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SEO & Digital Marketing Trends for Houston Business Owners: 3rd Edition

Written by: Leonard Parker | Weekly SEO & Marketing Trends | May 17, 2019


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Researching Keywords With The Buyers Journey In Mind 

We know researching the right keywords to use in paid advertising is key. Some tactics include spying on competitors keywords, comparing keyword search volumes and how competitive the keyword is but we are overlooking one important factor. When it comes to making ANY purchase decision consumers go through what is called a buyers journey. The basic buyer's journey has 3 stages:

  1. Awareness - the consumer is researching a solution to a current problem
  2. Consideration - the consumer found several solutions and narrowing down to the best one
  3. Decision - Found the solution but with so many vendors they are looking for the best buying decision

In today's world, product and service reviews are a huge motivation for buying decisions so it makes sense that one would target consumers in the different buying stages. Before creating a campaign find keywords or phrases that fit into each stage of the buyer's journey. Keep in mind your industry and business since not all keywords fit all.

Congratulations! Now with a concise list of keywords, you can now target each stage of the buyer's journey and build a successful buying funnel. 


SEO And Google My Business

Brightlocal did a study of 500 consumers and how they used Google my business. This study lead to ways you can improve on page and off page SEO. The findings were interesting and insightful if you're looking to monetize from this tool.

The study asked 7 questions that lead to key findings. Consumers use Google my business mainly to find out about business hours, read reviews and find directions. Many mentioned they get turned off by inconsistencies on the business website and no information. [Read More]


Chatbots Taking Over Digital Marketing Trends

Today the chatbots trend is steadily growing and is one of the fastest growing opportunity in digital marketing. Chatbots are not only useful since they can be used 24/7 but they can save you money by eliminating customer service reps. 85% of interactions between consumers and businesses will be handled by chatbots. Although many are not as sophisticated now, with more information getting fed to these AI chatbots they will become just as sophisticated as humans. [Read More]


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