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ReVision Co-Owners Bring it Home with 2020 Installs

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 25th March

Sometimes it’s good to take your work home with you! Our amazing team of co-owners works hard to help you transition to clean energy every day of the work week, but they’re not just our fellow co-workers… they’re also ReVision customers! That’s right, in 2020, 16 of our super solar-slinging champions invested in solar, heat pumps, and more for their own homes. Whether the final step in their energy efficiency renovations or the first upgrades to a new home, some of these lovely folks wanted to share notes from their clean energy journey with you. Read on to see what it’s like to be a ReVision employee AND a customer!

Noah Watson

Operations – Portland, ME

9.2 kW Solar array (28 Panels)


It was the right time for solar because… I’ve worked in solar for twice as long as I’ve owned a home. When I bought my house it needed a lot of work, and the quickest way for me to reduce my oil consumption was to install a heat pump and heat pump water heater. I have a small electric bill, except in the cold months, so as much as I wanted to put solar on the roof, I needed to invest in some other stuff first. After redoing the roof, insulating my exterior walls, and putting up new siding, I finally pulled the trigger and put up 28 panels. I have a pretty average spot as far as sun exposure, but the bulk of my array faces the street, which is heavily trafficked on foot and by car. I’m glad all those people see it and start thinking about it, and if they catch me in the yard, I’ll even entertain a question or two.

The process was awesome and easy! Zach Nugent and Thomas Tutor helped run the numbers for me, and the rest was communicating to the purchasing and warehouse team when I was going to take my equipment. I know I would have had a willing army of installers to help me install the system, but I was worried it would be a little too square and level for my liking. I built the system over a couple weekends and got a helping hand up from Zach. He graciously let me know about all the dangling wires at the very end. Also really awesome that after last night’s typhoon, the whole thing is still there.

Most Surprising thing about working at ReVision: The biggest surprise is that an island customer can call at noon and request same-day service… and get it! 🙂

Will’s 2-year old lab mix loves to snooze under the heat pumps!

Will Field

Sales – Liberty, ME

2:1 Mitsubishi Heat Pump System


It was the right time for heat pumps because… We bought our first home! A ~1900-built Colonial in Belfast, ME. It was a rental for about a decade before we bought it, so the only heat source was one gas monitor. We moved in mid-November and surrendered to the fact that being cold was now a part of life. Time to get some heat pumps.

Going through the process as a ReVision Customer, I felt like Kevin McCallister from Home Alone. Giddy and excited and a little out-of-place in a funny way. We love the outdoor outlet installed per code with the heat pumps – we will hang our Christmas lights with it. When they drilled a 3 inch hole in our wall, we actually got a glimpse of the insulation in the walls and it is surprisingly good for a house this old. Something we wouldn’t have ascertained otherwise.

We’re exceptionally happy at how well the equipment works in our house. Two single-zone units – one upstairs, one downstairs. We are comfortable in our home now – prior to the installation we were not. Can’t imagine life without it. The “fan” mode on the heat pump is the best thing ever.

Most surprising thing about ReVision: Seeing our crews in action – how efficient and fast they are is exceptional. It felt like having the “fun uncles” in our home. An honor to work with this team, and affirming to see how well they represent our company.


Sara Bogue

Operations – Brentwood, NH

5.8 kW Solar Array (18 Panels) Install coming soon!


It was the right time for solar because… I just bought the home last July and wanted to be up and running ASAP! Every day at work, you think about solar, so for six years now I’ve been thinking about this on a daily basis. I guess you call that obsessive! Plus, the house came with a 2:1 air source heat pump and Vaughn tank, so solar was a no-brainer.


Jeffrey Perrault

Operations – Brentwood, NH

9.8 kW Solar Array (30 Panels)
3:1 Mitsubishi Heat Pump System


It was the right time for solar and heat pumps because… My wife and I have owned our house for nine years now. It was old, outdated and in need of a lot of love. Over the years I’ve become an electrician and a jack of all trades with my house. We decided after I became a Revision Energy co-owner that it was time to kick the oil out of our lives and go solar and get some heat pumps.

In July of 2020 I was excited to buy and install my own solar array and heat pump systems. So far we have loved them both reducing our electric bill and removing oil from our bills.

I had a great experience working with all the different teams from sales to purchasing, then branch management and warehouse getting everything lined up and delivered, AKA drive a truck home and unload it all. I couldn’t be more pleased with how everything turned out.


Bronwen, Kory, and Myley’s house built anew after the fire.

Bronwen Williamson

Operations – Liberty, ME

15 kW Solar Array (47 Panels)


It was the right time for solar because…
I worked in the electrical field for some years before joining the Revision family in March of 2018. I have always been a bit of an environmentalist and was thrilled to become a bigger part of offsetting carbon emissions and working in a company that is 100% employee owned. But until moving in with my partner Kory in 2018 I did not have a place to put my own solar array.

Left: December 2019, after a fire destroyed their previous home. Right: Kory’s son Myley hugs a solar panel!

Then in May of 2019 we had an electrical house fire that took almost everything from us. It was a devastating and traumatizing experience but with the support of my revision family and our wonderful local community we have moved onward and upward and are able to see this experience as a blessing in disguise.

To keep from having much of a house payment moving forward we are and have been working vigorously and doing most of the work ourselves. It was actually therapeutic tearing down the rubble that once was your home and making way for a new one. We have spent the last year and a half demolishing, cleaning and rebuilding with a new and improved roof design more suited for solar. By June of this year we were finally solar ready, and with the pandemic full swing I found a few fellow furloughed installers to do the roof prep and help lay panels. So, this was the year to go solar because the opportunity just happened to drop right in my lap.

I am thankful for the help of Dennis Rumba in sales, Bret Irving in purchasing team and Pam Lavallee our bullheaded operations assistant that helped me with all of the permitting. I couldn’t have done it without them. Now our electric bill will only be $13.12 for years and years and years to come.

Chris Kelly

Sales – Brentwood, NH

13.68 kW Solar Array (38 Panels)
2 1:1 Mitsubishi Heat Pump Systems
60 Gallon Heat Pump Water Heater


It was the right time for solar, heat pumps and a heat pump water heater because… Jill & I just closed on our first home on January 31st 2020 and while it certainly wasn’t the only deciding factor, the one we were lucky enough to buy has a phenomenal back roof facing close to due south with very little shade.

With the stars aligning in our favor, it really came down to two big reasons why we went forward this year. First, we wanted to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, right away. Secondly, we knew that although it would be an additional outlay of money, that the sooner we invested in solar and associated technologies, the more we would save over the long-term. So we took the opportunity.

The process was super easy. The system was designed by Tom Hobbs, and Megan & Sue were super helpful in answering questions for us. The waiting was the hardest part by far!!

Most surprising thing about working at ReVision: The complexity of system design for all these quirky, and unique homes around NH. You never know what you’re going to find at the next site visit.

Click here to watch the time-lapse video of Chris and Jill’s solar install!