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WordPress SEO Services

Written by: Leonard Parker | Digital Marketing Services | August 5, 2020



The revenue you earn is directly proportional to your website’s rankings and the number of keywords that it ranks for. 


Put simply, SEO or search engine optimization will help your business to grow and Destiny Marketing Solutions will make sure that you outrank your competitors for your main terms. 


For the past several years, we have been focusing on WordPress SEO services that ensure higher rankings in the SERPs, bring in more traffic, and eventually results in increased sales for business owners. Our full team of SEO experts knows all the ins and outs of WordPress SEO and they have mastered the craft of ranking websites consistently. 


If you want us to develop a customized SEO plan for your website and give you the blueprint to business growth, contact us today. 


WordPress SEO Experts


Wordpress SEO Services - Destiny Marketing Solutions


What makes our SEO work unique is our tailored SEO strategy for each business based on its needs and goals. 


WordPress SEO isn’t something that can be transformed into a SOP and utilized for every type of online business. It has to be unique and customized based on the needs of each business. 


The way we do WordPress SEO not only ranks your website but also helps it to generate more revenue over time. Our extensive experience in optimizing WordPress websites and ranking them both for easy and competitive terms on Google and other search engines will give you a competitive advantage in your industry. 


We help you lay a solid foundation for your SEO campaign that not only saves you from Google penalties in the future, but also improves your rankings quickly. Our SEO tactics and strategies are ethical and effective and lead to long-lasting results. The techniques we use to rank and optimize your WordPress website are also encouraged by search engine developers. 


Why You Need WordPress SEO


The reason most businesses fail to establish a concrete digital presence is because they never focus on optimizing their websites both for Google and for their users. With WordPress being one of the most popular content management systems used by millions of business owners across the globe, WordPress SEO is something you need right now. 


As an industry leader, we will help you with your WordPress SEO service needs and make sure your business grows significantly within the first year of working together. 


WordPress SEO will help you outrank your competitors and be successful. Not only will you experience a significant increase in your online traffic, you will make more sales and rake in more revenue. 


If you need professional and efficient WordPress SEO services from top experts, then Destiny Marketing Solutions can help you with its distinctive set of SEO services that will bring targeted traffic to your website and take it to the top of SERPs. 


Contact us today or schedule your FREE, no-obligation strategy call with one of our experts for WordPress SEO services. 


SEO Services for WordPress


wordpress - Destiny Marketing Solutions


Our agency tailors its SEO services to your company’s unique needs and as per your requirements. We understand that every website and business is unique so we develop a custom WordPress SEO services proposal for each client. 


Here is a breakdown of what our services and processes look like: 


Keyword Research


Quality keyword research is perhaps the foundation of a solid SEO campaign. Based on the type of business you run and its goals, we will research highly profitable keywords to rank and optimize new and existing content around them. Our keyword research includes: 


  • Keywords for blog articles that are aimed at generating more clients, shares, and acquiring more backlinks
  • Keywords that will step your on-page to the next level
  • Extensive collaboration on the products, services, and your existing keywords
  • Finding keywords within your competition that are high in search volume and low in competition


Content Strategy 



With a list of profitable keywords, our team of WordPress SEO services experts will create perfectly optimized pages. We will help you create new layouts and enhance the existing ones to dramatically boost click-through rates by using your target keywords in the right places throughout the content. 


  • We will craft content that targets multiple keywords strategically
  • We will use keywords in the right places and in the right frequency to ensure we don’t over-optimize your page
  • Focus on improving the click through rate of your website by improving SEO titles, meta descriptions, rich snippets, FAQ rich snippets, publish dates, and much more
  • Apart from just articles, we will also focus on other content areas like social media content formatting, tables of content, and more


On-Page SEO



On-page SEO is extremely important for ranking your WordPress website on Google. Our on-page SEO fixes and techniques will help to fully optimize your website for maximum exposure. 


We not only focus on core items but every nitty-gritty detail that will help to boost your on-page and rank you quickly on SERPs. 


Apart from content optimization and fixing potential on-page errors, a crucial aspect of our on-page services is website speed optimization. Our experts will optimize your WordPress website to load in less than three seconds. 


We will provide you with before and after website speed and performance reports to give you an idea of what your website speed was and where it stands now with respect to several other businesses on the internet.


  • We will analyze the homepage and individual pages
  • Fix both the major and minor on-page SEO issues on your website
  • Improve the speed of your homepage and look out for any slow internal pages
  • Provide a before and after report after the fixes have been made


Building Backlinks



Backlinks still remain one of the top-ranking factors in Google algorithms. They lay the foundation of your SEO campaign and this makes it important to build high-quality and laser-targeted backlinks from relevant websites within your niche. Doing so will eventually result in better rankings and more traffic to your WordPress website. 


Our full-time SEO experts will lay out a full roadmap for backlink acquisition via different methods and strategies. They will reach out to other high-authority websites within your niche and look for guest post opportunities. 


By the end of our backlink acquisition campaign, your website will realize a significant boost in its domain authority and better rankings not only for the main queries but also for related phrases. 


If you are a local business owner, we will also build citations for your business. Citations are backlinks for local business owners that help them rank in their local area. For example, if you are a local roofing contractor or a dentist, we will build citations on high-authority platforms like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Yahoo, and much more. This helps you quickly rank better on SERPs in your local area search results. 


Speed Optimization


Speed optimization services are something you would rarely get from digital marketing agencies. However, we always keep a close eye on your website’s speed and monitor it at every step during your WordPress SEO campaign. 


Our agency uses different tools to monitor the page load speed of your site. Ideally, your site should load in less than three seconds, but we always try to achieve a website load-time score of less than one second. 


Your website taking too long to load up would be detrimental to your business. The majority of the users will bounce away from your website and Google will also devalue your site’s authority. 


We will analyze your WordPress website for low-speed issues, identify them and fix them quickly. We will: 


  • Install a cache plugin and set up CDN on your WordPress SEO -blog
  • Provide better hosting and server configuration, if required
  • Optimize your existing plugins, html scripts, and large image files that might be causing slow speed issues
  • Provide you with before/after reports to reflect the speed changes


Maps Optimization


Destiny Marketing Solutions has experience in local SEO as well. We can optimize your local search map listing and WordPress SEO with geo-targeted landing pages. 


It doesn’t matter if you have a single location or multiple, we will utilize your website, citations, and links to help you rank higher in maps and local results. 


Our Maps optimization includes: 


  • GMB set up and full optimization
  • Citation building in online directories for relevancy and better local rankings
  • Building geo-targeted landing pages to boost your local search engine rankings
  • Optimize your website for multiple locations


Google Search Console & Analytics



To analyze your WordPress website behavior on search engine results, we will set up Google Search Console for you. To analyze user behavior when they land on any of your website pages, we will set up Google Analytics as well. 


With Google Console, we will: 


  • Fix your website’s mobile accessibility issues
  • Find any security errors
  • See if the sitemap is indexed and look out for possible indexing issues
  • Fix any crawl errors and broken URLs
  • Analyze SEO metrics using search analytics
  • Analyze CTR and look for ways to improve it


Using Google Analytics, we will: 


  • Provide you with detailed reports about user behavior on your website
  • Tell you where your users are from, what their gender and age are, and much more
  • Provide you with detailed reports on how your users interact with your website’s content
  • Give you updates about the best and worst-performing content on your WordPress site
  • Segment the data such as location, age, gender language, mobile device, and much more
  • Set up customized reports based on any specific metrics that you want measured


Site Design


SEO - Destiny Marketing Solutions


WordPress SEO services are not just about technical stuff. Having a solid SEO campaign with a poor-looking site layout is the worst thing you can do. You only have a few seconds to earn your visitor’s trust and business. For that, your WordPress site design and message matter as much as the efficacy of your search engine optimization campaign. 


We help our clients improve their site design and provide a better user experience to their visitors. As a matter of fact, eye-catching websites tend to be more trustworthy and convert better. 


We conduct in-depth SEO audits to make sure we don't leave any loopholes.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is WordPress good for SEO? 


WordPress is in fact good for search engine optimization as it plays nice with Google. It has plenty of different themes and plugins that can help with advanced SEO optimization, is fast and mobile-friendly, secure, and provides the perfect content management system for SEO and building high-quality websites that make sure your site ranks higher in SERPs. 


Is Squarespace or WordPress better for SEO?


The fact that Squarespace has suffered for a long time makes it less SEO-friendly from a reputation perspective. Although you can still get some results with it, WordPress will always outperform Squarespace when it comes to ranking better on search engines. 


Can I do WordPress SEO myself?


No! Although WordPress has plenty of plugins that can help you with elementary SEO, it will be more difficult to implement the technical side of it. From backlinks, GMBs, social signals and social media marketing, content writing and content marketing, and speed optimization, there is a lot more to SEO. So, you will always need the help of an experienced expert.


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