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New Jersey church to be christened with 682-kW solar carport

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 02nd April

Construction on a 682-kWdc community solar canopy project developed by Citrine Power at the Blue Army Shrine in Franklin, New Jersey has begun. The system is located on Blue Army Shrine’s car and bus parking lots and is one of the first 45 projects that was approved by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities under the state’s Community Solar Program Pilot Year 1, in late 2019.

The carport system is expected to be operational in the Fall 2021 and will be serving low-to-medium income residents in Warren, Sussex, Hunterdon and Morris counties that are in First Energy’s (also known as Jersey Power And Light) service territory.

Photo courtesy of Sunrise Power Solutions

“We are very proud to be finally seeing the results of our hard work and patience of this long development effort. Citrine Power is excited to be one of the pioneers of the community solar development effort in New Jersey via the Blue Army Shrine canopy project. As with all new renewable energy programs the development effort was not without its challenges but with the support of First Energy and NJBPU we were able to overcome obstacles to bring this project to life. We look forward to expanding our footprint in New Jersey in the coming years,” said Cela Sinay Bernie, managing partner of Citrine Power.

The canopy is financed by Sunwealth, a renewable energy investment company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who will be the long-term owner-operator of the system.

“The New Jersey Community Solar pilot program provides an exciting opportunity to bring clean energy savings to low- and moderate-income households and communities across New Jersey. Community strongholds like the Blue Army Shrine provide a strong foundation for future clean energy investments in both organizations and households across the state that stand to benefit from the growth of solar energy,” said Jonathan Abe, CEO of Sunwealth.

Sunwealth has contracted with Neighborhood Sun for customer enrollment and management.

“We here at the National Blue Army Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima are excited to host, and finally see, the installation of this solar canopy system, which has multiple uses and benefits. The system will serve as a parking canopy for our visitors, and provide additional covered event space, protecting attendees from the elements. It will also provide reduced rate power for low- and medium-income residents in the community,” added David Carollo, the executive director of the World Apostolate of Fatima.

The solar carport system is being constructed by New Jersey-based contractor Pfister Energy and is expected to be operational by September.

News item from Citrine Power