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SEO & Digital Marketing Trends For Houston Business Owners: 4th Edition

Written by: Yolanda Rangel | Weekly SEO & Marketing Trends | 24th May

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4 Proven Tips To Build Trust For Your Local Service Area Business

Local SEO and paid ads help to bring traffic to your online business website but what if that traffic doesn't turn into paying customers. Focusing on ways to convert traffic while on your site should be just as important.

Here are some ways to build trust:

  1. Team Pictures - Share some information about you and your team. This helps to show transparency thus build trust.
  2. Trust Symbols - This may include local association groups you are a part of, niche specific organization, local awards plus certifications.
  3. Case Studies - Show off work you did for a local customer
  4. Reviews - Social proof is changing the way consumers shop for products and services so build social proof for your business by asking for reviews.[Read More]


8 Ways Google Ranks Your Organic Content In 2019

Authority Hacker did a study to see how is Organic Content found in 2019 and below are the findings.

  1. Fighting for the #1 search spot is still the way to go with an average of 47% clicks, while #2 spot received an average of 16% clicks.
  2. Featured snippets are growing in popularity so make sure your snippets are optimized for best results.
  3. SSL website will rank you higher on search results so you must act now to secure your website.
  4. Backlinks are still the #1 way to rank on Google. Consider creating great content that gets linked and becomes an authoritative site in your niche.
  5. URL length isn't a ranking factor. Instead, make sure you have the keywords you are trying to rank for. As long as your keywords are serving the searchers intent then you will be favored.
  6. There was a high correlation with high ranking and H1 header, meta tags and title description. When choosing keywords its best to find the highest ranking parent topic.
  7. The content length was not as big as a factor as once believed. Instead, Google favors content with the right keyword density and parent topic.
  8. Although you want a faster loading page to help lower bounce rate and increase conversions, the study found no correlation with loading speed and ranking.

Overall the study provided valuable insights and proves Google favors relevancy. [Read More]


How Quality Linkbuilding Can Rank Your Site

Many businesses know having your website link to their website will eventually increase your traffic but having Quality backlinks will rank you higher in Google searches.  Quality backlinks from sites that are authoritative, well-known and online publication carry more weight. You can find many link builders that will offer hundreds of backlinks at a low cost but having just 10 quality backlinks will help boost your site in the search engine and give your site more authority. [Read More]


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