make nice looking marketing materials. Do it at home on your computer, but you want to no thank them for their business, but also provide some instructions on how they can provide feedback and leave a review. And I for this I would just use my guru, my business review link, and I'll create a separate video that shows you how to get that link. But, uh, direct them to leave in a review there. And this is something you give to them right after the job is completed. , step to follow up with a text message, so you always kind of want to space out your communication a bit. So even, if one or two days seems a little too soon, maybe make a five or six days after the job is completed, but you can set up an automated message. Some of the popular vendors who have used include E to texting, Texted Lee, simple texting. But this is just the second follow up because that's how important that review, especially if it's a good review, is it? That's how important it is for your Google presidents. And even if it's not a positive review, that could be a great opportunity no, to improve what you and your team are doing, so that next time you can knock it out the park. Step three follow up with an email and I waited one or two weeks after the job is completed and used to email space one week apart. And, I would say if you are bringing in quite a few customers and clients every month. It may make sense to invest in software by Mailchimp or Mailshake that way. Once their information is in, the system will automatically follow up no. 1 to 2 weeks after the job is completed. , with that, that review reminder. And then again, he just wanted to leave the links where they can easily go and leave that review. Then step four eyes. Actually, you want to follow up with a phone call, and this is, maybe three weeks to a month out and, maybe just follow up. And if they still aren't responding or are leaving a review, or at least you tried to touch base with them several times on, their experience and how anything could have been better. And then, as I said before, my priority would be Google my business. That's one of the most prominent platforms if someone is searching online. But so many other priority Web sites include Yelp Home, a Visor, Angie's List and there any type of local business websites. Like what we went over in thesis Itay Shin's segment. Then I would look at those as well. So that brings men sitting in the lesson for, uh, again, reviews are very important. They can set you apart from your restoration company, apart from other competitors in your area. And even if you aren't getting great reviews, those are good feedback on how you can improve your service and provide the customer satisfaction that they at your customers deserve so. Analects Lesson. I'm going to go offline here in Go Go back in the day with direct mail marketing and of course. This isn't digital, but it does fit in with a proactive strategy to get a front and stay in front of your local, your local neighbors. So thanks for watching it. And if you have any questions on how you can make your review process a lot more, uh, regulated in based on a system and feel free to give us a call and we can walk you through that, thanks to looking forward to seeing you in the next lesson


Improve your Website's Conversion Rate

In the modern internet age, most people tend to use the web to find various services that they require. Once they find an appropriate match online, they will then proceed to contact them either by dialing the phone number provided on the online page or by directly visiting the company at the listed address. Studies and observations have consistently shown that over 70% of users tend to click directly on the business phone number provided in the Google search results. This shows the importance of local SEO in enabling you to generate and capitalize on qualified leads that have great potential to turn into loyal customers in the near future. That great conversion rate is the golden reward of investing your effort to create a good local SEO profile for your damage restoration company.


It's Simple to Implement

When it comes to local SEO, you do not even need to have an extensive or dedicated website for your business. Google will still show your listing and that will allow you to engage with locals who are actively searching and are in need of the services that you offer.

Ultimately, good use of SEO enables you to reap great short and long term rewards in the form of qualified leads, higher conversion rates, and greater positive engagements, leading to better revenue generation and an improvement in your business's ROI. Contact our friendly service team today for more information or a free quotation.


Learn more about local SEO for restoration companies below:


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