WordPress SEO Services



The revenue you earn is directly proportional to your website’s rankings and the number of keywords that it ranks for. 


Put simply, SEO or search engine optimization will help your business to grow and Destiny Marketing Solutions will make sure that you outrank your competitors for your main terms. 


For the past several years, we have been focusing on WordPress SEO services that ensure higher rankings in the SERPs, bring in more traffic, and eventually results in increased sales for business owners. Our full team of SEO experts knows all the ins and outs of WordPress SEO and they have mastered the craft of ranking websites consistently. 


If you want us to develop a customized SEO plan for your website and give you the blueprint to business growth, contact us today. 


WordPress SEO Experts


Wordpress SEO Services - Destiny Marketing Solutions


What makes our SEO work unique is our tailored SEO strategy for each business based on its needs and goals. 


WordPress SEO isn’t something that can be transformed into a SOP and utilized for every type of online business. It has to be unique and customized based on the needs of each business. 


The way we do WordPress SEO not only ranks your website but also helps it to generate more revenue over time. Our extensive experience in optimizing WordPress websites and ranking them both for easy and competitive terms on Google and other search engines will give you a competitive advantage in your industry. 


We help you lay a solid foundation for your SEO campaign that not only saves you from Google penalties in the future, but also improves your rankings quickly. Our SEO tactics and strategies are ethical and effective and lead to long-lasting results. The techniques we use to rank and optimize your WordPress website are also encouraged by search engine developers. 


Why You Need WordPress SEO


The reason most businesses fail to establish a concrete digital presence is because they never focus on optimizing their websites both for Google and for their users. With WordPress being one of the most popular content management systems used by millions of business owners across the globe, WordPress SEO is something you need right now. 


As an industry leader, we will help you with your WordPress SEO service needs and make sure your business grows significantly within the first year of working together. 


WordPress SEO will help you outrank your competitors and be successful. Not only will you experience a significant increase in your online traffic, you will make more sales and rake in more revenue. 


If you need professional and efficient WordPress SEO services from top experts, then Destiny Marketing Solutions can help you with its distinctive set of SEO services that will bring targeted traffic to your website and take it to the top of SERPs. 


Contact us today or schedule your FREE, no-obligation strategy call with one of our experts for WordPress SEO services. 


SEO Services for WordPress


wordpress - Destiny Marketing Solutions


Our agency tailors its SEO services to your company’s unique needs and as per your requirements. We understand that every website and business is unique so we develop a custom WordPress SEO services proposal for each client. 


Here is a breakdown of what our services and processes look like: 


Keyword Research


Quality keyword research is perhaps the foundation of a solid SEO campaign. Based on the type of business you run and its goals, we will research highly profitable keywords to rank and optimize new and existing content around them. Our keyword research includes: 


  • Keywords for blog articles that are aimed at generating more clients, shares, and acquiring more backlinks
  • Keywords that will step your on-page to the next level
  • Extensive collaboration on the products, services, and your existing keywords
  • Finding keywords within your competition that are high in search volume and low in competition


Content Strategy 



With a list of profitable keywords, our team of WordPress SEO services experts will create perfectly optimized pages. We will help you create new layouts and enhance the existing ones to dramatically boost click-through rates by using your target keywords in the right places throughout the content. 


  • We will craft content that targets multiple keywords strategically
  • We will use keywords in the right places and in the right frequency to ensure we don’t over-optimize your page
  • Focus on improving the click through rate of your website by improving SEO titles, meta descriptions, rich snippets, FAQ rich snippets, publish dates, and much more
  • Apart from just articles, we will also focus on other content areas like social media content formatting, tables of content, and more


On-Page SEO



On-page SEO is extremely important for ranking your WordPress website on Google. Our on-page SEO fixes and techniques will help to fully optimize your website for maximum exposure. 


We not only focus on core items but every nitty-gritty detail that will help to boost your on-page and rank you quickly on SERPs. 


Apart from content optimization and fixing potential on-page errors, a crucial aspect of our on-page services is website speed optimization. Our experts will optimize your WordPress website to load in less than three seconds. 


We will provide you with before and after website speed and performance reports to give you an idea of what your website speed was and where it stands now with respect to several other businesses on the internet.


  • We will analyze the homepage and individual pages
  • Fix both the major and minor on-page SEO issues on your website
  • Improve the speed of your homepage and look out for any slow internal pages
  • Provide a before and after report after the fixes have been made


Building Backlinks



Backlinks still remain one of the top-ranking factors in Google algorithms. They lay the foundation of your SEO campaign and this makes it important to build high-quality and laser-targeted backlinks from relevant websites within your niche. Doing so will eventually result in better rankings and more traffic to your WordPress website. 


Our full-time SEO experts will lay out a full roadmap for backlink acquisition via different methods and strategies. They will reach out to other high-authority websites within your niche and look for guest post opportunities. 


By the end of our backlink acquisition campaign, your website will realize a significant boost in its domain authority and better rankings not only for the main queries but also for related phrases. 


If you are a local business owner, we will also build citations for your business. Citations are backlinks for local business owners that help them rank in their local area. For example, if you are a local roofing contractor or a dentist, we will build citations on high-authority platforms like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Yahoo, and much more. This helps you quickly rank better on SERPs in your local area search results. 


Speed Optimization


Speed optimization services are something you would rarely get from digital marketing agencies. However, we always keep a close eye on your website’s speed and monitor it at every step during your WordPress SEO campaign. 


Our agency uses different tools to monitor the page load speed of your site. Ideally, your site should load in less than three seconds, but we always try to achieve a website load-time score of less than one second. 


Your website taking too long to load up would be detrimental to your business. The majority of the users will bounce away from your website and Google will also devalue your site’s authority. 


We will analyze your WordPress website for low-speed issues, identify them and fix them quickly. We will: 


  • Install a cache plugin and set up CDN on your WordPress SEO -blog
  • Provide better hosting and server configuration, if required
  • Optimize your existing plugins, html scripts, and large image files that might be causing slow speed issues
  • Provide you with before/after reports to reflect the speed changes


Maps Optimization


Destiny Marketing Solutions has experience in local SEO as well. We can optimize your local search map listing and WordPress SEO with geo-targeted landing pages. 


It doesn’t matter if you have a single location or multiple, we will utilize your website, citations, and links to help you rank higher in maps and local results. 


Our Maps optimization includes: 


  • GMB set up and full optimization
  • Citation building in online directories for relevancy and better local rankings
  • Building geo-targeted landing pages to boost your local search engine rankings
  • Optimize your website for multiple locations


Google Search Console & Analytics



To analyze your WordPress website behavior on search engine results, we will set up Google Search Console for you. To analyze user behavior when they land on any of your website pages, we will set up Google Analytics as well. 


With Google Console, we will: 


  • Fix your website’s mobile accessibility issues
  • Find any security errors
  • See if the sitemap is indexed and look out for possible indexing issues
  • Fix any crawl errors and broken URLs
  • Analyze SEO metrics using search analytics
  • Analyze CTR and look for ways to improve it


Using Google Analytics, we will: 


  • Provide you with detailed reports about user behavior on your website
  • Tell you where your users are from, what their gender and age are, and much more
  • Provide you with detailed reports on how your users interact with your website’s content
  • Give you updates about the best and worst-performing content on your WordPress site
  • Segment the data such as location, age, gender language, mobile device, and much more
  • Set up customized reports based on any specific metrics that you want measured


Site Design


SEO - Destiny Marketing Solutions


WordPress SEO services are not just about technical stuff. Having a solid SEO campaign with a poor-looking site layout is the worst thing you can do. You only have a few seconds to earn your visitor’s trust and business. For that, your WordPress site design and message matter as much as the efficacy of your search engine optimization campaign. 


We help our clients improve their site design and provide a better user experience to their visitors. As a matter of fact, eye-catching websites tend to be more trustworthy and convert better. 


We conduct in-depth SEO audits to make sure we don’t leave any loopholes.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is WordPress good for SEO? 


WordPress is in fact good for search engine optimization as it plays nice with Google. It has plenty of different themes and plugins that can help with advanced SEO optimization, is fast and mobile-friendly, secure, and provides the perfect content management system for SEO and building high-quality websites that make sure your site ranks higher in SERPs. 


Is Squarespace or WordPress better for SEO?


The fact that Squarespace has suffered for a long time makes it less SEO-friendly from a reputation perspective. Although you can still get some results with it, WordPress will always outperform Squarespace when it comes to ranking better on search engines. 


Can I do WordPress SEO myself?


No! Although WordPress has plenty of plugins that can help you with elementary SEO, it will be more difficult to implement the technical side of it. From backlinks, GMBs, social signals and social media marketing, content writing and content marketing, and speed optimization, there is a lot more to SEO. So, you will always need the help of an experienced expert.


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White Label Local SEO



At Destiny Marketing Solutions we provide white-label local SEO that helps you grow your agency. 


Needless to say, local SEO is a trending topic on the internet marketing scene right now. As a matter of fact, Think with Google says that “near me” mobile searches have increased a whopping 500% since 2016.


Shouldn’t that be the reason for you to scale your business today with our white-label local SEO services?


Did you know that roughly 78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases? This shows that users rely on local search and is one of the reasons why more and more businesses are investing aggressively in local SEO.


There is a huge opportunity for you to offer high-quality white-label local SEO services to your clients, have some great local SEO packages, and outsource your local white-label SEO services to agencies like Destiny Marketing Solutions. We are the best SEO resellers and have been providing SEO white-label services for years. Our reseller SEO services for our clients are fairly priced. 


We enable you to offer white-label local SEO services to your clients and be set to rake in lucrative profits by investing minimal resources.


Read below to learn how you can scale your business with us!


What Is White-Label Local SEO?


 white label local seo - Destiny Marketing Solutions


SEO service providers sell local SEO directly to clients. However, one agency can hire another – a white-label local SEO company – to provide local SEO service to its clients. At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we offer data-driven and result-oriented white-label local SEO services at market-competitive rates.


Why Choose Our White-Label Services?


 white - Destiny Marketing Solutions


Undoubtedly, the local market is getting more competitive by the day. It is extremely difficult to beat local vendors who are utilizing every opportunity to keep their business on top. Because of this, there has been an increase in the demand for local SEO services.


Without having a team dedicated to SEO, you can reach out to potential prospects and offer them local SEO packages. After you close the client, you can outsource the work to a white-label local SEO service provider like us. We will fulfill your client’s requirements. Contact us today for more details. 


Here is how our white-label local SEO services can help your clients: 


Local Online Presence


Local SEO isn’t just about ranking on top of the search engines. It is about establishing a solid brand presence online. Our white-label local SEO service packages offer reliable branding and you can resell our packages to your clients, helping them build their local online presence.


Laser-Targeted Traffic


seo resellers - Destiny Marketing Solutions

Destiny Marketing Solutions white-label SEO will help your clients get laser-targeted traffic to their websites and bring in more leads and conversions. Our white-label packages target the right keywords that your client wants to rank for, build relevant content around those keywords, secure high quality links, and drive relevant traffic to their website.


Generating Qualified Leads

Bringing in leads and prospects and making the phone ring is not a big deal. Your clients need leads that actually show interest in their services and become qualified leads. To do this, your client needs to have solid online reputation management in place. Past customer reviews, business information, business listings, and first page rankings are all part of our white-label local SEO and they help in generating qualified leads.


First Page Rankings


 label - Destiny Marketing Solutions


Although we never make any promises or offer guarantees of first page rankings, we strive to rank your client on top of search results and Google local results. Our white-label SEO services will help to optimize your client’s business in a way that it ranks high for the target queries. A whopping 92% of searchers will prefer the business listing that appears on the first page of the local search results. To make sure that your client’s business gets ranked, we have a solid content strategy in place, in addition to quality link building practices, citation building, on-page and off-page optimization and much more.


Brand Authority & Trust

When it comes to building a brand’s authority and trust, you don’t just have to do it for the customers or the visitors landing on your client’s business website. It is as important for the search engines as it is for the users. The visitors will consider your client’s business as authoritative and trustworthy if it has good rankings, great reviews, and a nice-looking website. However, they also have to build their authority in the eyes of search engines and to do that, it is crucial that you follow ethical local SEO practices for your clients and get them ranked. Contact us today for more details.


In-Depth Website Audit


It may seem surprising that an in-depth website audit is part of a local SEO package. However, it remains one of the most important aspects of white-label local SEO, as it helps to optimize websites better for user experience and rankings. At Destiny Marketing Solutions, our website audit not only uncovers the mistakes and shortcomings on your client’s website, but also ensures that the website is perfectly optimized to get better organic rankings. We check for duplicate content, search engine penalties, spam content, NAP details, site speed and structured data, meta title, meta descriptions, meta tags, and much more.

On-Page Optimization

Our on-page optimization helps to optimize web pages in a way that helps to justify the business’s relevance for the local audience. Our full-service digital marketing services are specially tailored to meet the on-page optimization needs of different types of businesses. We don’t follow a premade SOP. Instead, we focus on analyzing the needs of your client’s business and then craft a solid on-page strategy that helps to rank their website high on search engine results. Our professional and experienced SEO team will analyze the meta title, meta description, meta tags, content type, headings, categories, keyword research, social media, internal linking, site structure, and user-interface of your client’s website.


Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization is equally as important as on-page as it plays a major role in boosting search engine rankings. For most people and inexperienced digital marketing agencies, off-page is just about building backlinks. In reality, it is much more than that! When we implement our off-page optimization strategies, we not only focus on backlinks but also brand citations, mobile responsiveness, user-experience, and the SSL certificate. We also take care of the anchor text ratio and ensure that whatever off-page techniques we use strictly follow ethical principles.


Content Creation

Needless to say, content has always remained the key to ranking on top in search engines for local searches. Content helps to solve the various problems with local SEO related to business information and customer’s queries. We also market the content on social media. Our white-label local SEO content strategy focuses on:


Web Page Content


Here we analyze the home page, contact page, services pages, and about us page content.


Business NAP Details


The name, address, phone number, website URL, map location, and all other relevant information that is associated with your client’s NAP.


Customer Reviews & Testimonials


One of the most important parts of building a brand’s online presence and reputation is gaining the trust of the potential prospects. We will do this by showcasing the customer reviews and testimonials not only on your client’s website but also on their business listings.


Blog Posts

 seo whilelabel - Destiny Marketing Solutions


To keep the website updated, our content team will, from time to time, publish informational blog posts. We will also promote it on different platforms to gain more traction, resulting in more leads.


Infographics & Videos


Content isn’t only about text and words. Our digital marketing agency also focuses on graphics and video-based content. We will help to capture attention for your client’s business and boost the number of shares it gets.


Managing Reviews


Do you know that 94% of new customers will read written reviews before they decide to work with an online business?


That being said, we understand the importance of customer reviews. We will work together with you to get your client’s customers to write genuine reviews on different platforms.


Even if their business has negative reviews, we will respond to them professionally and honestly, addressing their problem and pain-points.


If your client doesn’t have any five-star ratings, we will still try to help them achieve a four-star rating for their business and collect as many reviews as possible.


Benefits of Working with Destiny Marketing Solutions


When you decide to work with us, we promise to take full care of your white-label local SEO campaign. We want to make it a win-win situation for your client, your company and our agency. Your job is to bring business to the table and we promise that we will deliver results.


With our white-label SEO services, not only will you be able to deliver results for your clients, you will also be able to scale your business. 


Here are some of the benefits you will gain when you sign up for our white-label SEO services:


More Focus on Increasing Your Clientele


One of the best things about working with our digital marketing agency is that you can focus on business development and acquiring more clients. Once you hand over a project to us, you will never have to worry about any of the technical details related to local SEO. Your only priority will be to manage your clients and find more of them.


You Save Resources


High-quality local SEO demands extensive resources. However, you are outsourcing your local SEO projects to our internet marketing agency, which means you don’t have to worry about gathering the required resources. This also means that you will not deal with paying bills, subscriptions, human resource management, managing a team, and much more.


Build Your Professional Portfolio


whire label seo -  Destiny Marketing Solutions


Once we get results and you get a nice review from your client, you can then build your professional portfolio to showcase the success stories of your existing clients to attract more. To keep our clients happy, we make sure that your clients are happy with the results that we deliver.


We Are Your Local SEO Experts


 local - Destiny Marketing Solutions


Leveraging local SEO experts to master the first page of Google with us has never been easier.


Our goal is not just to put your client’s website on the first page of Google, but also to put it in front of their target audience so that they get quality leads.


Our SEO team has years of industry experience and expertise. They will deliver value-added services as professional local SEO consultants.


The methodologies we use in our local SEO strategies differ depending on the individual campaigns we work on. We don’t stick to an SOP for SEO. We understand that every business has specific requirements for getting ranked on Google.


Being experts in handling local business SEO services, we know all the ins and outs of website audits, smart project management, and campaign fulfillment.


Expand Your Digital Marketing Arsenal


At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we have an extensive collection of resources and marketing that will skyrocket your business. We will not only provide you with our digital marketing arsenal to rank your client’s website, but also explain what you need to expand your knowledge and grow your business.


Besides that, our focus has always been on more than ranking websites. We also make the sales process easier for you. Our agency knows the importance of a great proposal and how critical it is to the success of your pitch. Our marketing team will make it easier for you. 


We will provide you with a fully-customized and well-written local SEO proposal that you can use to close clients. It covers all the questions that your prospects will have. Contact us today for more details. We are your go-to SEO reseller for your clients.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is local SEO?



Local SEO is the process of ranking a local business’s website via geo-targeted keywords, localized content, citation building, and claiming local business listings. It is an effective strategy that ramps up the leads for local businesses and results in more clients for them.


How does local SEO work?



Local SEO helps the website to be visible not only to search engines, but also to the customers in that specific geographical area. When done right, the business appears on top of the local search results for the most relevant search queries. This usually happens when the search engines pull business information from various sources like online directories, news websites, blogs, local forums, and review websites.


How long before my client sees an improvement in their rankings?


Over the years, SEO has changed a lot. Gone are the days when you could stuff your web page with keywords and get ranked the next day. Now, it takes anywhere between one and three months to see some positive ranking movement. Moreover, for your client to attain first page rankings on Google and other search engines, the usual time frame is four to six months on average and up to eight months on highly-competitive markets.


Do you work on a contract basis?


Yes! We believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients. We are confident in the quality and reliability of our services. We know that your clients will want to continue business with you thanks to our work. Ultimately, we know that you will want to continue working with us for a long time. 


Is our local SEO package right for you?


Our white-label local SEO packages are perfect for small marketing agencies who are working with small business enterprises focusing on getting their website ranked. We have different packages to choose from, and each has been tailored to certain business needs. You can head over to our service page for more details or give us a call today.


Get Started Today!


Working with Destiny Marketing Solutions will give you a head start. Our white-label services are simply a win-win situation for everyone. You close a client, sign up for our services, and we take care of your client’s business.


All you need to do is get all the details of your client’s requirements, pitch them with a suitable SEO package, and close the deal.


Feel free to reach out to our team by giving us a call.


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Magento SEO Agency


We drive laser-targeted leads to your Magento store and produce more sales for your online business. We are the best SEO company for Magento.


Destiny Marketing Solutions is a leader in eCommerce SEO and we specialize in Magento SEO. We have worked with Magento search engine optimization clients and have helped them grow and scale their business. 


Our goal is to help achieve the same for you, make your marketing campaign a success, drive more traffic to your Magento store, capture laser-targeted leads, boost your conversions, and ultimately grow your overall revenue. 


Contact us today to discuss the details of your Magento SEO project. 


Interested in Shopify SEO? Visit our SEO for Shopify websites page here.


What Is Magento?


magento seo agency - Destiny Marketing Solutions


Magento is an extremely powerful, popular, and reliable content management system (CMS). Its extensions can patch almost all of the technical issues and enable advanced schema/structured data. Not only does it help to rank better, but it also makes your listing attract more attention from search engines. 


When you work with our Magento SEO experts, you will realize a significant increase in your overall sales. This is because we conduct a deep analysis of the products or services that you offer and also identify your target audience, which helps us to better optimize your SEO campaign. 


Our SEO and Magento experts also put together the best combination of on-page and off-page efforts. As a result of our efforts, our clients experience a significant increase in their overall sales and revenue within their very first year of working with our SEO agency. 


How Does Magento SEO Work? 


Magento - Destiny Marketing Solutions


In general, Magento websites have an unfair advantage when it comes to their search engine optimization capacities. Magento sites naturally come with the features and programming that is necessary to attract high-quality and targeted traffic from search engines. 


Our agency has worked on multiple Magento site projects and helped clients drive more traffic to their products and services. 


When we work on your Magento site, we will make sure that the settings are aligned to offer a favorable interaction between your website and search engine algorithms. We will also ensure that your domain settings are properly aligned with your keyword and revenue objectives. 


We will also optimize your website’s design and content to maximize SEO results. Our team of experts focuses on things like header settings, title tags, meta tags, meta descriptions, and various other factors that come to play. Furthermore, we will optimize your Magento website categories and products for driving maximum results. Since we have a full team of Magento experts at our digital marketing agency, we will also address any potential coding improvements and other technical issues that might be a hindrance to ranking your website in Google. Contact us today for a free quote. 


We Can Handle Large Product Volumes


Doing SEO for a large Magento website is not a problem for our agency. Our experts have a solid background in doing SEO for small- and large-scale companies. 


We have managed large product volumes and successfully ranked some of the most complex eCommerce websites within a year. 


We have a solid background in doing SEO for large product volumes and our experts know how to create campaigns that will outperform paid efforts. 


Magento SEO by Destiny Marketing Solutions


Agency - Destiny Marketing Solutions


It is important that the design and content of your website are best optimized for maximizing SEO results. Here is how our Magento search engine optimization services will help you achieve it: 


Detailed Website Audit


Before we begin researching keywords, improving page speed, or revamping product categories, our agency always audits the current condition of your website. Sometimes, an initial audit can help to highlight the core problems with your Magento website that might be affecting its performance or become a hindrance to your SEO campaign. Call us today! We are here to help you with our 10+ years of experience.


Here is how our comprehensive audit gives you a head start: 


  • Domain: One of the most critical elements of SEO that Google and other search engines consider is how they are going to crawl and index your domain. These search engines crawl and index the WWW or non-WWW versions of your website, and the same also applies to HTTP or HTTPS versions. Otherwise, search engines will index multiple versions of your website. Our initial technical audit will closely look and fix any potential errors that are associated with your domain’s configuration and web settings.
  • Structured Data: Another very crucial factor that we assess on your website is the use of structured data. This includes product reviews, social media links, and product listings. With the help of structured data, search engines get more information, which they provide to the users. Our in-depth audit will check the status of your structured data via Google’s free testing tool.
  • Content Duplicity: One of the most common and frequent problems associated with Magento SEO is duplicate content. Our experts will assess your website to fix any duplicate content issues associated with your Magento website and resolve it ASAP. Call us today!
  • Sitemap: Sitemaps help to optimize and maximize the technical side of your SEO strategy. This is made possible with XML sitemaps. Search engine crawlers will reference your website’s sitemap whenever they explore your website. This helps them to find all the webpages. We will ensure that your Magento site has a sitemap with all your web pages listed there so that it can be submitted to Google for indexing and crawling.
  • Title Tags: Reviewing title tags is another crucial part of Magento search engine optimization. The title tags appear in search results and encourage the users to click on your website. These tags have to be relevant and keyword-optimized while being unique at the same time.
  • Meta Descriptions: A meta description is the short excerpt that you see under a website’s URL whenever you search for something on Google. Although they don’t influence your rankings too much, they persuade users to click on your listing in the search results and improve your overall CRO. Moreover, meta descriptions also provide additional information about your web page or product to the users.
  • Page Speed: If you have a slow page speed, you will never be able to outrank a website that has a high page speed or better page speed than yours. We use Google’s PageSpeed Insights and several other tools to assess the page speed of your website and then optimize it. On average, the load time for eCommerce websites is usually 10 seconds. However, you would want better speed than that as most users expect the website to load within three seconds or less. Contact us today or call us to discuss the details of your project. 


With the help of our initial technical audit process, we will be able to gather a lot of useful information that will allow us to improve your website’s performance right from the beginning of its SEO campaign. 


We will also put together a comprehensive document that highlights all the details of our audit process. 


Keyword Research


SEO agency - Destiny Marketing Solutions


Although Magento SEO isn’t any different than any other, a well-researched keyword strategy is extremely important to drive customers to your website. Our digital marketing agency will conduct in-depth keyword research that is strategically mapped around your main products and services. This way, we will be able to drive laser-targeted visitors to your Magento website that will boost your sales and conversions. 


Our experts use various online tools to find the most relevant and profitable keywords for your Magento store. When finding new keywords, we look at various factors such as search volume, competition, CPC, top-ranking websites, and much more. 


In-Depth Analysis


Our agency’s in-depth analysis is like no other and this is what makes us stand out from our competitors. The ability to track tactics, campaigns, and programs that are most effective for your SEO campaign will give you a competitive advantage and rank you higher in SERPs. Our in-depth metrics and analytics will provide you with detailed information that you need at your fingertips. High-quality information delivered to you by our experts will lead to good decisions that will ensure your success. 


We will also investigate your competitors and create a list of their websites to analyze and compare with yours. We will identify which keywords they are targeting and which websites are redirecting shoppers to them. 


Although we always focus on developing an original and unique SEO strategy for our clients, reverse engineering your competitors is also important and it can save us a lot of time. Sometimes the decisions your competitors take can influence your business. 


Content Creation


To be able to engage your target audience, you need high-quality and engaging content on your website. Even if you are selling products or services, you need to constantly publish content that engages your audience. At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we have a full team of content writers who are ready to pump out top-notch content to your website and boost your online reputation. We will also help you with content marketing on various social media platforms to gain traffic from different channels and boost your overall sales and conversions. 


Link Building


SEO company - Destiny Marketing Solutions.


Link building remains one of the top-ranking factors of the Google algorithm and it cannot be ignored. Acquiring relevant and high-authority backlinks is a big challenge for any agency, but for ours, it is like a game that we love to play. Over the years, we have honed several connections that allow us to build high-quality and relevant backlinks for our clients to effectively improve their SEO rankings. We have got you covered for link building. 


Revamping Product Categories 


Contact us - Destiny Marketing Solutions.


Once the competitor analysis, keyword research, and technical website audit is complete, we will revise your product categories. This is a crucial step in Magento SEO.

 This step is crucial both for your users and also search engines. 


When we optimize your product pages, here is what we focus on: 


  • Name: We will create a descriptive and concise product category name. For example, if you are selling work shoes, you want to create categories for construction boots, military boots, safety boots, etc.
  • Description: Descriptive product descriptions are extremely important as they are informative and helpful for your users. These descriptions should contain keywords that target your product category. We will make sure that we optimize your product description for each category.
  • Title Tag: Title tags are supposed to be 60 characters or less. While we generate title tags for your products, we will also ensure that they are within that range and also focus your primary keywords.



  • Meta Description: For individual products, we will brainstorm the perfect meta description that is 160 characters or less. As mentioned earlier, meta descriptions don’t add anything to Google rankings, but they do provide useful information to your visitors about the information they are about to see on the product page.


Google Analytics




If you are getting traffic on your website and you are not monitoring it, then you are probably missing out on potential leads or weak areas on your Magento website. One part of our SEO services includes adding a Google Analytics code to your online store. 


This allows us to monitor your SEO strategy and user behavior. We will closely track the performance of your website and its pages on a routine basis. Moreover, the user data we collect will help us to optimize your website for maximizing sales and conversions by further improving it. 


Top-Notch Support


We are always available to answer all your questions. When you work with us, you will have a dedicated project manager whom you will have access to for any kind of questions. No matter what type of Magento SEO or eCommerce needs you have, our digital agency will answer them for you via email, over a phone call, or even during our monthly sessions. We always make sure that we answer our client’s questions and queries ASAP. 


You don’t have to spend a fortune on Magento SEO. Let us help you develop a preliminary budget and give you the roadmap to more sales and business growth. Give us a call today or reach out to us via email. As SEO experts, we are here to help you with our 10+ years of experience.


High-Precision Magento SEO


At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we know how to create high precision SEO campaigns that will outperform paid efforts and help you dominate the search results. Here’s what’s included:


Project Analysis


Destiny Marketing Solutions digs in deep into all the aspects of your SEO campaign and ensures you follow the right approach to guarantee better results;


Competitor Analysis


We will analyze your top competitors to understand their SEO performance, how they ranked higher on SERPs and then reverse engineer them to give you a competitive advantage in less time;



At DMS, we have top-notch SEO experts who will make the necessary on-page changes to your Magento product listings to ensure maximum search visibility;



Our team puts in the hard work and effort to build a strong off-page profile for your website. We will acquire high-quality backlinks, improve your page’s value to search engines and grab every high-authority backlink opportunity;


Product Reviews

Product review play a crucial part in showcasing a positive perception about your brand in the eyes of your potential customers and also search engines; and




We continuously re-assess your SEO campaign from time to time to ensure that we make all the necessary changes that are required to keep your website ranking higher in the search engines.


Our Magento SEO agency will help to enhance the SEO campaign dramatically. Not to mention that Magento websites are quite different from other websites on the internet, and for the survival of your e-commerce company, you must depend on SEO. For that you must have the right digital marketing strategy that you can easily deploy and rely on.


Search engines help a lot in driving sales and traffic to your website. When you work with us, we will start by researching your industry and your potential competitors. We will do our best to better understand your audience, your business and what motivates your end readers to make a buying decision.


Our agency has built this experience based on years of working in SEO. Moreover, we also fine-tune your campaign by drilling down what it really means to have a perfectly optimized Magento e-commerce website. Undoubtedly, Magento SEO demands a different approach and this is what makes us stand out from others.


Your website setup is often the first part of the long-term process. You must have a long-term plan in order to be successful with your SEO in the future. This is where we are the strongest and can help you. 

Realize a Significant Increase in Sales


Our Magento experts produce results that will boost your conversions and sales. We customize each campaign for our clients that includes an in-depth look at the products they offer and the type of audience they are targeting. Moreover, we also analyze their current efforts to determine the best way to bring together a combination of on-page and off-page efforts. This way, our clients see results within the first six months and significant results within the first year. 

Furthermore, our powerful Magento SEO campaigns help businesses reduce and replace their advertising costs while achieving the same or even better results. Our SEO campaigns can even replace your entire PPC efforts, which will help to significantly reduce your reliance on paid search and online advertising campaigns. 


This is all because we focus on an extremely powerful and reliable keyword selection process, conversion rates, and ensuring that you reach your target audience without ever spending a dime on Google Adwords again. 


We Can Drive Your Sales Through the Roof


What makes our SEO experts stand out is their years of experience in building successful organic campaigns that not only help to increase traffic, but also cost a fraction of what paid campaigns cost in the long-term. 


Allow our experts to build an SEO campaign with your own Magento store and unleash the true potential of organic search.


Common Magento eCommerce SEO Issues


SEO Destiny Marketing Solutions


There are several common issues that we have experienced when we worked for Magento eCommerce websites. One common issue is duplicate content due to Magento’s structure and management of product categories. 


Another issue is Magento pagination that often results in duplicate page titles, and potentially a poorly structured or entirely missing Magento sitemap.


These issues can result in page ranking confusion to search engines and a Google penalty for having duplicate content on your website. 


Our experts will develop a strategy to address these common issues that the Magento eCommerce owners experience. If you are facing problems with your Magento site’s SEO, you can contact us today and allow us to discover the root cause of your website’s problems. 


Our Magento SEO Fundamentals


Magento SEO services - Destiny Marketing Solutions


On-Page Content


Even if you have a small Magento store, you still will have pages upon pages of product listings. This makes it a bit trickier to maintain a consistent SEO strategy. Our agency makes sure to optimize your eCommerce product categories and descriptions, which helps to improve your overall rankings and target keyword position in the SERPs.


Internal Linking


Internal linking to relevant internal pages is extremely important. It helps the users navigate your website easily and reduce the bounce rate. We will run a comprehensive audit and optimize the internal link structure. Moreover, our experts will enhance your page authority and site usability and increase overall keyword rankings. 


Metadata Optimization


Oftentimes, Magento store owners miss out on snippets of code, which present your site’s content to search engines to be undervalued in Magento’s SEO strategies. Our SEO experts will make sure to optimize your meta titles, descriptions, and image alts and work on other metadata optimization to improve the overall page relevance for the targeted keywords.


Webmaster Tools


Search engine - Destiny Marketing Solutions


An essential tool used during your SEO campaign will be Google Webmaster Tools. It helps to track the site’s performance and optimize its visibility. We will review and optimize your Webmaster configuration for you. 


Magento File Audits


Oftentimes, a missing page on your Magento website could be the reason you are wasting a lot of valuable traffic. It can also ruin your site’s user experience. We will audit your Magento site’s robots.txt and Magento.htaccess files, clean up the data, make necessary changes to the missing pages, and prevent them from costing you sales.


Magento Site Structure


Magento SEO - Destiny Marketing Solutions


A critical aspect of optimizing your pages is to improve the structure and architecture of your Magento site. Our team will implement canonical linking to prioritize preferred pages to avoid any duplicate content on your website. 


Why Choose Us? 


Experienced Professionals


At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we have top experts, copywriters, content writers, developers, and designers who are skilled professionals and have years of experience that enable them to deal with all kinds of challenges.


Results-Oriented Agency


Unlike other SEO agencies, we are a result-oriented company with a solid track record of happy clients. We highly value your time and money and pay relentless attention to results. No matter how difficult or challenging your long-term goals may be, we always strive to meet them. 


24/7 Support


Once we onboard your Magento SEO project, we will be available 24/7 for any kind of technical support. A project manager will be assigned to you who will be available to answer your questions and queries regarding your Magento project. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Magento SEO? 


Magento SEO is the process of improving search engine visibility of a Magento-based eCommerce website to rank your store higher when people are searching for products online. 


Do you need Magento SEO services? 


SEO in Magento - Destiny Marketing Solutions


Roughly 81% of people search online before making a buying decision. If you are not ranking on the first page, you are losing a lot of sales and conversions. Our Magento SEO services will help you target your prospects and convert them into long-term customers. 


How do we offer our Magento SEO services?


serach engines - Destiny Marketing Solutions


Destiny Marketing Solutions is a leading SEO company that follows the latest, best, and ethical SEO practices. Our team of experts will conduct detailed and smart keyword research, build high-quality backlinks, and execute the latest SEO techniques to implement a successful Magento SEO campaign. 


Magento 1 vs. Magento 2?


Magento ecommerce SEO - Destiny Marketing Solutions


The major difference between Magento 1 and Magento 2 is that Magento 2 is more SEO-friendly, user-friendly, and faster than Magento 1. Magento 2 also supports PHP and takes more orders per hour. Our team can manage SEO for both versions of Magento.


Our Promise to You


Optimizing your eCommerce store is a considerably more complicated process compared to optimizing other websites. This is because we have to work on a multitude of product listings that are live on the website. 


Being an experienced and well-recognized SEO company, we are consistently adapting and updating our strategies to adhere to the best practices. Our best work strategies will significantly help to increase organic traffic to your store and ultimately boost your sales and conversions. 


Discuss Your Magento SEO Project With Us



Finding the best Magento SEO Company that you can trust is a daunting task. You don’t want to place your precious website in the wrong hands. That is why we are here to help you with our 10+ years of experience. 


We encourage you to give us a call today to discuss the details of your Magento project with our experienced team of Magento SEO experts and get a free, no-obligation quote. Get your SEO Magento project in the hands of the best team who will work day in-and-out to make your campaign a success. 


As a professional SEO Magento and eCommerce SEO audit provider, we will provide you with a free quote for on-hand, practical experience of your affordable eCommerce SEO plan. 


Look no further than Destiny Marketing Solutions for your SEO in Magento projects. We are one of the best search engine rankings SEO companies. 


Request a free quote from our experts today for the best eCommerce optimization services for your Magento website. We have made our clients a success and we can’t wait to make you our next one.


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Online Education Marketing Company

Grow Your Online Education Business with Our Digital Marketing Agency



Destiny Marketing Solutions helps both established and new online education platforms improve their marketing through our strategically designed marketing strategies that keep enrollments strong. 


Nowadays, more and more people are pursuing their education online and this makes it crucial for your online education institution to be visible and found by your potential students. 


We can strengthen your education SEO to enhance the prestige of your company while helping you find more students. Our comprehensive and top-notch educational marketing strategies will ensure that your online education platform has all the key components for a successful digital marketing campaign. 


Whether you need our marketing services for higher education or any other sector of the education industry, we will help you achieve your goals and smartly budget your campaign to create an actionable plan.


Digital Marketing Strategies for Education


online education marketing- Destiny Marketing Solutions


For universities, colleges, and schools that are looking for prospective students, education marketing is crucial. It helps to differentiate one particular institution from another, and it also helps to get the word out about the benefits of enrolling in a particular school. 


Moreover, online education marketing will allow you to highlight your staff, programs, awards, curriculum, and much more to your target audience. This will draw the attention of new students and eventually expand your overall revenue. 


Above all, we are living in a world that has more opportunities and options than ever, and this makes it extremely important for the education industry to focus on online marketing strategies and get noticed by their target audience. 


When you work with our digital agency, you can rest assured that we will raise the prestige of your educational institution and find you more students. We have a full team of experts to map out important components that ensure a successful online campaign. 


Our digital marketing agency can help:

  • Private, elementary, and high schools
  • College and universities
  • Online institutions providing online learning and online classes


Relevant Promotion That Rewards Your Online Institution


online - Destiny Marketing Solutions


Online education is undoubtedly amongst the most competitive and challenging spaces and requires extensive experience, a smart approach, a bunch of resources, and a full team of experts  working in harmony to connect the dots and face challenges.


Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we hate to sell our clients smoke and mirrors. Our claims are backed by successful digital marketing campaigns that have helped our clients grow their business dramatically. 


The strategies we use are not only compelling but effective as well. We take pride in the knowledge, integrity, and quality services that we deliver to our clients which help them achieve their goals. We always meet all the deadlines and submit timely updates and monthly reports to our clients. We also provide them with in-depth insights about their target audience so that they can gain a competitive advantage. 


Our Services for Online Education Companies 


marketing - Destiny Marketing Solutions


As an online marketing company, our goal is always to boost your revenue and grow your student base. Here is an overview of our services: 




A good and healthy marketing campaign is always backed by quality branding. We develop a strong message for your online education business and make it clear to your audience. This helps to establish cohesive and memorable branding. Our professional agency will nail your branding to create powerful results for you.


Digital Marketing


Because everyone is driven by technology nowadays, you need a strong online presence. When you work with our education marketing company, we will get your education business to use its current resources to its advantage. Our team focuses on various elements of your website like design, SEO and PPC, email marketing, content creation, content marketing, lead generation, and many other aspects to gain better online visibility


Education SEO


As a full-service agency, we are always focused on building a strong online presence for your education business. To be able to become the number one educational institution, hitting the first page of Google and other search engines is extremely important. Our local SEO, PPC, and link building campaigns will help you achieve this. Moreover, we always remain up-to-date with the latest search engine changes to ensure that your website’s SEO profile remains strong.


Social Media Marketing


digital marketing - Destiny Marketing Solutions


Whether you are a school that is focused on higher education, an educational publisher, or involved in any other aspect of the education industry, a social media presence is a must as it helps a lot in increasing your market share. It is also a key aspect of any educational marketing plan. Our agency will build strong social media profiles and content for your business on various platforms that include Facebook and Twitter. By strengthening your social platforms, we will strengthen your overall marketing campaign, increase your exposure, and ultimately bring in potential students.


Website Design


Your website design is equally as important when it comes to making your marketing campaign a success. Our web design team will work with you to build a strong business brand with proactive marketing that helps to drastically increase your search engine rankings while helping you improve your overall website design. Strong design will impress your visitors and make it easier for them to navigate your website. Together, we will help you create an outstanding website that will attract more customers to your educational institution. 


The beauty of working with Destiny Marketing Solutions is that you will gain professional support in those areas that otherwise would not have been addressed promptly. We are a results-driven marketing company that helps educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities focus on providing a better educational experience to their students while we manage the marketing side of their business.


To learn more about how our branding and marketing services will help you grow your education business, give us a call today for a free quote. 


 Online Education Marketing FAQs


online marketing - Destiny Marketing Solutions.


What makes our online education marketing agency different?


One thing that really makes us stand out from other marketing agencies is that we always develop a customized marketing plan for our clients. We do not sell or follow premade plans. Our individualized strategies are based on digital marketing trends and your business plans and goals to help you grow at a faster pace than your competitors. 


How do you do marketing in education?



Like we mentioned above, we use multiple tactics and strategies to implement our marketing plans for different types of educational institutions. This includes SEO, PPC, SMM, SEM, ORM, and much more. 


 Is online education growing?


With the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the worldwide lockdowns being enforced, there is a rapid increase in online education. All schools, colleges, and universities are now focusing on online education more than ever before. Not only that, in the near future, people will have busier lives and they will prefer online education rather than being physically present in a classroom. 


How do I advertise my education program and online courses?


When it comes to advertising your online program and online courses, we make use of various marketing tactics to help you advertise your programs and get the word out to our target audience easily. 


How are digital marketing strategies for educational institutions different from those for traditional businesses?



Doing marketing for normal businesses has three simple steps: making a sale, acquiring an email address, and enhancing brand awareness. However, with educational companies, things are a bit different. An online education business has different demands that require customized and nuanced digital campaigns. Moreover, as you grow, new products, content, and services will require more customization to the existing campaign. This is what makes digital marketing different for educational institutions. 


What are some of the best online education channels?


There is no obvious answer to this question as it depends on the goals of your education company. For instance, if you are a B2B company, you may prefer a platform like LinkedIn or even use PPC advertising. However, if you are a B2C, then you will be focused on building brand awareness and finding new customers on platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. When you work with our agency, we will ensure that we connect you to the right platforms based on your unique goals. 


How much money do you have to spend?


There is no exact answer to this question as there is no one-size-fits all concept here. Your budget or the amount you will be spending entirely depends on the unique demands of your business, its size, where it currently stands, the competitors, products, services, and many other factors. We can only tell you exact figures once we discuss project details with you during our phone call. 


Ready To Work With Us?


With Destiny Marketing Solutions and its top-notch state of the art services on your side, your education company, school, or college will rank higher in Google and other search engines. 


We will help to increase your online presence, rank you higher, boost your social media presence, and dramatically improve your brand so that you are a recognized name in the industry. 


Contact us today, and get a free, no-obligation quote for your campaign.


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Cybersecurity Marketing Agency


Destiny Marketing Solutions is a leader in cybersecurity marketing and we provide marketing solutions to cybersecurity companies to help them grow at a scale.


Do you know that the cybersecurity industry is projected to grow to a whopping $231 billion by 2023? The main supporting factors for such massive growth are artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, IoT, and cloud computing.


As a cybersecurity company owner, you must understand the importance of marketing strategies and how they can help you find your target audience. Some of the most successful cybersecurity companies are laser-focused on addressing their specific target audiences and this is the reason they have been able to grow by leaps and bounds.


Your cybersecurity company’s PR, social media, web content, and digital ad creative strategy need to have a unified image, reflect your brand, and differentiate it so that it stands out in your target market.


But how do you make sure that your marketing efforts attract the right audience? Are you pouring in all those dollars and getting nothing in return?


We help cybersecurity businesses of all sizes build a strong marketing strategy that turns them into powerful, creative, and award-winning operations. Our marketing strategies are designed to fuel the growth of your cybersecurity company.


Take Your Cybersecurity Company to the Next Level with Our Services


cybersecurity marketing agency - destiny marketing solutions


Every world-class cybersecurity business has three things in common: they are predictable, have scalable revenue and strong long-term marketing campaigns that put them ahead of their competition.


Our cybersecurity marketing agency is focused on creating high performing sales organizations with the help of our top-notch talent and services, team of experts, and extensive experience in the cyber industry.


Our core focus has always been on developing a strong brand presence while focusing on your inbound marketing, blogging, CRO, social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, marketing automation, sales development, and your website design


We Strive for Results in the Fast-Paced Cybersecurity Marketing Space


cybersecurity - destiny marketing solutions


Cybersecurity is a space where speed-to-market can make a world of difference. More and more cyber companies are outsourcing their marketing campaigns to cybersecurity marketing agencies as it helps to boost their productivity and growth.


When you hire our marketing agency services for your cybersecurity company, you can rest assured that you will benefit from our expertise and understanding of the cybersecurity landscape. Not only that, you will also gain access to our world-class team of experts who specialize in key functional areas of marketing.


Our team always takes the time to deeply understand your cybersecurity product and its unique proposition. Our proven and data-driven results, development, and implementation process helps your company to quickly get on track with its marketing campaign and have that competitive advantage to become successful.


Cybersecurity Marketing Services


marketing agency - destiny marketing solutions


Over the past decade, the cybersecurity market has grown 35 times and it still possesses an upward trend.


That also means you will have too much competition to face and if your marketing campaign doesn’t have a unique element in it, you may not stand out from your competitors.


By hiring our cybersecurity marketing agency, you will benefit from the expertise and the understanding of the cybersecurity landscape of our top experts. Our team is trained and structured to help deliver results in a short time period. We know what it takes to build a successful marketing strategy and how to implement it in a way that ensures results.


Our cybersecurity marketing campaigns are designed by integrating multiple marketing strategies and tactics. We don’t rely on just one or a few different marketing strategies as they only provide inadequate results.


Having worked for different cybersecurity companies, some of the most common struggles that we find these companies are facing include:


  • The inability to stay up-to-date with the latest cyber market trends;
  • Lack of creative and engaging content along with marketing and lead generation ideas;
  • Not addressing the full breadth of B2B marketing skill sets that are extremely important;
  • Not keeping up with drastically evolving technology, latest practices, and tools;
  • Not understanding the importance of information security; and
  • Not having the in-depth knowledge to develop valuable content for a cybersecurity audience.


Our digital marketing agency will find the perfect balance of activities to help you drive more sales. Oftentimes cybersecurity companies find themselves struggling with optimizing their marketing budget. We will help you with this as well by using best practices and market trends.


Our agency’s cybersecurity marketing experts will work with you to develop the perfect marketing strategy and plans to give you a roadmap to success.


We will help you with:


  • Launching a SaaS-based security tool with a user-focused plan;
  • Developing an entirely new and strong branding, messaging, and marketing plan that will give you a competitive advantage;
  • Launching a series of digital campaigns in order to drive new leads and re-engage your past customers; and
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest and most relevant market trends in your industry.


If you are interested in learning more about our cybersecurity marketing services, contact us today by calling or reach out to us via email.


Let Us Help You Make a Difference


right served - destiny marketing solutions


We are a full-service digital marketing agency with years of practical experience. We have helped our clients with their search engine optimization, content marketing, lead generation, and much more.


Our agency understands the threats a cybersecurity company has to address when it steps into this challenging industry. We know what type of audience to target and develop strong brand positioning, messaging, and lead generation programs to give you a competitive advantage. Finally, we know what it takes to manage the complex campaign of a cybersecurity company.


We aren’t just another digital marketing company, but a team of professionals. We have deep industry experience that helps new and existing cybersecurity companies grow their sales and boost their marketing efforts.


Allow us to differentiate you in your industry. Contact us today!


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