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What is SEO?


Video Transcript for What is SEO?


Hi there in this video. I'm going to go over what is seo seo in a nutshell is stands for search engine optimization and it's basically the process of optimizing your website or your other online properties to have more visibility in the organic search results and your website or online asset can be optimized for any of the search engines. Google is by far the most popular and most widely used but you also have being keauhou DuckDuckGo and so forth, but the difference between organic search results that you might have heard of paid ads is that you actually don't pay anything directly to any of their search engine companies to have your list and shown so I'm going to do a quick example here. I did a search for Houston emergency plumber base in Houston, and you'll see here.

Dad, these these little squares here at the top those are ads and you can pretty much you know, tell it's going to have the Google guaranteed for this particular Niche emergency plumber or just Plumbing. That's a certification that Google offers. But if you scroll down here, you have the map pack so you don't actually pay for these listings either but they are wouldn't consider those organic listings. These are actually map pack listings and you see here. There are three if you're in a smaller town or a smaller area where there aren't as many businesses you might see this at to sometimes anyway, if we scroll down a little bit further, you'll see here that these are the organic listings. So they're usually going to be under this map pack here if you're looking at a local business or looking for a local service, but if you're maybe, you know Googling something more General like maybe

Nike tennis shoes, you usually want to see the ads we might see it as but you must see this what we call the map pack here. And so these are your organic listings and usually there are 10 organic search results on the first page and then it goes tents and ten page two and page three and so on and that's really where you know SEO, you know, at least organic SEO traditionally wear your what were you're trying to try for being on this first page of Google and just showing you bean being is very similar. So you have these ads here at the top and other Those ads you have what's called a featured snippet, so we didn't see this in the Google example, but these also show up on Google where it's basically a snippet that pretty much answers the question or the query that you just typed into the search engine and so under that features snippet you

Then have the organic search results and it's a little bit different than Google does this vein but you'll see here that there are different search results and then sometimes you'll see videos. Sometimes you might see this is known as a video Carousel. Sometimes you might also see what's known as an image Carousel and then yeah pretty much the same here. So and then sometimes you also will have ads at the bottom so as can show at the top of the search results at the bottom or both and then Yahoo.

To round out this video so they're actually no ads here. So we start at the very top with Organic search results, but there is also a video Carousel here as you can see and then yeah, so actually for this search result. They're actually 11 organic search results. So hopefully that answers your question. What is SEO? You know, usually we using SEO in the traditional sense to optimize for the visibility of your website or your business website for your business here in a search results.