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Swell Energy to establish 45-MWh virtual power plant for Northern California utility

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 15th October

Swell Energy has set up 45-MWh virtual power plant (VPP) contract with California utility Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA), bringing essential power reliability to a region hard hit by wildfires and public safety power shutoffs in recent years.

“We’re facilitating energy resilience among vulnerable regions and communities and expanding the impact of renewable energy resources to the local grid — affording homeowners and small commercial customers additional benefits for participating in grid services programs, while bringing greater energy reliability and environmental benefits to the broader region,” said Suleman Khan, CEO of Swell Energy.

To quickly build a solar and energy storage customer base in the region, Swell is expanding its partnership with GRID Alternatives and leveraging all government, utility, and financial programs available to bring down customer costs and enroll both new and existing systems into the new Community Grid Program.

Residential, commercial, and industrial solar + storage sites located at a customer’s site can be eligible to participate in RCEA’s Community Grid Program. Customers can find more information online.

“RCEA is excited to be working with Swell and GRID to bring state and local incentives for energy storage to Humboldt County agencies, homes, and businesses,” said Matthew Marshall, Executive Director of RCEA. “The battery storage systems installed under this program can provide customer bill savings and grid benefits during normal daily operations but will also serve critical energy needs during power outages.”

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