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Pivot Energy, Clean Footprint plan 42 MW of solar projects in Virginia

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 21st October

Pivot Energy and Clean Footprint are bringing 42 MW of solar energy through 11 projects across Virginia. The projects will provide energy to households, municipal buildings and local businesses.

The Virginia Clean Economy Act, which passed the legislature in March 2020, is expected to jump-start over 16 GW of new solar development, including new distributed generation and community solar. The neighboring towns of Hurt and Altavista will host the initial eight solar projects from Pivot Energy and Clean Footprint.

“We are very excited about these upcoming solar projects as they are the first step toward the Town of Hurt going completely green. We are confident that becoming a green community will attract a lot of businesses, especially those in the tech industry since they are typically interested in supporting clean energy,” said Mayor Gary Hodnett.

Beyond renewable energy, the projects will deliver monthly income for landowners and create local jobs.

“I’m glad that our land can go toward a good cause. I know we have some environmental problems, and the idea of supplying clean energy to the town of Altavista intrigues me,” said Ralph English, local Altavista landowner, farmer, and Vietnam veteran.

Clean Footprint is leading early-stage development of the solar projects while Pivot Energy will finance, own and operate the portfolio over the long term.

“Pivot Energy is a well-respected B-Corporation that was founded on strong commitments to both people and the planet. Their values align very closely with ours, which makes them the perfect partner for us to work with, especially in community-oriented towns like Hurt and Altavista that also stand to benefit tremendously from the economic impact of solar energy,” said John Porter, CEO of Clean Footprint CEO.

Matt Preskenis, VP of strategic partnership at Pivot Energy, added: “Clean Footprint’s leadership consistently delivers on doing the right thing and making a positive economic and environmental impact. They prioritize the needs of the local community and put personal relationships front and center, while also continuing to drive the development of more renewable energy. The natural synergies between Pivot Energy and Clean Footprint makes projects like these really special.”

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