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The Pitch: Details on JinkoSolar’s Eagle TR G4 Series module aimed at U.S. residential, commercial markets

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 21st May

JinkoSolar is a top solar module manufacturer with 70 GW deployed globally and 12 GW deployed in the U.S. It is targeting the U.S. residential and small commercial DG space with a new panel, the EAGLE TR G4 series, which includes proprietary Tiling Ribbon technology and cylindrical busbars. On this episode of The Pitch, Max Greene, Sales Application Engineer for JinkoSolar, walks us through the new tech and makes the case for high-power modules in residential solar.

“Our goal is to achieve more power in the same or similar module footprint, without compromising on quality, durability, or robustness of our products,” Greene tells us. “We have done this by eliminating unused space between cells with our proprietary Tiling Ribbon technology…. With a slight increase in cell size along with cell overlap utilizing our TR technology, as well as adding more busbars per cell, we increase the amount of current and overall power output from each module.”

Overall, JinkoSolar expects these changes to save the installer money in systems material procurement and during the installation processes. “It allows the installer to buy and install less modules and material, allowing them to work more efficiently and effectively,” Greene says. “They could install more systems using less material and in a reduced amount of time.”

The Pitch is a side project of Solar Builder magazine. We chat awkwardly with manufacturers and suppliers about their ideas and innovations so you don’t have to.