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iSun Inc. Gains Multiple Solar Projects in Maine

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 21st October

iSun Inc.'s 6.848 MW Baldwin solar field in Maine

iSun Inc., a solar energy and clean mobility infrastructure company, has been awarded contracts for solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services across three separate projects in Maine. Once complete, the projects will yield over 20 MW of solar production.

“This award reflects the progress we’ve steadily been making against our three-pronged strategy for growth,” says Jeffrey Peck, chairman and CEO of iSun. “Equally important, these contracts reflect our ability to successfully navigate the market conditions affecting the solar EPC landscape.”

“As stated previously, we’re not immune to the challenges COVID has created within the Solar EPC operating environment,” continues Peck. “iSun however, is not like most solar EPCs. We’ve over 50 years of experience managing projects of similar scale and complexity, in similar climates. Such experience affords iSun a tremendous advantage when trying to reconcile increased demand with limited labor and materials, as evidenced by our ability to execute on projects like these.”