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Solaria to debut a 430-Watt solar panel next year

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 16th September

By Chris Crowell September 15, 2021 View Profile

Solaria Corp. already produces a top of the line, highly energy dense solar module for residential and C&I solar, but the company is kicking it up a notch with the upcoming PowerXT 430R-PL (430-Watt). The PowerXT 430R-PL solar panel features high-power density and an optimized form factor – along with its slick all-black look and a 25-year comprehensive warranty. Solaria PowerXT 430R-PL solar panels will be available in March 2022 in North America.

“Our customers asked for new solar panel options, greater power output and higher efficiency – and we listened,” said Solaria CEO Tony Alvarez. “The new PowerXT 430R-PL solar panel delivers high power with our patented Pure Black design and lowest weight per square foot.”

Additionally, the PowerXT 430R-PL is optimized for next-generation module level power electronics (MLPE), including Enphase IQ7A and SolarEdge P505.

“Solaria earns our highest recommendation, hands down,” said Jim Gitas, vice president, Your Energy Solutions, a leading solar installer in Northern California. “Solaria has superior panel aesthetics and fundamentally better solar cell architecture. Solaria is one of the very few private U.S.-based solar companies. Discerning homeowners want the best, and our team and our customers alike select Solaria panels above all others. Solaria delivers with solid performance and reliability.”

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