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Solar Energy Keywords: How to Use them for Your Business

Putting together an effective solar marketing strategy for your solar company starts with the right solar energy keywords for SEO so that you can connect with your target audience.  

Renewable energy accounts for only about 11% of total U.S. energy consumption. The solar energy industry has been gaining interest across the country, with 10.7 million Americans installing solar energy units in the first quarter of 2018, including solar roofs. Switching to solar saves on electricity generation and can last for more than 25 years.

To meet this demand, solar companies need to rise above the competition with creative solar sales and marketing ideas to convert leads. To achieve success with SEO for solar companies, solar businesses need to focus on keywords that resonate with their target audiences.

How to Choose the Best Keywords for Solar Panels

Successful digital marketing for solar businesses necessitates selecting the right keywords to draw attention to your solar product. Keyword research helps you identify what targeted keywords consumers use to search for things they want. 

It’s important to rank highly because the top three search results get 33% of all clicks by ranking on the first page of Google’s search results. A few solar energy SEO strategies can help identify these keywords, such as researching SEO keywords and using long-tailed keywords and phrases. 

Research SEO keywords with Google

A solar business can rely on Google’s tools to conduct a more thorough search for keywords. Google Ads Keyword Planner shows data such as percentage of traffic, competitiveness level, and search position to create a list of solar keywords. It can filter search results for a certain geographical region and access lists of related keyword phrases to develop new phrase ideas.
Another way to see if a keyword is viable is to use Google Trends and look at its projected and historical trends. Solar manufacturers & distributors may determine which trending keywords and phrases are worth including in their content to increase their websites’ ranking factor in the search results.

Create an SEO strategy of long-tailed and head keywords

Using keyword phrases of varying lengths is an important part of a successful solar marketing plan. Long-tailed keywords have three or more words, and head terms are popular keywords with only one to three words. 

Head terms such as “solar energy” or “solar company” ‌are among the most popular keywords, but they are harder to rank for because the competition is stiffer. Long-tailed keywords like “solar energy how it works” or “solar energy Massachusetts” are more likely to attract people searching for these terms than head terms, especially if your website is new. These longer keywords allow solar businesses to connect with more specific customer needs, improve rankings in search results and increase conversions.

Identify the best keywords for every step of the customer journey

Solar companies should also make sure the keywords on a page or social media post target customers for solar panels to enhance social media marketing and drive organic traffic. Use keywords like “problem” or “advantages” if a customer is still researching the benefits of solar panels. Add targeted keywords like “worth” or “cost” for customers comparing pricing and solar businesses. 

You can use local, long-tail keyword phrases for customers looking to use a solar company near them to boost local search results. A customer trying to find “solar energy companies in NC” is more likely to be ready than a visitor searching “how solar panels work.” Use local citations to match user search intent and draw customers to your web page and services.

What Would Someone Type into Google if She Wanted to Purchase My Solar Product or Service?

Question keywords can also improve search engine rankings. Instead of using a broad keyword phrase like “cost of solar panels,” a question-based keyword might be “how much do solar panels cost?” Adding these long-tail phrases can help customers find the right pages on the site as they decide between solar companies.

Where to Use Solar Energy Keywords to Rank Higher in Search Results

Solar panel companies can use a combination of local SEO and PPC marketing initiatives to help attract relevant leads for their services. For instance, a solar panel installation business needs to travel to a customer’s home to evaluate its potential for solar panels and discuss financing options with the customer. 

Rather than targeting everyone online, local customers in the company’s service areas need to discover their business rather than other competitors’ services. When you optimize your site for local SEO, you can get a share of 33% of all online searches for your keywords related to your business.

Google Business Profile

A verified and detailed listing on Google Maps helps Google show a local company to potential customers looking for solar companies near them. Local SEO will also benefit from a Google Business Profile. 

The Google Business profile must have as much information as possible such as the company’s physical address, contact information, and business hours. The listing also allows businesses to show their logo and photos, so a solar business should keep relevant images for people to identify their brand. 

Include keywords in your business description in a way that makes sense. Try not to stuff keywords into the profile; otherwise, the listing will rank poorly in the search results. 

PPC Advertising for Solar Companies

Since potential customers use search engines for their research process, placing them at the top of the results is crucial. PPC advertising in Google Ads and Microsoft Bing allows solar businesses with smaller budgets to participate in targeted advertising. There is no risk upfront since companies can control their advertising campaigns and only pay for genuine clicks. 

You must select ‌keywords incorporating long, descriptive phrases for a Google Ads keyword strategy to be successful. Use terms like “near me” or city names of service areas near you. If the company doesn’t provide certain services and has irrelevant keywords, add any negative keywords to your Google Ads.

How to Add Negative Keywords to Your Solar PPC Campaign

Solar companies need to be careful which keywords to use and which ones to never use in their PPC campaigns. In your company’s Google Ads account, go into Keywords on the left side of the menu. Then, click on Negative Keywords to create a list of negative keywords

All solar companies must set solar system keywords to negative in their campaigns. These keywords include “earth,” “planet,” “eclipse,” “solar system,” and “space.” 

Then, the company can make a list of all the irrelevant terms, keywords, or phrases and add them to your negative keyword list. For example, if the company doesn’t install solar panels for trucks, they can avoid using all variations of keywords like “truck” or “trucking industry.” 

A solar company may provide a free savings estimate but not for solar panel consultations. It would be useful to your solar PPC campaign’s success if you added “free solar panel consultation” to your negative keywords list. 

After a company implements a negative keywords list, Google Ads can track the campaigns’ performance. Monitoring the campaigns can show successful keywords and which ones to remove from the campaigns.

Content Marketing for SEO Companies

Content marketing is an important part of a solar marketing SEO strategy with careful consideration. Keywords woven through content such as ebooks, case studies, blog posts, and other types of content can help attract visitors researching solar energy early in the customer journey. 

They also give a company more prominence in the solar energy industry as an emerging authority on topics related to solar energy. Starting content marketing requires knowing what makes the solar company stand out and its products or services.

What problem are you solving with your solar products or services?

Figuring out the customers’ potential motivations can set the foundation for B2B solar marketing tactics. Begin by determining the problems they may have and how the company’s products or services can solve them. The content can revolve around the customers’ pain points, the company’s solution, and how the solution compares to other competitors’ solutions.

What makes your solar products or services unique?

The solar industry is a competitive landscape, so a company needs to make sure its solar products or services are unique and gain attention. Note any special features your products or services may have. Analyze the company’s sales numbers, the amount of savings, and other relevant data for companies looking to add solar panels to their buildings. 

Ask customers for testimonials about the company’s services to include in your content. Highlighting your company's benefits with real-time data and customer reviews can draw in more customers and increase conversions for your company. 

What Are the Leading Topics of Interest in Solar Energy?

A solar company can draw on its keyword research and our list of keywords to develop relevant content for customers. Customers may want to learn more about certain topics, allowing you to determine the best keywords to reach them. Here are some topics that the solar company can create content around.


Customers may worry about the cost of switching to solar power, especially since solar panels are a major financial investment with the installation and price of solar panels. As a business, you can turn this concern into educating content. Potential customers can learn about the costs associated with solar panels and the savings they might see in their utility bills. 

Explain how you can help make renewable energy affordable with financing and local and state incentives for solar panel installations. Using cost-related solar energy keywords throughout your content can allow you to show how an investment in solar energy can pay off for their budgets and the environment.

Educational content about solar panels

The public understanding of solar energy and technology is limited. This lack of knowledge gives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to teach and convert website visitors into clients. Your content can feature question-based keywords based on how solar panels work, their installation, and what goes into their maintenance. 

Incorporate solar industry research data into your educational content for customers to understand the necessity of solar power for their homes. Your company establishes authority and improves your reputation by posting educational content information.

Benefits and drawbacks of solar panels

Many people are interested in learning more about the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy. When you use targeted keywords around the pros and cons of solar panels, you can persuade customers to work with your company.  Aside from the savings and lowering carbon emissions, the content can touch upon the specific benefits of using the services of your solar company.

DIY solar panels

Some customers may be interested in finding out the workings behind the installation of solar panels. Creating content around the keywords “how to make a solar panel” and “how to install solar panels” may intrigue customers to learn more about solar panel systems. You might need to persuade them at the end that hiring a solar panel installer is more efficient than doing them on their own.

Comparison and best-of articles

Customers may want to search quickly for the best solar energy solutions. However, they may not understand the costs and equipment that goes into them. Using keywords like “best solar panel company” and “best solar” in your content gives you the chance to educate them about the best solar options. It also improves your company's reputation and demonstrates the knowledge in your services and products.

Work with Solar Panel SEO Marketing Professionals

A solar company’s Google Business Profile and paid ads for solar energy can generate new leads. Many potential customers would appreciate learning about the best solar products and their pros and cons.  

You can elevate your solar marketing strategy when you work with Destiny Marketing Solutions. We can help you stay ahead of the competition and help convert visitors into customers. Contact us today for a consultation at (888) 846-4937 or

What Are the Best Keywords for Your Solar Business?

The following list contains the best keywords for solar companies, whether for SEO or paid ads. Cost per click and monthly volume are all important factors in keyword selection. However, solar businesses should research keywords that apply to their business, niche, and target customers.

RankSolar Energy KeywordsGlobal Monthly SearchGlobal CPC
1solar energy165,000$2.90
2tesla solar panels49,500$4.83
3how do solar panels work18,100$1.67
4solar installers near me18,100$12.67
5what is renewable energy18,100$3.64
6what is solar energy18,100$1.67
7advantages and disadvantages of solar energy14,800$3.18
8how solar panels work14,800$2.92
9solar companies near me14,800$12.95
10solar company14,800$8.41
11solar energy advantages and disadvantages14,800$3.18
12solar energy definition14,800$2.20
13advantages of solar energy12,100$2.7
14how much do solar panels cost12,100$0.59
15how to make a solar panel12,100$1.85
16solar energy advantages12,100$2.71
17a disadvantage of solar energy9,900$2.73
18disadvantages of solar energy9,900$2.73
19how much are solar panels9,900$4.06
20solar energy disadvantages9,900$2.73
21solar energy is used for9,900$0.96
22solar energy pros and cons9,9000$4.28
23solar energy usage9,900$0.96
24solar energy users9,900$0.96
25solar energy uses9,900$0.96
26solar providers near me9,900$12.04
27sunpower solar panels9,900$5.98
28uses of solar energy9,900$0.96
29solar energy in india8,100$0.37
30solar energy india8,100$0.37
31solar panel companies8,100$6.75
32what are solar panels8,100$3.90
33cons of solar energy6,700$1.85
34how does solar energy work6,600$3.41
35solar energy information6,600$1.51
36what is solar panel6,600$3.41
37are solar panels worth it5,400$1.57
38how does solar power work5,400$1.57
39solar energy companies5,400$6.87
40solar installation company5,400$13.26
41sunpower solar5,400$8.42
42benefits of solar energy4,400$3.73
43best solar companies4,400$7.74
44solar energy benefits4,400$3.73
45solar energy facts4,400$3.48
46solar energy system4,400$1.84
47solar energy systems4,400$1.84
48solar solutions4,400$5.12
49tesla solar panel costs4,400$3.73
50how solar power works3,600$2.62
51how to build a solar panel3,600$2.90
52how to install solar panels3,600$3.55
53solar energy corporation of india3,600$0.25
54what is solar energy definition3,600$1.91
55what is solar power3,600$1.91
56definition of solar energy3,300$2.20
57application of solar energy2,900$1.09
58go power solar2,900$1.39
59is solar energy renewable2,900$2.76
60is solar power worth it2,900$2.08
61solar energy applications2,900$1.09
62solar energy journal2,900$2.11
63solar energy pdf2,900$1.15
64solar energy project2,900$0.71
65solar energy projects2,900$0.71
66sunrun solar panels2,900$8.30
67where to buy solar panels2,900$2.76
68examples of solar energy2,400$2.10
69how solar energy works2,400$2.55
70is solar power renewable2,400$2.55
71solar energy cost2,400$5.61
72solar energy equipment supplier2,400$1.98
73solar energy essay2,400$1.48
74solar energy examples2,400$2.10
75solar energy materials and solar cells2,400$2.03
76solar energy news2,400$4.65
77solar energy stocks2,400$4.76
78solar energy works2,400$2.55
79solar power companies2,400$7.17
80solar thermal energy2,400$1.24
81sunpower monitoring2,400$5.15
82what are solar panels for2,400$0.81
83solar energy cons2,300$1.15
84importance of solar energy1,900$0.63
85is solar energy important1,900$0.63
86ppt on solar energy1,900$0.88
87solar energy ppt1,900$0.88
88solar energy wikipedia1,900$2.10
89where to get solar panels1,900$0.63
90about solar energy1,600$0.62
91best solar panel company1,600$6.84
92future of solar energy1,600$5.06
93history of solar energy1,600$1.41
94how solar energy is produced1,600$1.24
95images of solar energy1,600$1.02
96is solar energy renewable or nonrenewable1,600$4.69
97q cell solar panels1,600$2.44
98solar energy diagram1,600$3.23
99solar energy future1,600$5.06
100solar energy history1,600$1.41
101solar energy images1,600$1.02
102solar energy introduction1,600$1.00
103solar energy is renewable or nonrenewable1,600$5.90
104solar energy jobs1,600$1.43
105solar energy renewable or nonrenewable1,600$5.90
106solar energy storage1,600$2.68
107solar energy the future1,600$5.06
108solar energy types1,600$1.13
109solar panel companies near me1,600$11.85
110tesla solar panel roof1,600$3.15
111top solar companies1,600$4.05
112us solar1,600$5.20
113diy solar energy1,300$1.15
114passive solar energy1,300$1.02
115pros of solar energy1,300$3.46
116solar and wind energy1,300$2.33
117solar contractors near me1,300$12.83
118solar energy at home1,300$3.04
119solar energy companies in india1,300$0.46
120solar energy diy1,300$1.15
121solar energy for home1,300$3.04
122solar energy for homes1,300$3.04
123solar energy for kids1,300$2.50
124solar energy home1,300$3.04
125solar energy industries association1,300$2.83
126solar energy international1,300$1.30
127solar energy kids1,300$2.50
128solar energy news india1,300$0.00
129solar energy pictures1,300$0.19
130solar energy power1,300$1.43
131solar energy pros1,300$5.65
132solar energy source1,300$2.18
133solar energy sources1,300$2.18
134solar power energy1,300$1.43
135sonnen battery1,300$2.74
136source of solar energy1,300$2.18
137sunpower panels1,300$4.21
138what solar energy is used for1,300$2.35
139solar energy use1,100$0.96
140conclusion of solar energy1,000$0.36
141solar energy australia1,000$8.59
142solar energy calculation1,000$4.36
143solar energy calculator1,000$4.36
144solar energy environmental impact1,000$1.84
145solar energy environmental impacts1,000$1.84
146solar energy how it works1,000$4.48
147solar energy in australia1,000$8.59
148solar energy in hindi1,000$2.56
149solar energy meaning1,000$0.97
150solar energy panel1,000$3.96
151solar energy panels1,000$3.96
152solar energy quote1,000$10.45
153solar energy quotes1,000$10.45
154sunrun costco1,000$8.40
155trina solar panels1,000$1.99
156affordable solar880$6.76
157is solar energy efficient880$3.88
158solar energy advantages and disadvantages pdf880$3.80
159solar energy articles880$2.25
160solar energy china880$0.58
161solar energy cost per kwh880$4.66
162solar energy efficiency880$3.14
163solar energy in china880$0.58
164solar energy in the us880$3.15
165solar energy in usa880$3.15
166solar energy investments880$5.66
167solar energy model880$1.59
168solar energy models880$1.59
169solar energy solutions880$2.30
170solar energy united states880$3.15
171solar energy us880$3.15
172solar energy usa880$3.15
173solar energy world880$5.17
174u.s. solar energy880$3.15
175go green solar720$4.78
176jinko solar panels720$2.12
177photovoltaic solar energy720$5.84
178simply solar720$5.03
179solar distributors720$4.79
180solar energy book720$1.12
181solar energy books720$1.12
182solar energy books pdf720$1.03
183solar energy charger720$0.04
184solar energy elsevier720$0.33
185solar energy fun facts720186
186solar energy kit720$0.66
187solar energy kits720$0.66
188solar energy origin720$2.30
189solar energy photovoltaic720$1.40
190solar energy poster720$2.06
191solar energy price720$1.78
192solar energy prices720$1.78
193solar energy problems720$2.52
194solar energy slogans720$1.10
195solar financing720$6.85
196what are solar energy advantages and disadvantages720$3.11
197what is solar energy advantages and disadvantages720$3.11
198where do solar energy come from720$7.35
199where does solar energy come from720$4.41
200why solar energy is good720$4.10
201why solar energy is important720$1.53
202solar energy is660$1.67
203solare energy610$2.51
2045 disadvantages of solar energy590$2.47
205description of solar energy590$3.34
206how solar energy is converted into electricity590$3.26
207how solar energy is stored590$3.78
208nrg solar590$4.85
209paragraph on solar energy590$0.86
210solar energy batteries590$1.51
211solar energy battery590$1.51
212solar energy benefits to the environment590$4.52
213solar energy car590$1.31
214solar energy cars590$1.31
215solar energy conversion590$0.63
216solar energy courses590$4.32
217solar energy description590$3.34
218solar energy drawing590$0.50
219solar energy environmental benefits590$4.52
220solar energy florida590$5.44
221solar energy for cars590$1.31
222solar energy for house590$0.90
223solar energy generation590$2.08
224solar energy generator590$2.08
225solar energy germany590$2.90
226solar energy house590$0.90
227solar energy houses590$0.90
228solar energy impact factor590$1.69
229solar energy in florida590$5.44
230solar energy in germany590$2.90
231solar energy limitations590$3.05
232solar energy logo590$1.16
233solar energy new jersey590$17.13
234solar energy nigeria590$0.89
235solar energy objective590$0.59
236solar energy on houses590$0.90
237solar energy plant590$1.02
238solar energy plants590$1.02
239solar energy south africa590$0.83
240solar energy storage batteries590$2.59
241solar energy storage battery590$2.59
242solar energy technologies590$1.14
243solar energy technology590$1.14
244solar energy tesla590$5.70
245solar energy with battery storage590$2.59
246solar panel energy590$2.54
247solar panel suppliers590$4.59
248solar energy renewable540$6.07
249best solar480$6.22
250how solar energy is generated480$0.60
251is solar energy sustainable480$1.98
252passive solar energy definition480$3.19
253solar energy as electricity480$1.34
254solar energy business480$3.87
255solar energy canada480$2.19
256solar energy drawbacks480$6.04
257solar energy electricity480$1.34
258solar energy engineer480$2.44
259solar energy engineering480$2.44
260solar energy explained480$1.49
261solar energy harvesting480$1.23
262solar energy home system480$1.02
263solar energy in malaysia480$0.60
264solar energy in pakistan480$0.36
265solar energy installation480$5.14
266solar energy installers480$5.14
267solar energy is due to480$0.85
268solar energy is sustainable480$2.71
269solar energy production480$0.67
270solar energy products480$0.66
271solar energy stocks in india480$0.09
272solar energy stocks india480$0.09
273solar energy storage systems480$2.89
274solar energy sustainability480$2.71
275solar energy system for home480$1.02
276solar energy to electricity480$1.34
277solar energy uae480$1.25
278solar energy uk480$2.93
279solar energy uses in daily life480$0.59
280solar panel distributor480$4.23
281uses of solar energy in daily life480$0.59
282where solar energy is used480$1.40
283green solar390$3.86
284save solar energy390$3.29
285Solar business390$5.62
286solar energy africa390$1.68
287solar energy app390$0.04
288solar energy california390$6.53
289solar energy careers390$2.33
290solar energy companies in india list390$0.31
291solar energy definition science390$2.19
292solar energy farm390$3.07
293solar energy farms390$3.07
294solar energy group390$0.47
295solar energy harnessing390$2.88
296solar energy in africa390$1.68
297solar energy in egypt390$0.98
298solar energy light390$0.65
299solar energy lights390$0.65
300solar energy negatives390$5.41
301solar energy process390$1.04
302solar energy questions390$3.61
303solar energy renewable resource390$3.76
304solar energy saver390$3.29
305solar energy savings390$3.29
306solar energy singapore390$1.17
307solar energy statistics390$5.02
308solar energy storage methods390$4.42
309solar energy tax credit390$6.83
310solar energy technician390$6.10
311solar energy training390$3.68
312solar energy videos390$2.46
313solar wind energy390$0.72
314solar world panels390$2.20
315of solar energy367$2.83
316solar energi367$2.16
317how do solar energy work340$3.41
318what are solar energy329$1.67
319active solar energy definition320$0.00
320alternative solar energy320$2.33
321how solar energy is harnessed320$4.43
322journal of solar energy engineering320$1.86
323solar alternative energy320$2.33
324solar energy advantages and disadvantages wikipedia320$4.61
325solar energy alternatives320$2.33
326solar energy as an alternative320$2.33
327solar energy basics320$2.50
328solar energy companies near me320$10.95
329solar energy companies stock320$10.85
330solar energy consultant320$6.15
331solar energy device320$1.22
332solar energy devices320$1.22
333solar energy engineering processes and systems320$2.78
334solar energy equipment320$1.18
335solar energy equipments320$1.18
336solar energy etf320$5.03
337solar energy facts for kids320$2.27
338solar energy in kenya320$0.83
339solar energy in puerto rico320$1.16
340solar energy information and facts320$3.37
341solar energy kenya320$0.83
342solar energy kid facts320$2.27
343solar energy potential320$2.42
344solar energy power plant320$0.09
345solar energy puerto rico320$1.16
346solar energy report320$1.29
347solar energy research320$1.07
348solar energy research paper320$0.40
349solar energy resource320$2.20
350solar energy resources320$2.20
351solar energy science project320$2.01
352solar energy science projects320$2.01
353solar energy vs fossil fuels320$4.09
354solar energy working model320$0.02
355sunnova energy corporation320$2.13
356what is the source of solar energy320$2.95
357where solar energy is found320$3.25
358where was solar energy found320$3.29
359why solar energy320$2.41
360why solar energy is renewable320$1.97
361why solar energy renewable320$1.97
362can solar energy be stored260$0.96
363green solar energy260$0.37
364how solar energy is used today260$2.74
365is solar energy expensive260$2.91
366renewable energy solar energy260$2.37
367solar cell energy260$1.52
368solar energy and the atmosphere260$0.43
369solar energy business plan260$0.95
370solar energy by country260$0.87
371solar energy can be stored260$0.96
372solar energy centre260$3.22
373solar energy chart260$0.98
374solar energy companies in india listed in stock market260$0.50
375solar energy conference 2018260$3.39
376solar energy courses in india260$1.04
377solar energy credit260$3.84
378solar energy credits260$3.84
379solar energy development260$1.13
380solar energy expensive260$2.21
381solar energy experiments260$4.16
382solar energy for homes in india260$0.55
383solar energy growth260$2.69
384solar energy industry260$7.59
385solar energy information for students260$2.62
386solar energy is expensive260$2.21
387solar energy japan260$1.52
388solar energy map260$0.03
389solar energy notes260$3.26
390solar energy per square meter260$0.36
391solar energy renewable energy260$2.37
392solar energy share price260$1.07
393solar energy usage by country260$1.36
394solar energy usage in india260$1.12
395solar energy use in india260$1.12
396solar energy uses in india260$1.12
397solar energy utilization260$0.52
398solar energy vs wind energy260$2.51
399which countries use solar energy260$1.36
400why solar energy is bad260$4.62
401how do solar energy generate electricity210$1.77
402how solar energy is created210$5.71
403is solar energy cost effective210$1.72
404is solar energy reliable210$3.29
405literature review solar energy210$0.06
406pv solar energy210$4.38
407residential solar energy210$5.33
408solar energy advancements210$4.92
409solar energy association210$1.89
410solar energy background210$1.26
411solar energy battery charger210$0.12
412solar energy business plan pdf210$2.15
413solar energy cost effective210$4.04
414solar energy distribution210$1.46
415solar energy economics210$1.45
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