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SolarEdge launched a new range of commercial solar inverters

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 20th July

By Chris Crowell July 20, 2021 View Profile

SolarEdge is introducing a new range of commercial inverters now available for rooftop, ground mount and carport applications in North America. The line incudes 120-kW, 100-kW and 80-kW three-phase inverters for a 480V grid, and a 50-kW for a 208V grid, all capable of up to 150% DC oversizing.

The system offers improved uptime through modularity and independently working units. By introducing a pre-commissioning feature, installers can validate system components from their smartphones before connecting to the grid. To avoid module performance degradation, the solution includes a built-in nighttime PID (potential induced degradation) rectifier.

SolarEdge says this new offers an extra layer of protection through built-in thermal sensors on the DC and AC terminal blocks, as well as field-replaceable surge protection devices.

“We are proud to provide our customers with innovative technology that improves the economics of large-scale PV installations through scalable DC optimization,” Says Peter Mathews, General Manager for SolarEdge North America. “Our solution addresses a growing demand in the North American C&I sector for increased energy production, design flexibility, advanced safety and security, and real-time, high-resolution monitoring. It was also designed to improve profitability for installers by helping reduce installation times, BoS (balance of system) costs and O&M expenses.”

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