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SEO & Digital Marketing Trends for Houston Business Owners 1st Edition

Written by: Yolanda Rangel | Uncategorized | 03rd May

Houston SEO digital marekting small business

The Future of Voice Search

Technology is changing and more brands continue jumping on the voice search wagon. ComScore predicts by 2020 50% of all consumers will be using voice search. This is a huge game changer for SEO marketers looking to target consumers with the right keywords. Businesses need to start focusing on long tail keywords when structuring paid advertising in order to get found. Visit Street Fight to [read more].


Become A Local Authority With Content

Creating the perfect SEO Geo-specific google campaign is a start to gain some traction in paid search ads. In addition to having a sales page, you need the perfect content to laser target Houston consumers and boost your traffic and conversions. Before creating local content you must first know your ideal consumer and their needs. For example, a Houston plumber can create a guide for troubleshooting a basic plumbing issue and at the end include a call to action button if they are ready to hire them. Visit Advice Local to [read more].


Are Emojis Effective When Used In Email News?

Emojis are great icons used to express emotions to your reader but do they work in email newsletters? According to an article in PublishersDaily emojis help give a human touch to emails thus increase reader engagement. Using emojis may be a clever way of adding emotions and humor but testing must be done beforehand. A/B testing emails with vs without emojis is a must to see how your audience responds. Lastly, pay close attention to how the emojis come across different platforms and the receiver isn't just getting a code. Visit Publishers Daily to [read more].


Ranking #1 On Google. Is It Worth it?

Getting to that coveted #1 spot for your keyword is what SEO is all about but what if I told you that being #1 gets clicked only 49 % of the time. A 100,000 query study done by ahrefs where it reveals #2, #3 and #4 get just as many clicks as number one the other 51% of the time. As an avid Google user, I can attest that I never click on the first few searches. Why? It's spammy. Consumers are sick and tired of being bombarded with ads. Marketers need to focus on cutting through all the ad noise and create more relevant content. Visit Ahrefs to [read more].


Ahrefs:  New Search Engine

Ahrefs CEO Dmitry Gerasimenko plans to compete with Google in order to give content creators more site visitors. Ahrefs is best known for tools to help with SEO and rank websites on search engines now they are going a step further to help content creators make money from their writing and innovative efforts. I'm looking forward to seeing this search engine showdown but rooting for the underdog of course. Visit Search Engine Journal to [read more].