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How much will California’s AB 1139 gut the economics of rooftop solar?

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 03rd June

California is about to vote on AB 1139 — a controversial bill that would allow utilities to charge a home solar owners a monthly fee while also reducing export payback. The most vocal opponent of this attempt to change the economics of rooftop solar ahead of NEM 3.0, the California Solar and Storage Association, sent us this analysis to show exactly what the proposed bill would do to the monthly bills of solar consumers.

“As you can see, it’s not a modest adjustment to net metering but instead a complete undermining of a program that is successfully growing rooftop solar in working- and middle-class neighborhoods all over California, in line with our state’s clean energy and climate goals,” a spokesperson tells us. “The harms of Assembly Bill 1139 are especially egregious when it comes to lower-income CARE solar consumers and renters who are just starting to see the benefits that come from rooftop solar.”