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SEO & Digital Marketing Trends for Houston Business Owners: 10th Edition

Written by: Leonard Parker | Weekly SEO & Marketing Trends | July 5, 2019


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Amazon Alexa Could Crush Google Search Traffic

Have you noticed in recent months search traffic clicks declining? This may be due to Alexa single answer taking over. As Alexa's popularity is growing Google is scrambling to innovate search.  If you search anything you now get more one answer snippets from Twitter, Youtube or Wikipedia. If your search queries answer is within an article Google will pull and feature snippets above the search results.

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Youtube, which is now owned by Google will be the next big platform to get more organic traffic. Just this past year we've seen video take over Facebook with their Facebook live feature. [Learn More]


How to Bridge the Gap Between Offline and Online Marketing

Using traditional marketing like flyers, business cards, radio, and commercials along with online marketing can increase traffic. Today consumers are all about researching services or products and reading reviews. If we see trending item or service on a billboard we don't just purchase, we go online and research the company and read reviews.

The following are some ways traditional marketing can bridge the gap between offline and online marketing.

  1. Radio can be a great way to advertise and funnel traffic to your online platform. Studies show 33% more people tend to listen and act on radio commercials in the morning during their morning commute. This may be due to popular morning shows.
  2. TV ads will bring about 57% more traffic according to a Nielsen survey. You will have to be wary about having commercials run all day long. Instead uses a systematic approach of only running your ads during peak times or when you know your target audience is watching.

Take away note. Don't ignore traditional marketing completely. Create a marketing strategy that involves both methods but chooses them depending on your niche.[Learn More]


5 Ways to Killer Content That Leave a Lasting Impression

Today content is what keeps your audience engaged with your website or social media platforms. Content described video or writing material that speaks to your ideal audience.

  1. Answer Burning Questions - Before creating any content go to the drawing board and answer some questions.  You may want to know what your audience is searching for. Visiting sites like Reddit or Quora is a great idea to get inside the minds of your ideal audience.
  2. Give a Preview - With society wanting answers now its a good idea to start your content with an overview. Not only are you giving your audience what they want but an easier way to navigate content.
  3. Back up your Talk - If your content has statistics and facts being thrown around provide links, graphs or reputable studies to grow your authority in the topic.
  4. Innovative Content - What is the reader looking for pertaining to your topic? That is the Question. Again, take this to the drawing board and find what your audience is searching. Are you seeing more searches pertaining to a “how to guide” or “review guide”?
  5. Call to Action - Always include a call to action. Why? You just wrote this amazing content for your audience so tute your horn and nonchalantly mention what action you want your audience to take. [Learn More]



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