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What is the Best Way to Improve SEO? Part 1: Strategic Keyword Research


Video Transcript for How To Do Strategic Keyword Research:


[00:00:04] Hello in this video. I'm going to go over how you can do some quick strategic keyword research for your company website or blog this video just a heads-up is meant for for beginners. So if you give you do SEO of your experience Revit with SEO, you might not get much out of this video, but thanks for watching anyway, so starting off when you're doing keyword research. You should always think about [00:00:34] what phrases what words customers or prospective customers are using to find you in Google and you know, if you've been working your your industry for for some time, you may already know the typical questions that your your prospects may have before they make a purchase. So from here you want to figure out ok just taking those pills.

Phrases just go over to Google and figure out what are [00:01:04] some other keyword variations that you can use to Target on your website. And before I go into the demonstration part, the reason why keywords are so important for your SEO strategy as one you want to make sure that you get relevant and qualified traffic to your website. So for instance, if you're a dentist in Houston, and you don't or you don't specialize in Pediatric [00:01:34] Dentistry, well, you shouldn't be going after any keywords or phrases that are related to Pediatric Dentistry. That's an obvious example, but regardless of the industry, you don't want to go after services or you don't want to Target demographics that you know, aren't your best clients or you don't have the capability to fulfill what they're requesting.

So going over to Google and [00:02:04] for this first example, I'm going to use a pretty simple phrase here Houston locksmith. So let's say you're a locksmith in Houston. You want to make sure these are going to be your primary head-turners and head turns. That's just a some lingo. Usually these [00:02:34] are ones that three word phrases. They're going to be very straight to the point. So Houston locksmith Houston dentist Houston plumber Houston urgent care center and so on and so let's say if you were a locksmith in Houston, you can replace locksmith for what with whatever of whatever your the name of your profession.

And you can see here. You have the search [00:03:04] results and one of the places I look at for keyword ideas is the page title. So let me zoom in here so you can see it better.

The page title. So that's this blue underlined here and you can see why different phrases that these different websites are targeting in their page title. And then also I look at the meta description and that's this little snippy here at the bottom. And so basically [00:03:34] anything that's relevant to that phrase. It's going to be bolded or in boldface here in a minute ascription. So you see here we use Houston locksmith. We have locksmiths in Houston locksmith Easton locksmith, right? And of course, you always have to kind of think about what's relevant to your business. So we have keys and locksmiths. We have we go down to the second research result locksmith, Houston, Texas 24 hour locksmith [00:04:04] heat most trusted locksmith commercial locksmith services would be a good one ultimate of automotive locksmith services would be a good one and residential locksmith services would be a good

Keep going here. You know, we have a lot of the same things. So local locksmith company in Houston. That might be a phrase. You want to go after locksmith services scrolling down more. Yeah. So it's going to be pretty much the same car locksmith [00:04:34] 24-hour car locksmith residential locksmith home key Services commercial key Services car key services. So those are all phrases that if you're a locksmith that you might want to Target on your website or with your SEO campaign now and looking more here. This is our other suggestions from Google and so backing up a bit. So when you type in whatever phrase you're targeting you'll [00:05:04] see that there's this drop down here and these are Google autosuggestion. So a people type in Houston locksmith. They also might be looking for some of these other phrases.

Our in this drop down menu. So if you're in a Galleria area or you're able to serve customers in the Galleria area, you might want to Target Houston locksmith Westheimer car locksmith Houston 24. So is a lot of the phrases that we saw in the page titles and meta descriptions. [00:05:34] So that's the first place you can look at this table drop down menu. Then here at the bottom. You also have other suggestions. So it's going to be much of the same. So that's one way to find some good keywords to kind of start building your list for your SEO campaign, or you may even be using this for a pay per click campaign on AdWords or Bing now, so kind of going back to my list here [00:06:04] a big reason why you want to to figure out which keywords when you want to Target because these are going to be

Take what you write about what your blog or on your services pages and one if there's one thing you can remember about content, you know, there's actually quite a few things. But you know, when you're getting started you always want to write content that addresses one of your customers [00:06:34] or your prospects pain points. So if you can create content that answers questions give them date the information they need to make better decisions. You're always going to have some trust in their eyes and that's how you build up your brand online and build Goodwill around your brand. So staying with the locksmith example, you know, you want to figure out what questions people are asking [00:07:04] when they're looking for locksmith services. So one trick I like to do is to add how here at the beginning of the phrase.

So you see here, nothing different. So what that tells me is that we might need to take out Houston here in the phrase.

[00:07:42] So what I was trying to trigger here is What's called the featured snippet and you know the feature snippet it's going to be a box. You probably seen it before and it people also asked that's going to be at the top this little box. And so you want to look at these questions to figure out okay these relevant questions to which your customers may be asking. So what it looks like is, you know, these top four top [00:08:12] three here. They're all related to becoming a locksmith. So if you're already a locksmith, it might not be these might not be good questions to Target, but you can see here. How long does a locksmith take that could be a good good question to Target. How much does it cost to call a locksmith? That might be another good question. How much does a locksmith cost to open your house door? That might be another good question.

So those are three questions that you can write blog posts around you can [00:08:42] write, you know, you can include these and a FAQ section on your website or if you're not afraid of video. You can create a video similar to what I'm doing here to to to to add to add to your YouTube channel or a to embed on your website. So just some things to think about there. And again if you if you're in Houston or whatever City you're in you want to try to find ways to make it relevant to people in your city [00:09:12] and your location, so that's how I would find questions that people are asking related to your services. Now, I want to keep this video relatively short. So in the description, I'm going to link to more detailed video where I really are now different tactics you can use to find keywords for your company's website. But before I end the video

One last thing I wanted to go over and that's hyperlocal targeting. So [00:09:42] Houston if you live here, you know, it's a huge City. We have different areas. So let's say you're a locksmith, but you're only interested in targeting clients or customers west of Beltway 8. So that's pretty much going to be the Energy Corridor.

Peytie Fulshear [00:10:13] Memorial West Chase and so on. So in that case you want to do the same thing we did here but actually use that particular area that you're targeting. So in this example, I'm using Energy Corridor and you can see you can actually see the type of phrases that people are using or competitors are using in your area to rank your well in Google. So, you know, it's probably not going to be too much different [00:10:43] but you know, these guys flying They're actually targeting locksmith services and Western Houston, so it might be a good phrase to Target. If you're only targeting West Houston, let's see what else we have here 24-Hour Mobile services. So mobile locksmith services. That's a new one. We haven't seen see here.

Smith Katie, so I mention Katie so that's probably an area you want to Target. [00:11:13] So hyper local I'll make another video about this that goes more into detail about hyperlocal strategies for hyperlocal is our way to you know, really stand out for a particular area. And of course, there's not going to be as much competition for locksmith Energy Corridor locksmith Katie as it would be for locksmith Houston, but if these are relevant qualified customers or prospects calling you it could be more [00:11:43] more more worth your while and you might see faster results. So when it's in a video on that make sure to subscribe. If you haven't we're going to be putting out videos like this regularly so that you can get up to Snuff with your SEO strategy and your SEO campaign. If you would like to kind of discuss some strategy on how we can work together.

Click the website link and from the website click contact us and you'll be able [00:12:13] to book an appointment with me. Well, thank you for watching. I hope this video has been helpful. Take care and have a great day.


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