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Valley Clean Energy contracts with 250-MW solar park in Kings County

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 06th October

By SB Staff October 5, 2021 View Profile

Valley Clean Energy is now receiving power from a new solar park located in Kings County, Calif. VCE signed a 15-year contract to purchase 50-MW of renewable power with Aquamarine Westside’s 250MW solar project. This contract will replace current short-term power contracts, allowing VCE to deliver higher levels of renewable power at competitive prices.

The Aquamarine project is located in CIM Group’s Westlands Solar Park, a master-planned clean energy park with over 2GW of solar production potential.

“Valley Clean Energy is excited to begin receiving renewable electricity from CIM Group’s Aquamarine project. This long-term partnership is a win-win enterprise, generating cost-effective solar power on land that is unusable for agriculture,” said Dan Carson, Davis City Councilmember and VCE board chair.

“We’re proud to add more long-term renewables to our power portfolio, and to keep renewable electricity affordable for all our customers. Having more clean, renewable sources is a step toward a better energy future for California,” added Carson.

Aquamarine was selected after dozens of competing projects were solicited. VCE selected the project based on criteria designed to select cost-effective California-based renewable projects that provide local jobs, minimize the impact on prime farmland, and avoid environmentally sensitive resources. Agricultural and environmental groups have endorsed Westlands Solar Park in all areas.  

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