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Virginia contractor Altenergy will soon be known as Tiger Solar

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 04th November

Altenergy, a national solar contractor with roots in Charlottesville, Virginia, is transitioning to a new name: Tiger Solar.

Credit: Tiger Solar

The name change follows Altenergy’s acquisition by Tiger Fuel Company. Altenergy, or Tiger Solar, has installed 1,700 solar projects across 10 states in its 16 years of existence. Over the past three years, Altenergy powered Tiger Fuel’s gourmet-to-go convenience stores and began adding solar to the rooftops of the fuel company’s heating plants.

The newly joined companies plan to reduce their carbon footprint by 45% in the next five years.

“The fossil fuel landscape is changing,” said Gordon Sutton, president of Tiger Fuel. “As it evolves, I view this acquisition and name change as an opportunity to strengthen our company and provide new jobs. We couldn’t be more excited to operate under the name Tiger Solar.”

Another 500 kW of solar power will be added to Tiger’s car washes, canopies and convenience stores.

“Altenergy is best known for its quality people and service, its commitment to remaining locally present and reliable, and its reputation that, to date, has mostly traveled by word of mouth,” said President Russ Edwards. “Under its new name and new imagery, Tiger Solar will continue in these areas, but under a bold, recognizable name. A bold name for a bold group of clean energy loving, customer-first fanatics.”

The solar contractor’s identity system, website, social media profiles and visual brand signature will evolve to Tiger Solar over the next several months.

“While our name is changing to Tiger Solar, our core competencies will remain the same. We will of course continue to execute all projects with the same brilliance, professionalism and local leadership in each market we serve,” Edwards said.

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