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SEO & Digital Marketing Trends for Houston Business Owners: 6th Edition

Written by: Yolanda Rangel | Weekly SEO & Marketing Trends | 07th June

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How To Triple Your e-commerce Conversions 

Scaling an e-commerce store is not a task for the weak. Many people don't even know if current marketing efforts are working. If you're throwing every marketing tactic out there then how do you know what visitors are coming from said tactic? If you're in over your head, it is best to get advice from online marketing experts.

There are many things to consider which may sound difficult to a beginner or just confusing to someone without a strong background knowledge of e-commerce store.  This knowledge is now at your fingertips. [Read more]

Is Google's New Ad Redesign A Good Move

For years, Google has been changing its ad format trying to make it look more and more organic. With this latest change, it is unclear whether that has finally hit the mark of what they are trying to achieve.  This new change by Google, however, does not go down well with marketers who question if this change has a self-serving purpose benefitting either ads or brands.

I see it as a win for paid advertising markets since the "ADS" mark is now more blended in with the text. If your using paid advertising versus trying to rank organically you are at an advantage since the first few organic results tend to get clicked on just as often as the first search result. The ads will now be blended which gives many search users peace of mind from all the 'in your face advertising' crap. [Read more]


Guard Your Google Business Profile Against Becoming A Viral Joke

After working hard and struggling to build your company from the ground up and gaining an excellent reputation, you discover you are losing clients. Give thanks to a good Google Business Profile gone bad which may be as a result of a jealous competitor, an angry client or even a member of your staff. It may seem funny but considering the amount of business you are losing as a result of it, it does not' quite strike your funny bone. The best thing you can do is set precautions to help guard against these gaffes. [Read more]


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