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Pylon Updates Observer Solar Design Tool with 3D-Shading Simulations

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 07th June

Pylon, a designer of software that provides high-resolution aerial imagery for solar proposals, says it is launching full 3D-shading simulations as part of a major update to the solar design tool Pylon Observer

For the first time, solar designers can remotely assess year-round shading information for a given site in just a few clicks. The company says Pylon Observer makes it easy to visualize how shadows move throughout the day and year – allowing designers to calculate power output in minutes without an on-site visit. Pylon 3D also addresses compliance requirements with industry bodies. Solar retailers can now provide accurate shading losses within their written contracts to the consumer in accordance with industry codes.

“Pylon 3D is designed to take the guesswork out of solar shading,” says Nelson Zheng, CEO of Pylon. “Everything about running a solar business has been transformed by technology but installers still needed to be on the ground, on-site to assess shading accurately.”

The new 3D shading feature extends Pylon Observer’s solar design toolkit and offers further functionality to the high-resolution aerial imagery that is included in their standard projects. It follows Pylon’s latest product development in easy to generate single line diagrams.

To learn more about the Pylon Observer solar design tool, click here.