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SEO & Digital Marketing Trends for Houston Business Owners: 11th Edition

Written by: Leonard Parker | Weekly SEO & Marketing Trends | July 12, 2019


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How Technology is Reshaping Consumers

Today technology such as smartphones, smartwatches, smart home kits is changing the ways consumers make purchasing decisions. About 30% of consumers shopping at a physical retail store will use their smartphone to compare prices online. 

Technology has increased security awareness in consumers. Many say they are wary of using their credit card online to make purchases but will use a third party like PayPal or stripe. Consumers also expect a response from a business on social media accounts within 6 hours. [Learn More]


Two Big Recent Studies on the State of Local Marketing

Local Social Marketing Benchmark (LSM) - Examined ranking for franchises with multiple locations in 10 different industries. Top leaders in each industry had 2x more sales as expected. When looking across Google, Yelp, and Facebook, only 78% of locations were claimed.

Freshchalk Study - Surprisingly Yelp showed 92% of search results with business and city in the search query. Business with more reviews on Google my Business ranked higher on the search results.

Claiming your Google my business, Facebook and Yelp are a must when using online platforms to market local businesses. [Learn More]


How to Choose Brand Influencers to Promote Your Business

Influence marketing is a huge marketing channel that builds trust and authority to your brand. 90% of marketing experts find influencers are so powerful its ROI is better than any other marketing strategy.

Research their audience to see if your brand resonates with their audince. This may be common sense but I know sometimes the amount of followers seems promising but the narrower your niche audience the more results you will see.

Once you have established relevancy no you must reach out to influencers. First, start off with a symbiotic relationship if possible. Make sure to warm up to them before breaking the news about becoming a brand influencer. [Learn More]


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