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Pennsylvania wastewater treatment plant now powered by 3-MW solar project

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 07th October

SolRiver Capital, a national solar investment fund, announced the completion of a 3 MWAC utility-scale solar energy project that delivers clean energy to the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County (MAWC).

The MAWC solar project was one of the first projects to be completed under the revised virtual net aggregated metering program authorized by the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission, allowing customers to offset on-site consumption through solar PV electricity generated on nearby land owned or leased by the same customer.

“We hope to offset some of the energy demands of our largest wastewater treatment plant through this solar project. While this green energy plant is beneficial to the environment, it will also make our plant more resilient to electrical supply issues, and lock in electrical rates that will save the authority and its customers money,” said Michael F. Kukura, resident manager with the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County.

The project with MAWC is SolRiver Capital’s first solar project to come online in Pennsylvania.

“The Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County has been a remarkable partner in bringing this project to fruition. We’re thrilled to see the power produced from this facility cover nearly all on-site electricity demand for MAWC’s Hunker wastewater treatment facility,” said Brandon Conard, partner at SolRiver Capital.

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