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Salvation Army to expand investments in solar energy via Sage Energy

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 15th April

The Salvation Army has strengthened its commitment to sustainability with new plans to significantly expand their adoption of solar and energy savings efforts in Nevada and Arizona. The iconic charity has taken a regional approach to cutting its carbon footprint, adding plans for multiple facilities across the Western Territories that will save money and reduce emissions with solar panels.

The move comes after the successful completion of two solar projects in California and Hawaii developed in partnership with Sage Energy Consulting. Sage managed the entire process for development of these two pilot solar projects and saved the Salvation Army over $250k in the first year of operation. 

“Matching our client’s energy goals with reality is a critical but oftentimes overlooked part of the energy planning process,” said Russell Schmit, Chief Operating Officer at Sage Energy Consulting. “Being able to add clean energy to the already impressive legacy of the Salvation Army will have lasting impacts for generations to come, Sage is happy to do our part in turning their commitment to sustainability into reality.” 

Over the coming months, Sage will conduct further reviews of multiple sites in Arizona and Nevada to expand the Salvation Army’s solar PV and energy savings initiatives. The initial findings for the investment grade feasibility study of the sites will be delivered in mid 2021.