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SEO & Digital Marketing Trends for Houston Business Owners: 5th Edition

Written by: Yolanda Rangel | Weekly SEO & Marketing Trends | 31st May

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SEO Tips to Rank and Index New Content Faster

URL Inspection is the process of asking Google if they can see your content. You're basically telling Google to place your URL in their queue to crawl. This makes your URL a priority which in turn gets crawled faster. Visit URL inspection tool to learn more about how it works.

Create the right linking signals to tell Google “hey these pages are important, crawl me now”. Not only does linking new content from important pages within your site helps but also linking to older content.

Another way to get your new content noticed is by sending external signals. This can be achieved by sharing your content via your social media or getting it shared on sites like Reddit. [Read More]


How Podcasts Will Soon Help Your SEO

Google recently announced that Google search results will include podcasts snippets. In order for the podcast to be found, it must be transcribed. We already find youtube videos in search results so transcribing podcasts shouldn't be any different. If you plan to start a podcast this new information just reiterates how well structured your content should be. [Read More]


Optimizing Your Google My Business Account

If you just started a new business chances are you signed up for a Google My Business account (at least I hope). A Google My business Account is what helps Google find your business when users search your type of business. Optimizing your Google My Business is key to ranking and increasing your click-through-rate.

Make sure your business is verified, has correct location areas, awesome business description, and verify your number, address, and location (NAP) are correct. [Read More]


Use The Power Of Social Media To Grow Your Business

With so many active users on social media, no wonder it's a gold mine. Investing marketing dollars to promote on social media will definitely pay off. First start by optimizing your social media accounts with proper images, about section and business name.

Start testing out types of posts that will give insight into what type of content will get the most engagements. Testing times you post allows you to find a trend within your specific audience. [Read More]


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