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Notable People from Pasadena, Texas


With the advent of Google Ads management for Pasadena businesses, the global community has now been introduced to Pasadena, Texas. A few decades earlier, when Pasadena was going through a phase of development in the business sector, the world was not familiar with its rich potential here in Texas.


Small and large scale businesses boosting the economy of Texas are surely the center of attention for the local investors, entrepreneurs, and business community. However, Pasadena has been home to many notable people. These personalities from Pasadena are famous for their cause. They brought abundant recognition and acknowledgment for Pasadena.


Some of the most recognized personalities from Pasadena are briefly discussed below.


Russel Harvard


russel harvard destiny marketing solutions


Are you not a fan of him? Russel Wayne Harvard is a handsome and talented American actor who hails from the city of Pasadena. He was born on April 16, 1981 in Pasadena. Being born into a deaf family, it was difficult for Russel to move into his educational life in Texas. He can speak and has residual hearing, but he considers sign language as his first language. His career as an actor has been quite successful. He played in Odd Mom Out, Fringe, Switched at Birth, and many others. Pasadena gave birth to a Hollywood actor; that’s huge!


Robert Talton


Robert Edwin Talton is a big name in the political history of the USA. He is a Republican and a former member of the Texas House of Representatives in Pasadena. Robert is not only a politician but also a former prosecutor, attorney, policeman, and a municipal judge in Pasadena. Currently, he resides in Pasadena and practices as a private lawyer in Harris County, Texas.


Mickey Gilley


mickey gilley destiny marketing solutions


Mickey Leroy Gilley is a country music songwriter, singer, and a big name in Pasadena. Despite his old age, he is an active icon in the country music industry. Mickey Gilley was born on March 9, 1936 in Mississippi. In his youth, he recognized his singing potential and gave western music and country music a chance. His areas of expertise include country, pop, countrypolitan, and urban cowboy. Currently, he partially owns Gilley nightclub in Pasadena.


Emily Chan


emily chan destiny marketing solutions


Emily Chan is a young and competitive figure skater who belongs to the city of Pasadena. She was born on August 11, 1997 in Pasadena. She started skating in 2001 at the very early age of four. Since then, she has been competing in different competitions representing the US. She was the 2016 US Junior Champion and the 2015 US Novice Champion. That is a huge achievement for a young skater as well as Pasadena! Currently, she resides in McKinney, Texas.


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