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Maine city, school district subscribe to 2.3 MW of community solar

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 20th October

Another Nexamp community solar project in Maine.

The Town of Wells and the Wells Ogunquit Community School District have signed a Net Energy Billing Agreement with Boston-based solar provider Nexamp. Under the agreement, the town and school district will receive energy credits that directly offset their bill from Central Maine Power (CMP). 

Energy credits will come from the Nexamp solar farm located in Rumford, which generates clean electricity that is fed onto the CMP electric grid. The town is subscribing to 1 MW and the district is subscribing to 1.3 MW of the array. This contract is estimated to provide the town and school district with approximately $2.5 M in reduced electricity costs over the course of the agreement.

Joe Fiori, Nexamp’s director of energy Sales, sees this agreement as an important step in helping the town and school district meet their energy goals.

“The Net Energy Billing program in Maine has empowered local municipalities across the state by allowing them to realize meaningful electricity cost savings while supporting the march toward a cleaner, more sustainable electricity grid and realization of Maine’s clean energy and climate goals,” Fiori said.

Discussions around this agreement began in late 2020 when the town and school district distributed a Request for Proposal to qualified solar developers constructing solar facilities that qualify under the State of Maine’s Net Energy Billing program. Nexamp was selected as one of three finalists, interviewed by the town and school district, and eventually selected.

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