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GoodWe earns EuPD Top Brand Award in six countries – a new record

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 20th April

Last week, GoodWe was listed as the top inverter brand in six countries – something no other Chinese inverter brand has achieved before. The award issued by EuPD is for the rooftop category and the six countries are the Netherlands, Australia, Poland, Spain, South Africa and Pakistan. The prestigious Top Brand PV seal is awarded based on the EuPD Research installer survey, which analyzes brand perception, customers’ preferred choice, and distribution in global markets to identify inverter brands that stand out from the rest.

“We are glad to add this to our ever-growing list of awards and accomplishment that we have earned thanks to our commitment to high standards, high efficiency and excellent service,” the company stated.

The fact that GoodWe has won the award in six different countries highlights the company’s ability to meet customers’ expectations and requirements in very different scenarios and business environments. With offices and branches all over the world, GoodWe is able to offer customers solid service and technical support.

GoodWe Global Awards: GoodWe has now obtained the EuPD award for 5 consecutive years in the Netherlands. Besides EuPD, GoodWe is the only inverter brand to have won the prestigious TÜV Rheinland award for five consecutive years and, in 2020, GoodWe was confirmed as the world’s leading supplier of storage inverters with a 15% market share.

“Our local presence means we are better able to listen to our customers’ feedback and tailor our products to meet their expectations and requirements and respond to their needs in a timely manner.

GoodWe’s distribution network is substantial. GoodWe has signed global distribution agreements with the world’s largest distributors of PV material, covering all six continents and all inverter product categories.

GoodWe’s success is also the result of an advanced research effort that comes from an in-house R&D department that now exceeds 400 employees.

“At GoodWe, constant improvement and innovation is the essence of our corporate identity and is deeply rooted in our mission and values,” the company states. “Our dedication to customer satisfaction is what motivates us to keep making improvements and constantly delivering world-class products for our customers and for the global markets.”