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SEO & Digital Marketing Trends for Houston Business Owners: 9th Edition

Written by: Yolanda Rangel | Uncategorized | 28th June

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Google Is Testing Your Google My Business Posts

Since February 19th Google has been testing how your Houston business posts get seen. They are shown below your business information under the local pack during a search. 

In addition, posts are now being shown in the overview tab to allow more customers to see your post.

Google is also testing posts to show in the search result. That's my favorite especially since Google My Business posts are being underutilized. Take advantage of this method since it may play a big role in how you advertise your business. [Learn More]


5 Online Review Statistics You Need To Know 

Customer reviews for your business are crucial to building a successful brand. Brand building in addition to SEO services is a must to expand your business. Humans want to be part of something so if they see everyone is using a _______ business with lots of reviews they will follow. 

We see this madness with Amazon sellers. The more reviews they attain from past sales the more they sell.


  1. 66% of consumers use reviews to qualify a purchase
  2. Age range 65+ expect on average 46 reviews while 25-34 expect 159. Talk about social proof.
  3. 77% would recommend your business to a friend if they had a great experience
  4. 57% of consumers expect at least 11 reviews
  5. 86% read reviews for local businesses

Now go and get your Houston business some reviews. [Read More]


How to Grow Dying Facebook Traffic

If you rely on Facebook for website traffic then this is for you. When  Facebook video came out you could easily get views and send a call to action for website visits. Today the power of messenger can bring you that traffic.

Since a regular chat has proven to be effective at answering visitor question why not add a Facebook messenger chatbot. You will need to install a Facebook messenger widget. All the website traffic will then get prompted to sign up as a messenger contact. [Learn More]


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