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Our Pasadena SEO company believes in investing in attention-grabbing and user-friendly web design. The statistics reveal fascinating figures about the impact of web design on a small business. Surprisingly, in 94% of the cases, a business’s first impression depends upon its web design. That is a huge percentage! Many small business owners who lack adequate education about the significance of web design for business neglect it. 


Here is how you can make your business web design stand out.


Minimalist Layout and Structure


layout and structure destiny marketing solutions


The Internet has tons of websites. Each website’s design is different from the other. Brainstorm some wild and crazy ideas for your business web design. When we talk about layout and structure, we speak of the fundamentals of web design. As basic as it seems, it is the most time-consuming and challenging area to work on. Your layout does not need to pass fancy dress competitions. It is 2021, and people in Pasadena are minimalist about the online trends, especially website design. A website design with a simple vintage layout with sliders and an easy go-to menu will hook audiences.


Brainstorm ideas. Test the boundaries and stretch your mental ability to the farthest limit of website design. Now scale the ideas back and come up with something unmatchable.


Prominent Fonts and Color Schemes


prominent fonts and color schemes destiny marketing solutions


Pasadena businesses experiment with fonts and color schemes. These experiments always bring extraordinary results. Web designers in Pasadena are no less than artists!


Portray a distinct combination of solid colors, pastel shades, or black, white, and gray colors, or mix them all. You can design the font first and then pick the colors accordingly or vice versa. Fonts and colors of a business website play a significant role in creating value for choice in customers’ minds. They portray the business’s primary purpose, idea, and nature, which engages the customer with the product or service. Next time they see your website’s font and color scheme, they will recognize where the inspiration is from. This is brand recognition! It makes Google Ads management for Pasadena businesses even more effective.


Play with fonts and colors. Restricting yourself to the available fonts and tried-and-tested color combinations will not do justice to your business’s web design. Come up with something lush and commendable!


Animation Effects


animation effects destiny marketing solutions


The web developers of businesses in Pasadena provide the users and customers with a sense of being home with their immaculate animation effects. Throughout the year, there are several events and festivals. A successful small business in Pasadena believes it a professional obligation to connect with the customers and clients via this innovative graphic design to provide a friendly experience. 


An encouraging example is the snowfall effect following the events of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This animation usually begins at the start of December and continues till the end of January. The customers and clients find it quite tempting as it brings a sense of connection.


Level up your digital marketing game and provide your customers with an unforgettable experience on your website with animations. These effects will hold their attention for a longer time and spread an expression of joy over their faces, making them more susceptible to your message. 


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