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SEO & Digital Marketing Trends for Houston Business Owners: 7th Edition

Written by: Leonard Parker | Weekly SEO & Marketing Trends | June 14, 2019


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3 Ways to Make Your Title Tag Stand Out

The title tag can make or break how many clicks your website gets. What is a title tag you ask? It specifies the title of a webpage in a search result page. Let's look at  3 ways to make your title tag irresistible to search users.

  1. Numbers - Perform a search query of your target keyword and you will see the old boring text only in title tags. Add a number in your title tag to stand out. For example instead of “Top ways have a successful business in Houston” use “5 ways to a successful business in Houston”. See the difference? We live in “give me information now” society so listing out information is ideal.
  2. Dates - When using a date in your title tag you're telling the user “I am sooo relevant pick me”. Depending on your industry stay up-to-date by giving current information users can't wait to read.
  3. Call to Action word - This is my favorite. Users need step-by-step guidance when searching online. When Google gives users hundreds of results, this can lead to information paralysis. Help users by telling them what action to take. Example, a user searching for “small business community in Houston” will most likely click on “small business meeting tonight | Learn more”.

Remember to always test title tags to see what works for your ideal consumers. [Learn More]


Increase Facebook Posts Engagements

Pushing your products or services on every post should be banned. Instead, use an informative approach and try to solve your ideal client's pain points. Some ways to connect to your audience are:

  1. Feed their needs - Depending on your niche where you would talk about how to fix their pain points.
  2. Use tasty words - tasty words to describe your services or products can make them take a second look.
  3. Ask for their opinion - quizzes or multiple choice questions are always fun.
  4. Sensory words - popular sensory words like Shimmering, crispy, sizzle, staggering are just some that get the job done.

Now get to work on some posts. Just remember every niche is different so test different tactics.[Learn More]


SEO vs. SEM: Which Should Your Business Use?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is optimizing your website to rank organically. Search engine marketing (SEM) uses paid advertising to get traffic with no wait.

If your a Houston business looking for either service here are some reasons choose one over the other. I personally think every artist, restaurant, or fashion shop needs an Instagram page to show off their talent with high-quality images.[Learn More]


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