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SEO & Digital Marketing Trends for Houston Business Owners: 2nd Edition

Written by: Leonard Parker | Weekly SEO & Marketing Trends | May 10, 2019

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Repurpose Old Stagnant Content


Yes, your content can last forever on your website but when is it time to get rid of it? Repurpose old content when you notice a drop in page views, reduced time on page or lack of perceived value from your intended audience. Some examples include: use content in other platforms, change the title, add FAQ section, add new keywords, or adding outbound links to new references. This is a must-read for Houston based businesses using content to improve SEO. [Read more]


New YouTube Series: SEO Myths

Get Ready Houston! Google has a new Youtube SEO talk show. Traditional Google shows were a one-man show but this time there will be interviews with SEO experts. Judging from the video the series looks entertaining. Check out the trailer here. Topics include SEO tips, Googlebot and javascript frameworks to name a few. [Read more]


SEO for Houston Events

Are you planning an event in Houston? Google has a feature called “Event Pack” that will display your search result in position zero. That's right zero. Zero is a result before traditional organic search. If a target search term triggers your event you will see an increase in CTR. Another way to optimize your event is by marking your event using Google's event schema. Make sure you mark up all areas needed for your event to get the most out of this feature.[Read more]


Rank Beyond Your Location

When someone triggers a service near search Google gives you what is called a local pack. A cluster of businesses offering the service you're looking for. To rank in the local pack you must claim your Google My Business Listing and get a few reviews. Invest in building local business listings manually or from help from an SEO agency. When creating content mention surroundings cities or neighborhoods in order to populate in a wider local pack results.[Read more]


GoogleAds Mistakes

If your a business running GoogleAds campaigns for your business here are some tips to increase your CTR. The First mistake is not creating a well-organized campaign using search intent keywords, not just a general keyword. For example, instead of using Houston lawyer a more relevant search term would be Houston DUI lawyer. This helps get inside of what a user is actually searching. Another mistake many businesses do is have too many keywords in an ad group. Instead, have well-organized 3 ads per group so you have had an eye view of what keywords are working the best. The last mistake seen is not using ad extensions. You are missing out on valuable Google search real estate to take advantage of as many extensions as possible.[Read more]

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