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History of Pasadena, Texas


Our Pasadena SEO company, with the help of link building services for Pasadena business websites, is helping small businesses thrive. The history of Pasadena, Texas has a cultural richness. Pasadena has helped the economy of Harris County by preserving its cultural heritage and providing tourists with a chance to explore all that has never been seen and appreciated. Today, Pasadena is not only culturally rich but also homes hundreds of small businesses.


Here is a little sneak peek into the history of Pasadena!


Where Does the Name Pasadena Come From?


The word Pasadena is derived from the Chippewa community. This community belongs to the Anishinaabe people who are now settled in Northern Midwestern US and Southern Canada. The meaning of Pasadena is “crown of the valley.” This term was used to name this city in 1875. Formerly, it was known as Indiana Colony founded by Thomas B. Elliot in 1874.


Pasadena Becomes an Incorporated City


pasadena becomes an incorporated city destiny marketing solutions


In 1886, Pasadena had become incorporated with a city government. In 1901, Pasadena was under the rule of an elected Mayor. There was immense focus on the infrastructure of Pasadena. From pavements, sewerage, and educational institutions to railroads, small businesses, entertainment, and tourism every area of the economy were under development. Cultural organizations, grand hotels, tourist attractions like the Echo Mountain incline railway, and much more were being built. Black, Mexican, and Chinese people entered Pasadena and started businesses and worked as laborers.


The Golden Era of Pasadena


Pasadena was and still is full of history and culture. Its unparalleled cultural heritage is why it is home to so many tourist attractions and winter resorts for the wealthy from across the globe. Pasadena Community Playhouse was the prime source of entertainment and gathering for residents as well as visitors. In 1925, it was renamed the Pasadena Playhouse.


Pasadena City Junior College District, The Grace Nicholson Gallery (now known as Pacific Asia Museum), Pasadena Civic Symphony Orchestra, Rose Bowl Stadium, Brookside Park, City Hall, Civic Auditorium, Civic Center, and Central Library during this time as well.


War and Pasadena


pasadena and war destiny marketing solutions


World War I brought about a downfall for the city of Pasadena while World War II ensured the economy’s progress. WWI terribly disrupted tourism. The number of industries and small businesses also declined, the population also became scarce as most people migrated and the economy of the city of Pasadena went downhill.


Later in WWII, Pasadena rose again. The military used hotels as headquarters during the war. The army even purchased hotels and converted them into hospitals for the quick treatment and care of soldiers. This war gifted industrial establishments to Pasadena.


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