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Law firm now offering renewable energy project end-of-life planning

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 28th October

As solar and wind installation numbers continue to grow, so does the need to manage the industrial materials used in that process throughout their full lifecycle. Toward that end, law firm Lewis Roca announced the formation of its Renewable Energy End-of-Life Planning Group.

The firm has offices in Albuquerque, Colorado Springs, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Reno, Silicon Valley and Tucson.

The multidisciplinary team, co-led by Denver partner Tom Dougherty, associate Dietrich Hoefner and Phoenix of counsel James Voyles, will draw on Lewis Roca’s many years of experience in the energy and utilities sector. The team will assist clients with matters including:

Navigating the regulatory challenges and opportunities around the renewable energy lifecycle Real estate and land use issues related to renewable facilities Protecting intellectual property for newly developed technologies and companies Storage, disposal, and recycling of renewable energy facility materials and equipment Issues related to tribal governments, land, and resources Recycling and reuse of valuable equipment and commodities Legislative and regulatory affairs

“We know of no other law firm that is focusing on this important set of issues: what happens when renewable energy projects reach the end of their lifecycle and how businesses can creatively optimize the resources beyond their initial use,” Dougherty said. “We’re poised to help clients navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by those questions at all stages, whether it’s identifying potential partnerships and executing contracts on the front end or managing the end of an asset’s lifecycle as it nears.”

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