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Polaris releases UTV aimed at solar construction sites

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 11th October

By Chris Crowell October 11, 2021 View Profile

Polaris is expanding its line-up and broadening the customer markets it will support with new mid-size model, the Pro XD UTV, now available from Polaris Commercial. Designed for lighter payloads, tighter spaces and remarkable comfort, the vehicle comes in two and four-seat versions with a capable 500-lb. capacity cargo bed. Uses for the mid-size model include all-terrain and all-weather utility, such as the solar construction market.

The compact size further increases agility while maintaining a 200-hour service interval for longer uptime. The mid-size Pro XD model preserves the smooth ride Polaris is known for, while providing a 500-lb box capacity, ample hauling and towing capabilities for mid-size applications – and with two- and four-seat options, room for the whole work crew. Additionally, the small footprint allows for easy access to narrow spaces, offering greater jobsite maneuverability, flexibility and efficiency.

“Not all of our customers need to haul over 1,000 lbs in the cargo bed, but they still want a heavy-duty driveline, 200-hour intervals between oil changes, durable components and vehicle fault alarms,” said Aaron Stegeman, Director of Commercial Sales, Service and Customer Experience, Polaris Commercial. “By focusing on the commercial customer, we can dial in to deliver incredible value with the new mid-size model of the Pro XD and continue to produce the best commercial UTVs available for the entire work UTV market.”

Safety focus. Safety components include adjustable speed calibration, operator warnings, back up horn and pedestrian alarms, highly visible lights, and improved sightlines for greater visibility. Additionally, the Pro XD cab has been engineered to create the tightest sealing doors and roof possible, keeping harmful dust and weather out.

Durability. Overall cost of ownership is lowered due to high-quality features built to last such as heavy-duty driveline components, as well as puncture-resistant Kevlar-backed vinyl seats and 8-ply nondirectional tires. These components deliver the durability that Pro XD UTV customers need and are built for increased life cycles through rugged conditions, tough jobsite duty cycles and every-day worksite wear and tear.

Serviceability. To further increase uptime and customer ROI, the mid-size Pro XD model includes a Polaris Pro-Star 570 DOHC engine that has a 200-hour oil change interval. Additionally, features are designed with universal and simple-to-replace parts such as common-size tires and accessories.

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