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Palmetto looks to streamline residential solar proposals with new service

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 21st July

Clean energy technology company Palmetto launched a new service it claims can generate a solar proposal with a system design within 60 seconds of entering a homeowner’s utility information. An “Instant Proposal” determines the viability of solar based on an address, as well as the potential dollar savings of installing solar technology.

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The proprietary data generating the proposal comes from Mapdwell, a division of Palmetto, which provides data tools including remote site assessment and solar potential mapping technology, licensed from MIT. Instant Proposal is now available in 24 states.

“Instant Proposal is a key milestone for Palmetto’s platform and mission — empowering customers to make smart clean energy choices,” said Chris Kemper, Palmetto founder and CEO. “Instant Proposal offers a fast and accurate automated proposal. Mapdwell data coupled with our hyper-localized provider network allows for a guided, seamless and unparalleled clean energy experience for our customers. Future Palmetto technologies and products will continue to simplify clean energy options for the benefit of all consumers.”

Mapdwell maps three-dimensional rooftop geometry and determines solar access for the surface area of the roof. The technology takes into account such variables as shading from neighboring buildings, local weather data and existing vegetation and other obstructions.

“The Instant Proposal/Mapdwell technology and data system is exclusive to Palmetto and we are in the process of building it out to cover the entire country,” said Eduardo Berlin, founder of Mapdwell and Palmetto executive VP. “The bottom line is that we are equipping homeowners with context-aware, science-based, detailed, precise and customized data that can readily be transformed into a money-saving and environmentally sustainable solar action plan.

“The interface is intuitive, offering accessible information and compelling visual feedback allowing our customers to instantly understand the solar energy opportunity for their homes in an engaging manner with validated data,” Berlin said. “This customer experience can only be derived from Palmetto.”

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