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Texas Small Business Association


A Texas small business is all about handsome capital, business resources, financial strength, loans, online presence, and website development. A newly-launched small business will likely struggle with financial issues, lack of assistance, training, and information about local SEO services for brick and mortar businesses. 2020 was a special challenge to business owners because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Small business owners in Texas needed immediate assistance from the government and Texas Small Business Administration to keep them running. As far as 2021 is concerned, the Small Business Administration (SBA) is ready to fight the troubles of COVID-19!


Before you continue reading and recognize the role of the SBA in providing relief to the business owners of Texas small businesses, here are some quick facts and figures about the organization:


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  • It registered more than 2.8 million small businesses


  • Small businesses make up as much as 97% of the market value in the economy of Texas, which is quite massive


  • Texas has the honor of contributing $1.6 trillion to the economy of America


  • The second-largest state economy in America is Texas and it’s also the 12th largest in the world


  • Texas is known to have the fourth-fastest growth rate for businesses run by women


  • There is a 0% State Income Tax for residents of Texas


  • Texas ranks third in Fortune 500 Headquarters


Role of the Small Business Association in the COVID-19 Pandemic


The pandemic wave of COVID-19 came with bankruptcies, poor financing, and high unemployment. Texas small businesses didn’t have many options to choose from. Many Texas businesses ran out of business resources and could no longer provide their services to the customers. On the other hand, customers lost their jobs and were living in a state of agony and despair, which gave them zero margin to think of availing any services provided by small businesses.


small business association in the COVID-19 pandemic destiny marketing solutions


The Texas Small Business Association has domestic and international allies in both government and private sectors. The SBA will sell a business only when a suitable quote matches its features, domain, and progress. This will create ease for business owners who can come up with better plans for the future with a pocketful of cash!


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