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Written by: Leonard Parker | Digital Marketing Services | July 29, 2020

Grow Your Online Education Business with Our Digital Marketing Agency



Destiny Marketing Solutions helps both established and new online education platforms improve their marketing through our strategically designed marketing strategies that keep enrollments strong. 


Nowadays, more and more people are pursuing their education online and this makes it crucial for your online education institution to be visible and found by your potential students. 


We can strengthen your education SEO to enhance the prestige of your company while helping you find more students. Our comprehensive and top-notch educational marketing strategies will ensure that your online education platform has all the key components for a successful digital marketing campaign. 


Whether you need our marketing services for higher education or any other sector of the education industry, we will help you achieve your goals and smartly budget your campaign to create an actionable plan.


Digital Marketing Strategies for Education


online education marketing- Destiny Marketing Solutions


For universities, colleges, and schools that are looking for prospective students, education marketing is crucial. It helps to differentiate one particular institution from another, and it also helps to get the word out about the benefits of enrolling in a particular school. 


Moreover, online education marketing will allow you to highlight your staff, programs, awards, curriculum, and much more to your target audience. This will draw the attention of new students and eventually expand your overall revenue. 


Above all, we are living in a world that has more opportunities and options than ever, and this makes it extremely important for the education industry to focus on online marketing strategies and get noticed by their target audience. 


When you work with our digital agency, you can rest assured that we will raise the prestige of your educational institution and find you more students. We have a full team of experts to map out important components that ensure a successful online campaign. 


Our digital marketing agency can help:

  • Private, elementary, and high schools
  • College and universities
  • Online institutions providing online learning and online classes


Relevant Promotion That Rewards Your Online Institution


online - Destiny Marketing Solutions


Online education is undoubtedly amongst the most competitive and challenging spaces and requires extensive experience, a smart approach, a bunch of resources, and a full team of experts  working in harmony to connect the dots and face challenges.


Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we hate to sell our clients smoke and mirrors. Our claims are backed by successful digital marketing campaigns that have helped our clients grow their business dramatically. 


The strategies we use are not only compelling but effective as well. We take pride in the knowledge, integrity, and quality services that we deliver to our clients which help them achieve their goals. We always meet all the deadlines and submit timely updates and monthly reports to our clients. We also provide them with in-depth insights about their target audience so that they can gain a competitive advantage. 


Our Services for Online Education Companies 


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As an online marketing company, our goal is always to boost your revenue and grow your student base. Here is an overview of our services: 




A good and healthy marketing campaign is always backed by quality branding. We develop a strong message for your online education business and make it clear to your audience. This helps to establish cohesive and memorable branding. Our professional agency will nail your branding to create powerful results for you.


Digital Marketing


Because everyone is driven by technology nowadays, you need a strong online presence. When you work with our education marketing company, we will get your education business to use its current resources to its advantage. Our team focuses on various elements of your website like design, SEO and PPC, email marketing, content creation, content marketing, lead generation, and many other aspects to gain better online visibility


Education SEO


As a full-service agency, we are always focused on building a strong online presence for your education business. To be able to become the number one educational institution, hitting the first page of Google and other search engines is extremely important. Our local SEO, PPC, and link building campaigns will help you achieve this. Moreover, we always remain up-to-date with the latest search engine changes to ensure that your website’s SEO profile remains strong.


Social Media Marketing


digital marketing - Destiny Marketing Solutions


Whether you are a school that is focused on higher education, an educational publisher, or involved in any other aspect of the education industry, a social media presence is a must as it helps a lot in increasing your market share. It is also a key aspect of any educational marketing plan. Our agency will build strong social media profiles and content for your business on various platforms that include Facebook and Twitter. By strengthening your social platforms, we will strengthen your overall marketing campaign, increase your exposure, and ultimately bring in potential students.


Website Design


Your website design is equally as important when it comes to making your marketing campaign a success. Our web design team will work with you to build a strong business brand with proactive marketing that helps to drastically increase your search engine rankings while helping you improve your overall website design. Strong design will impress your visitors and make it easier for them to navigate your website. Together, we will help you create an outstanding website that will attract more customers to your educational institution. 


The beauty of working with Destiny Marketing Solutions is that you will gain professional support in those areas that otherwise would not have been addressed promptly. We are a results-driven marketing company that helps educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities focus on providing a better educational experience to their students while we manage the marketing side of their business.


To learn more about how our branding and marketing services will help you grow your education business, give us a call today for a free quote. 


 Online Education Marketing FAQs


online marketing - Destiny Marketing Solutions.


What makes our online education marketing agency different?


One thing that really makes us stand out from other marketing agencies is that we always develop a customized marketing plan for our clients. We do not sell or follow premade plans. Our individualized strategies are based on digital marketing trends and your business plans and goals to help you grow at a faster pace than your competitors. 


How do you do marketing in education?



Like we mentioned above, we use multiple tactics and strategies to implement our marketing plans for different types of educational institutions. This includes SEO, PPC, SMM, SEM, ORM, and much more. 


 Is online education growing?


With the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the worldwide lockdowns being enforced, there is a rapid increase in online education. All schools, colleges, and universities are now focusing on online education more than ever before. Not only that, in the near future, people will have busier lives and they will prefer online education rather than being physically present in a classroom. 


How do I advertise my education program and online courses?


When it comes to advertising your online program and online courses, we make use of various marketing tactics to help you advertise your programs and get the word out to our target audience easily. 


How are digital marketing strategies for educational institutions different from those for traditional businesses?



Doing marketing for normal businesses has three simple steps: making a sale, acquiring an email address, and enhancing brand awareness. However, with educational companies, things are a bit different. An online education business has different demands that require customized and nuanced digital campaigns. Moreover, as you grow, new products, content, and services will require more customization to the existing campaign. This is what makes digital marketing different for educational institutions. 


What are some of the best online education channels?


There is no obvious answer to this question as it depends on the goals of your education company. For instance, if you are a B2B company, you may prefer a platform like LinkedIn or even use PPC advertising. However, if you are a B2C, then you will be focused on building brand awareness and finding new customers on platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. When you work with our agency, we will ensure that we connect you to the right platforms based on your unique goals. 


How much money do you have to spend?


There is no exact answer to this question as there is no one-size-fits all concept here. Your budget or the amount you will be spending entirely depends on the unique demands of your business, its size, where it currently stands, the competitors, products, services, and many other factors. We can only tell you exact figures once we discuss project details with you during our phone call. 


Ready To Work With Us?


With Destiny Marketing Solutions and its top-notch state of the art services on your side, your education company, school, or college will rank higher in Google and other search engines. 


We will help to increase your online presence, rank you higher, boost your social media presence, and dramatically improve your brand so that you are a recognized name in the industry. 


Contact us today, and get a free, no-obligation quote for your campaign.


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