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SEO & Digital Marketing Trends for Houston Business Owners: 8th Edition

Written by: Yolanda Rangel | Uncategorized | 21st June


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How to Make Your Local Houston Business a Zero Click Search Result

So what are zero click search results? They are basically results that answer the question you are looking for. Ex. you want to know the closest flooring contractor in which you enter “flooring contractor near me”.

houston seo services

Instead of getting the traditional highlighted blue search results Google is now giving you what is called the local pack that shows the closest businesses matching your request. Best of all no need to click on any website for contact info since the results show reviews, phone, and name.

So how can your Houston business benefit? Some ways include creating a well thought out FAQ section on your site with related keywords and How To content. [Read More]


3 Voice Search Optimization Strategies

Voice search is a fast-growing trend in AI. By 2020 ComScore predicts 50% of search will be in natural language. What is natural language? Its the way you talk when having a conversation with friends.

I remember when voice search came out a few years ago it was awkward searching for things and not knowing how to talk to a bot. Fast forward today users are talking to bots like a friend in their natural language.

Ways to optimize your keywords for voice search users are:

  1. Using interrogative words like who, what, when to add context to the specific content users look for.
  2. Use long tail keywords like “What is the average price of 4 ton a/c unit?” is a natural voice search one will do when they are in the last stage of a buyers journey.
  3. Use the keywords mentioned above in your blog title or subtitles to help Google pull your content.

[Read More]


Are Technical Issues Causing Your Local Business Not to Get Traffic

We all know Houston SEO services can help your business. Even though SEO services are being performed your site may not be getting the proper traffic due to technical issues. Backend technical issues can be not getting your website properly indexed by Google or no sitemap found.

I advice testing your website regularly to ensure links are working properly and working on know issues ASAP to avoid missing out on traffic. [Read More]


4 Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes

  1. Low engagement - the culprit may be just not knowing who your audience is and what they want. Learn more about audience insights under the ad manager. Here you will choose your audience interest and behaviors to laser target ideal traffic.
  2. High engagements, low conversions - Your content may be awesome and on point but not related to your business. Marrying both great and relevant content is key to both get engagement and convert leads.
  3. Getting negative feedback - Many reasons can cause negative feedback on your page but one main would in not engagement back with your audience. Why not have a dedicated person engaging any comments or questions asked.

Ad costs toooo high - Here is where split testing ad creatives or copy can make a difference. Testing the right platform is another pro tip. [Learn More]



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