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June 2019 Google Broad Algorithm Update: What Business Owners Should Know

Written by: Leonard Parker | Uncategorized | 03rd June

Transcript from June 2019 Google Broad Core Algorithm Update:


[00:00:00] Good morning, everyone Leonard Parker here. Hope as we inch closer and closer to the summer. You're staying cool, wherever you are and just enjoying the good weather and sunshine. So today I made this quick video just to alert everyone business owners here that Google has recently came out with a new update that up. They actually goes live this morning and this is a brock or update or abroad update and basically what this means [00:00:30] is Google they're changing their ranking algorithm. So that searches that people do on Google returns more relevant results. And this isn't something new. This is something that Google does several times a year, but just wanted to make this video to kind of give you a heads up on what you should be looking for. If you see longer-term issues then make sure that you're going to necessary.

[00:01:00] Updates to your website now the as I said that update goes live today, but usually, you know after these algorithm updates things jump around for about a week to 10 days. So what I would do by next week, if you do have a website, I would check your rankings and there's a free tool you can use to do that. I'll share it here in the YouTube description the video description, but you should also be tracking your [00:01:30] the traffic to your website. So you can do that with Google analytics, which if you don't have installed on your website, I highly recommend it's really a must in my opinion. If you expect to get business from your website and Google search console and my take is the more data you have about how people are getting to your website from which channels whether that's Google being paid ads Facebook, whatever you'll be better prepared to

[00:02:00] Locate the proper amounts for your marketing budget. So highly recommend it. So anyway, let's say you know, I'm a Houston. I'm IT services company here in Houston will pretend for this example. I'm the owner of Crescent systems. So their IT services company, they provide managed services and today. I'm number three, but let's say by the end of next week. I noticed that my rank [00:02:30] shifted from number 3 to maybe I'm at the bottom of the first page here, or I'm even on a second page. So honestly, I wouldn't jump to conclusions just with that window of time but let's say over time. Let's say by end of July beginning of August. I still notice that my rankings having rebounded and you know rankings are one thing also, I would look at traffic. So seeing which see how much

Figure [00:03:00] getting from Google Google organic and if that drops for a longer time period so again by end of July beginning of August, then I know there might be some things. I need to update on my website and really the big key here is your content going back to what I said in the video Google does these core algorithm updates to provide the best results for as users and usually the best results are going to be the best [00:03:30] and most relevant content for that search phrase. So if I see that long-term, I traffic is suffering. My rankings are suffering then it would be time to take a look at my website's content. It might be this might be a sign that it's time for a refresh. So it Services it's a industry. That's always changing. Let's say I haven't made any constant updates since 2016. Well, it might be time to make a Content update now. That's almost three.

Three [00:04:00] full years later, so that would be my recommendation for you again don't panic. If you notice that your website rankings are dropping or your traffic is dropping but look at the trend over time. And if you do see that that trend is going downward this time to revisit your content. So I will share a few resources share a few resources for you in this video. Just some a few articles that provide more details also share a link [00:04:30] to how to set up Google analytics and Google search console if you don't already have that installed on your website and as I mentioned earlier, I'll share a free ring tracking tool. It's free of charge. And basically this will help you gauge how your website is doing. So that's the end of the video. Hope that's been helpful. Have a great rest of your day and week. Take care.


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