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Unico Solar completes 300-kW solar portfolio for commercial building in Silicon Valley

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 15th November

Excelsior Energy Capital and Unico Solar Investors announced the completion of a 300-kW solar energy system at Central Station, a new four-story, 125,000 sq.-ft office building. Developed by SteelWave and owned by Principal Real Estate Investors, the building is located at 285 Sobrante Way in Sunnyvale, California.

“Commercial buildings like Central Station represent a huge opportunity for owners and their tenants to reap the benefits of on-site solar energy,” said Adam Knoff, co-founder and director of Unico Solar. “By integrating solar arrays onto the roof and carports at no cost to the owner, we are able to provide zero-emissions electricity for this building at a fraction of utility rates. We look forward to identifying more opportunities to scale the use of solar energy within Silicon Valley’s commercial sector.”

Part of the building’s LEED Gold certification, the roof and carport solar installations complement biophilic interior design elements and energy-efficient lighting in addition to other sustainable features. Unico Solar worked closely with the project team to ensure the solar arrays not only fit within the design aesthetic of the building, but also seamlessly blend into existing bioswales on the property. With thoughtful design, they were able to integrate the new carports into the existing site plan, adding function without disturbing the natural flow of the area.

Tenants at Central Station will be able to access the property’s clean electricity through a power purchase agreement between the building owner and Unico Solar, which will oversee the ongoing maintenance of the system moving forward.

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